Team # 210: Maynard Team TEAM PAGE

West Central High School
Maynard, Iowa, United States

Open An Umbrella
Host: St. Ansgar Science Department
Monday, February 22, 2016
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 12:30 PM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Julie George
Team Members: 4
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Something comes from nothing.

Why we think we should win:
Because we are straight up G! ;-)

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
start a toaster,

Rube Goldberg Design Challenge 2016

This year for the Rube Goldberg challenge we were asked to think of unique steps using household items to open an umbrella. This task was by far not an easy process, but with teamwork we were able to get the job done.
We decided to start off using water in our first step because we saw it fitting with our challenge to open an umbrella. At the beginning of our machine the water will be poured manually into a cup which uses a butter knife that rests on a lever holding a toy car in place. When the water is poured into the cup, this lifts the lever, releasing the car down a section of orange track, this car will hit a set of dominoes on a piece of orange track. That last domino will fall onto another short section of track, and create enough force to make a marble roll down more orange track. This marble then hits another series of dominoes. This series of dominoes then hits a metallic marble which rolls down another section of track. The marble that rolls down the orange track will hit the green marble track, but not roll down the impacted marble track. By hitting the marble track, it wiggles the end which has a parachute and a toy man on it. The gondola of the parachute has a magnet. Underneath the parachute is another magnet salvaged from an old speaker. This speaker magnet creates the attraction between the parachute and the magnet underneath. While the parachute falls it pulls a string over a pulley, which will make a toy spatula pull up. This motion allows the domino on its end to fall after the spatula is pulled up.
A series of dominoes fall, with the last one attached to a string. This string is attached down onto a domino, which is on level surface on the peg board. When this domino falls it makes the other domino fall onto all the others. From this section of dominoes the last one of these will have a string attached to it as well. Unlike the other dominos, this one will be swinging forward and then back again to hit a marble sitting on the green track. This marble will then roll down a section of green marble track, roll back on an orange track and knock down a series of dominoes. This series of dominoes then knock down a book. Underneath this book is a string. Once the book is knocked over, the string releases and lets a pair of effervescent cold relief tablets release into a VOLCANO OF DOOM (a flask of water for the unimaginative). This then release lava, or water, into a scale.
The weight of the displaced lava, a.k.a. water, is enough to tip the other end of the scale up. This then lifts a spoon that is holding a marble on a green marble track. When the spoon lifts, the marble releases down the green marble track. The marble rolls until it reaches a magical elevator that takes the marble up. Once the marble reaches the top, it rolls down another section of green marble track. This leads the marble to knock down the next set of dominoes. The last domino of this set then sets of a mouse trap. This mouse trap then knocks a graduated cylinder over that has a ball resting on top. This ball then arcs, along with the graduated cylinder, into a small red plastic castle. The ball makes its way through the castle and out the front drawbridge. The ball then falls into another set of dominoes.
These dominoes then fall into one piece of wood. Underneath the wood is a string. This string is connected by a pulley to a weight. When the piece of wood is knocked down, the string releases the weight. The weight then knocks a plastic ball down a spiral slide. Halfway down, the ball hits another stationary ball. This action then sends the stationary ball down the track the rest of the way. This ball then comes out of the base of the slide and knocks downs a set of dominoes. This set of dominoes then knocks down a book, which knocks down a piece of wood. This wood then lands on a pair of scissors. These scissors then close and cut a string which is holding a weight over the trigger of the umbrella. Once the string is cut, the weight drops onto another weight and this force activates the umbrella’s spring loaded opening and causes the umbrella to open.The challenge is then successfully completed.

Our Step List

1. Pour water in cup
2. Knife on cup lifts and truck releases
3. truck hits dominoes
4. domino hits marble
5. marble hits domino
6. domino hits metal marble
7. marble hits green magnetic track
8. gondola falls off track and attracts to magnet underneath
9. metal spatula is lifted and knocks over dominoes
10. domino knocks over swinging domino which hits a marble on a track beneath.
11. marble hits domino
12. book falls over and put tablets into volcano
13. water falls from volcano and into scale
14. other side of scale lifts up spoon which releases metal marble
15. marble attracts to marble elevator
16. marble rolls down track and hits dominoes
17. domino falls into mousetrap
18. mousetrap hits cylinder with ball on top
19. ball falls into castle which hits dominoes
20. dominoes hits a piece of wood which releases a pulley
21. pulley releases a weight hanging over the "tree"
22. weight hits purple and red ball which rolls down
23. Purple and red ball hits another ball midway down.
24. ball hits dominoes at the bottom
25. dominoes hit book, which hits a piece of wood, which closes scissors
26. scissors cut string
27. when string is cut drop weight
28. weight hits another weight on top of umbrella
29. weight above the the umbrella opens umbrella under pressure.

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