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Garden of Eden Rube Goldberg Machine Shop
Eden, WI, United States

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Nadine Krahn
Team Members: 3
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
This year we improved our machine building skills and story telling abilities at the same time. We studied gear ratios and electrical circuits and motors with our fan blade carousel and tin can cable car. We discovered creative ways to propagate and redirect energy. We studied the fine art of paper mache by building our own volcano. We learned to identify many different types of dinosaurs and learned about the chemical properties of dry ice and how to make it really smoke!
Finally, some of our most useful lessons learned were team work, patience and PERSERVERANCE!

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Don't bump the Granny!!!"

Why we think we should win:
We think we should win because we have a really fun Jurassic-themed machine and story line to go with each step. We've also figured out a really unique way to open our umbrella with a coconut. We've included interesting new features into our machine this year such as completing an electrical circuit, a boat on water, wacky side steps and a smoking paper mache volcano. Of course, who doesn't love dinosaurs and dry ice!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
We think it would be really fun if your machine's final task was to shoot a Nerf gun!

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Welcome to Jurassic Island! Chaos and destruction await you! The perfect storm of natural disasters hits the island from an erupting volcano, avalanches, to earthquakes and even an incoming flaming asteroid! If you don't step on a dinosaur trap, or crash into a volcano, you had better look out for "dinos gone wild" or Granny with her gun! In the end, it takes a coconut to finish the job of opening the umbrella, but the giant killer coconut takes no survivors! As always, score is Dinosaurs 1/ Humans 0. When will people learn to stop playing with dinosaurs!

Our Step List

Machine Step List:
1. Tin can cable car bumps domino and causes a row of them to cascade.
2. Last domino bumps a mighty bean person off ledge and it falls down a plastic tube.
3. Mighty bean person bumps wooden snake causing it to slide down track.
4. Snake pushes toy red car forward.
5. Car movement pulls Granny Smith off track by string that connects her to red car.
6. Green car that granny was holding in place now rolls down track into granny's house, crashes through house window and pushes a baby Triceratops out of house and into cage.
7. Falling baby Triceratops pulls baby T-Rex off of ledge by string connecting the two.
8. Golf ball that was being held in place by baby T-Rex now rolls down 3 tiered ledges and hits copper ball.
(**The same golf ball then bounces off of copper ball in opposite direction and pushes another golf ball and school bus with Deinonychus down track and into volcano.)
9. Copper ball falls and triggers toy dynamite explosion handle.
10. Force of dynamite explosion pushes a speed racer car forward.
11. Speed racer car bumps blue car into launcher.
12. Car launches up track that ends in awaiting dinosaur's mouth.
13. Impact from blue car causes dinosaur to tip with its tail landing on a mousetrap.
14. Triggered mousetrap pulls skewer connected by a string.
15. Removing skewer allows fan to push boat carrying a steel marble across water.
16. When boat bumps edge of container, the steel marble rolls onto a marble track.
17. Steel marble bumps and pushes a glass marble into a spinning lift mechanism.
18. Lift mechanism raises glass marble and drops it onto a marble run where it bumps into a steel marble. Both marbles drop into a Dixie cup at the end of the run.
19. Weight of marbles dropping in cup on one end of a teeter totter presses wire and metal L- bracket onto a 9 - Volt battery terminal. This completes an electrical circuit.
20. Completed circuit spins a motor attached to a dinosaur carousel created with fan blades.
21. Spinning carousel pulls a bamboo skewer that had been blocking a track preventing a battery operated car from moving. The skewer is connected by a string to one of the dinosaur's tails on the carousel.
22. Removal of the skewer allows battery operated car to zoom ahead through the gate and up track spiraling up a giant tree trunk.
23. Battery operated car hits a paint stick lever which swivels and jars a toy plane loose.
24. Plane flies down zip line and hits a cage door with a dinosaur against a mousetrap.
25. Triggered mousetrap causes wooden platform to swivel by way of a string connecting platform to mousetrap. (**Platform tilting causes hula girl to fall in volcano.)
26. Platform tilting causes string connecting platform to a magnet on the other side of the machine to be pulled.
27. When magnet is pulled, it releases a string that was trapped under it.
28. The released string is attached to a plastic cage which falls on a mousetrap and over a dinosaur.
29. Triggered mousetrap pulls string connecting it to a clamp on a pop-up dinosaur book causing it to swing open.
30. Opening book pulls out a bamboo skewer holding back a coconut. Book is joined to bamboo skewer by a string.
31. Removed skewer allows coconut to roll down a gutter and into a hole in the giant tree.
32. Rolling coconut knocks a weighted bucket off a ledge inside the tree trunk.
33. Weighted bucket is attached by yarn to Velcro preventing umbrella ribs from expanding. When bucket is hit off platform, yarn pulls Velcro down releasing the ribs of the umbrella and opening umbrella as the canopy of the giant tree. (**Coconut rolls down tree and out hole on bottom and bowls over unfortunate guests.)
** (Fun, nonessential, uncounted step)

