Team # 1135: Kimberly High School TEAM PAGE

Kimberly High School
Kimberly, WI, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: Neillsville High School
Wednesday, March 06, 2019
Setup Time: 8:15 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Kevin Janota
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Emma Langenhuizen - invitation signed.
Noah Eichstaedt - invitation signed.
Chase Robinson - invitation signed.
Alex Vander Pas - invitation signed.
Jared Schumerth - invitation signed.
Mackenzie Beck - invitation signed.
Sean Twomey - invitation signed.
Trevor Lamers - invitation signed.
Luke Endries - invitation signed.
Xander Shampo - invitation signed.

Mario battles his way through various worlds and deposits his collected coins into a piggy bank.

Our Step List

1. Press A button on controller
2. Button launches train car
3. Train car hits bent stick
4. Stick hits marble climber lever
5. Marble climber works its way up, then back down and sends a marble to the cave 1 teeter-totter
6. teeter-totter pulls pin
7. Pin releases fireball marbles
8. Fireball marbles knock down a wall
9. Wall hits a bow-release
10. Bow-release drops weight
11. Weight hits electrical switch
12. Switch turns on motor with disc and pumps the bottle jack
13. Bottle jack lifts mushroom 1, mushroom 2, and piranha plant
14. Piranha plant hits marble
15. Marble knocks over wall
16. Wall hits bow-release
17. Bow-release drops weight
18. Weight hits foot pedal and swings the drum mallet
19. Drum mallet hits stair domino
20. Stairs domino up and Mario jumps off pulling the flag string
21. Flag string raises flag
22. Flag hits platform
23. Platform hits tape measure ship
24. Tape measure slides across and pushes magnetic marble off the platform
25. Magnetic marble lands in tube, falls down slower than gravity, and hits t-bar lever
26. T-bar lever triggers bow-release
27. Bow-release sends off pool ball
28. Pool ball hits Mario marble box and dumps marble
29. Marble hits wizard catapult trigger
30. Wizard catapult launches off a marble
31. Marble hits the bullet
32. Bullet hits a magnetic marble
33. Magnetic marble hits hammer causing it to swing around
34. Hammer hits Yoshi tape measure
35. Yoshi tape measure tongue flips Yoshi over and hits teeter-totter
36. teeter-totter hits stilt
37. Stilt sends off cloud marble
38. Cloud marble adventures back to the ground hitting the rotating caster wheel lever
39. Rotating lever hits Yoshi egg
40. Yoshi egg hits wall
41. Wall hits barrel
42. Barrels roll up hill hitting lever
43. Lever starts the next barrel
44. Barrels roll up hill hitting over Spike
45. Spike flips and hits lever
46. Lever releases ball
47. Ball enters the sewer tube and hits train car that dumps a marble
48. Marble rattles down and hits bow-release
49. Bow-release drops weight and jumps Mario over the gap hitting big marble
50. Big marble rolls down hitting coin dominos
51. Coin dominos go across and pulls a pin
52. Pin releases marble
53. Marble hits bow-release
54. Bow-release releases rubber bands and launches a turtle shell
55. Turtle shell hits bow-release
56. Bow-release drops rotating spool
57. Spool drops a marble
58. Marble drops through sewer tube and hits boulder
59. Boulder sets off the Thwomp dominos
60. Thwomp dominos hit King Boo wheel
61. King Boo wheel knocks over Dry Bones wall
62. Wall lifts a lever releasing fireball wheel
63. Fireball wheel hits boulder
64. Boulder rolls down and lands on platform
65. Platform pulls pin
66. Pin releases weight
67. Weights pulls pincher blocks together
68. Pincher blocks open door to Bowser’s castle
69. Door knocks off a weight
70. Weight falls raising Bowser’s flag
71. Flag pulls lever
72. Lever releases boulder
73. Boulder hits weight
74. Weight falls and pulls open draw-bridge door to castle
75. Draw-bridge door dumps coins into bank

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