Team # 641: Jags TEAM PAGE

Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School
Pembroke Pines, FL, United States

Online Contest:
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Melissa Maestu
Team Members: 8
Invitations: 0

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
A good idea for next year's challenge is to have the objective be pushing a pop socket down.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Hello, this is the Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School Central Rube Goldberg team. This is our first year creating a Rube Goldberg machine. For this contest, we have created a Star Wars themed machine that will heal our fallen Jedi. Our machine is constructed within a wooden frame and includes a shoe box, paper towel rolls, a soap dispenser, slinkys and a fly swatter.

Our Step List

1. Person causes ping pong ball to slide down zipline.
2. The ping pong ball hits a row of dominoes.
3. The row of dominoes causes a bouncy ball to roll down a painted toilet paper roll, which then rolls down a car track wrapped in aluminum foil.
4. The bouncy ball hits a row of dominoes.
5. The row of dominoes hits a bouncy ball and it rolls until the vertical aluminum wrapped track.
6. The ball causes the vertical aluminum wrapped track to rotate clockwise.
7. Due to the vertical aluminum wrapped track rotating, the"Ewok" is allowed to slope downwards and slide.
8. The "Ewok" hits a contraption of spoons and causes them to rotate.
9. The spoon contraption hits another spoon contraption.
10. The spoon contraption upsets the balance of the toilet paper roll.
11. The sand weighted ping pong ball causes the cup-balanced scales to become unbalanced.
12. The right cup goes downwards while the left cup goes upwards.
13. The ball continues to travel through a spiraled slinky.
14. The ball hits a row of dominoes.
15. The last domino hits a plastic paper clip flag, which causes it to rotate counter clockwise and hit a screw.
16. The angled wood board containing the screws is triggered, with the screws rotating downwards with a semi circular motion.
17. The last screw triggers a ball to roll down half of a paper towel roll and hits a ball.
18. The ball goes down a white colored paper towel roll and causes a "Yoda" designed soap bottle to rotate counterclockwise.
19. The nozzle of the bottle hits another weighted ping pong ball and it travels through a half-cut cardboard tube.
20. The ball travels through two slanted "ships," replicated with plastic cups.
21. The ball triggers a chain of dominoes on a wide platform.
22. The ball travels through three more "ships."
23. The ball falls out of the last "ship" and hits a green fly swatter that is balanced by a binder clip.
24. The fly swatter's balance is upset and it swats a band-aid onto the teddy bear's virtual reality headset that says "The End".

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