Machine Story Step List :
1. Park Guests arrive at Jurassic Island's Visitor Center in a tin can cable car.
2. A careless visitor leaning over edge of observation deck falls over the railing and into the nest of a giant hibernating prehistoric snake.
3. The giant hibernating snake is awakened from the fallen visitor and slithers down a track deep into the park.
4. After its descent from the mountain, the snake crashes into Granny Smith's car and pushes it away from her home.
5. Granny Smith is defending her home from a dinosaur when she accidentally falls as she turns to see what's causing the commotion at her house.
6. With Granny out of the way, a green car trying to escape the same dinosaur, races ahead and crashes through Granny's window and hits a baby Triceratops that has invaded the second floor of her house. The impact of
the car pushes the baby dinosaur out of Granny's house and into a cage.
7. A baby T-Rex, who is a friend of the baby Triceratops, jumps down a cliff to try to rescue his buddy.
8. As the baby T-Rex jumps, a boulder breaks loose high on the mountain and starts a cascading avalanche. Boulders from avalanche push a tourist bus being attacked by a Deinonychus into the smoking volcano.
9. A very heavy boulder falls into an abandoned mine shaft which triggers a loud dynamite explosion.
10. The exploding dynamite propels a car nearby the mine forward on the rocky road leading into the park.
11. The out of control car crashes into a second blue car in its path causing it to quickly accelerate forward.
12. An awaiting dinosaur in the path of the car anticipates a tasty lunch as it roars ahead.
13. The dinosaur, not expecting the force of the car, loses his balance and gets his tail caught in a dinosaur trap.
14. The alarms in the park, triggered by all the chaos, activate security precautions and open a river gate.
15. The scientists frantically shuttle the precious dino eggs across the river in a boat to protect them from destruction.
16. The dinosaur eggs are delivered safely to the opposite shore of the river.
17. The eggs are gently pushed into an egg conveyor system so that they can be delivered to a safe location.
18. The eggs go up the conveyor and through sorters until they finally reach safety in the egg containment center.
19. A dinosaur nearby the containment center defends its eggs from being taken by the scientists.
20. The dinosaurs celebrate their conquering victory by going for a ride on the Jurassic Carousel in the park.
21. The giant, wagging tail of one of the joyful dinosaurs whacks a log road block on a bridge out of the way.
22. With the road block gone, a safari car with its panicked passengers can now try to escape from the island and the T-Rex right on their tail. They begin their long and winding ascent in hopes of catching the last remaining plane on the island.
23. The frightened visitors reach the plane, board, and take off as quickly as they can to leave the island.
24. Unfortunately, debris from the erupting volcano causes the plane to crash.
25. The natives, in a last attempt to try to stop the complete destruction of their island, try to appease the volcano god by sacrificing "Dolly."
26. The earthquake caused by the volcano damages the electrical power lines to the other other side of the island.
27. The power failure causes a long cable holding a suspended dinosaur trap to slip.
28. The giant suspended cage luckily falls directly over a Triceratops, but triggers the emergency latch that opens a large dinosaur paddock.
29. The paddock door is quickly flung open releasing a swarm of the last remaining dinosaurs in captivity.
30. The tremor caused by the escaping, stampeding dinosaurs shake and break the branches of the giant coconut trees high on the mountain.
31. A broken branch from one of the trees causes a giant coconut to fall. The giant coconut rumbles and tumbles down the mountainside.
32. The coconut crashes through a giant tree in the park where the remaining visitors are trying to take refuge.
33. The coconut hits the tree with so much force that the canopy of the tree explodes open. The frightened visitors almost make it to the safety of the tree, but the coconut beats them and bowls the unfortunate guests over on its way out.
Machine Moral: Dinosaurs 1 / Humans 0 (Will the people ever learn!)

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