Team # 480: Kitchen Krew TEAM PAGE

Chatfield High School
Chatfield , MN, United States

Host: Minnesota State, Mankato & MNCEME
Friday, March 03, 2017
Setup Time: 8:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Nora Gathje
Team Members: 5
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We are studying home improvement the Rube Goldberg way. We have used our STEM knowledge to build a kitchen, complete with plumbing, electrical, window treatments, cabinets and tiling.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Make me a sandwich."
"Fun fact--we have used 42 sticks of hot glue."
"Stick a spoon on it."

Why we think we should win:
Our Rube Goldberg inspired kitchen is a comically involved over-engineered chain reaction kitchen that applies a BandAid to one of the many "critters" running around among the appliances, utensils, cabinets, and food. Our kitchen is complete with running water and electricity and a full sized oven door. Many common household items have been used in new and creative ways with minimal alterations, such as wooden spoons, pans, strainers and even a kitchen clock. We have intentionally used humor--check out the neighbor over the backyard fence through the kitchen window. There is a birthday cake in the oven complete with frosting and candles. And we have used "critters" just like Rube Goldberg did in his cartoons. And finally, we made sure that every step of the machine is clearly visible to the audience. Come see what we've cooked up!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Put dog food in a dog dish
Open a pop can
Make a sandwich
Pour a glass of water
Swat a fly

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our teal, gray and yellow Rube Goldberg inspired kitchen is a comically involved over-engineered chain reaction kitchen that applies a BandAid to one of the many "critters" running around. The kitchen is complete with running water, electricity, a full sized oven door, cabinets, and an electric stand mixer. There is a kitchen window with a comical backyard view of the neighborhood. See what happens when the lights come on to check on the birthday cake in the oven--it's complete with frosting and candles. There are lots of surprise "critters" populating this comical kitchen.

Our Step List

1. The kitchen comes alive when energy is added to the effort end of the first class lever that acts as the yellow light switch. In a parallel step the mechanical energy (ME) of moving the lever also turns on a light switch which is converted into electrical energy (EE) and the kitchen lights come on.
2. The output force end of the yellow switch raises the back end of the blue tube.
3. When the blue tube tips downward it releases a blue ice cube (marble) that has potential energy (PE) which rolls with kinetic energy (KE) through the yellow funnel and falls into the first dark blue ice tube tray.
4. Gravity pulls on the added weight of the ice cube which causes the unbalanced dark blue ice cube tray, a first class lever, to tilt to the right and drop the marble into the light blue ice cube tray.
5. The PE of the ice cube is converted to KE as the light blue ice cube tray, a first class lever, tilts to the left on its hinge fulcrum and dumps the marble into the third dark blue ice cube tray.
6. The last dark blue ice cube tray first class lever rotates to the right on the hinge fulcrum to drop the ice cube into the bowl.
7. The bowl on the effort end of a first class lever is weighed down by the marble.
8. The output side of the lever is lifted and pulls the screw out of the rat slider.
9. When the screw is pulled out it releases the PE stored in the spring of the rat slider.
10. The rat ‘s momentum slides it forward with KE to the French fry in the rat trap.
11. The rat trap French fry trigger releases the PE in the trap spring which is converted to KE as the trap wire moves forward with great force.
12. The KE of the rat trap wire pulls a string attached to the arm of the cat on the window sill above.
13. The KE pulls the cat’s arm forward and pushes the flower pot from the window sill.
14. The PE in the flower pot turns into KE as it falls to the ground.
15. The KE of the flower pot falling pulls the window shade down to cover up the interesting scene over the back fence outside the kitchen window.
16. As the shade’s potential turns into KE using a wheel and axel which causes it to come down and knock the can of corn off of the window sill.
17. As the can of corn’s PE is converted to KE as it falls, a peg is pulled out from under the kitchen clock.
18. The clock’s PE causes it to slide down to the counter with KE
19. The clock’s KE tugs a string.
20. The string pulls the half pipe out from under the pie spatula.
21. The pie spatula lever is released and pivots on an axel.
22. The rotating spatula releases the PE of the egg.
23. The egg topples down the inclined plane with KE.
24. The egg’s KE turns back into PE as it falls into the blue cup.
25. The force of the added weight causes the blue cup to fall to the side, pulling the input side of a fixed pulley and dumping the egg into the frying pan.
26. As the output side of the fixed pulley is raised, it pulls the peg out of the whisk slider.
27. PE in the spring of the whisk slider launches it with KE towards the wooden spoon.
28. KE of the slider knocks into the wooden spoon and makes it move to the left.
29. The wooden spoon hits the 1 cup measuring cup and the KE causes it to rotate on an axel.
30. The 1 cup measuring cup swings on an axel and transfers its KE to release the PE of the ½ cup measuring cup.
31. The 1/2 cup measuring cup swings down with KE and hits a pin.
32. The pin knocks into the mouse, pushing it forward with KE.
33. The mouse’s KE pushes it onto the cheese of the mouse trap.
34. PE in the mouse trap spring is released and catches the mouse and pulls the string connected to the 1/3 cup measuring cup.
35. The 1/3 cup pivots with KE on an axel and swings down to hit the 1/4 measuring cup.
36. The ¼ cup’s PE is released sending it swinging down on its axel and it hits the blue first class lever which change the direction of the force.
37. The blue lever’s KE pulls a string attached to an upright wooden spoon with PE.
38. The wooden spoon’s PE is converted to KE as it falls over, releasing the hinge under the rolling pin.
39. The PE of the rolling pin’s weight causes this wheel and axel to slide down a guidewire to the counter.
40. The rolling pin hits the pin inside the drawer front with its KE.
41. The interrupts the magnetic force holding the drawer front closed and it is released and opened.
42. As the drawer opens, it’s KE pulls a string attached to the electric stand mixer.
43. A wheel and axel switch on the stand mixer rotates with KE and turns on the mixer.
44. The electrical energy of the mixer rotates the mixing attachment and wraps up a string.
45. The moving string pulls the mouse across the floor with KE and it is sucked into the mixing bowl.
46. On its way to the mixer, the mouse knocks over a can of soup with PE, dropping it off the counter.
47. The KE of the can of soup pulls a string attached to a magnet on the Rube Goldberg calendar.
48. The string removes the magnet and releases the PE in the top pages of calendar.
49. The Rube Goldberg calendar flips to the month of March which pulls a string attached to a popsicle stick.
50. The stick is pulled out from under the can of beans at the top of the inclined plane.
51. PE in the can of chili beans is turned into KE as it rolls down the blue inclined plane shelf above the sink.
52. At the end of the ramp the can falls with PE into the input arm of a first class strainer lever, weighing it down.
53. The output side of the strainer lever changes the downward direction of the force upwards which pushes the bottom of the water bottle upwards.
54. The water bottle tips towards the sink.
55. Gravity causes the water to trickle into the sink.
56. Water travels through the sink drain and is delivered into the dog’s water dish underneath.
57. As the dog dish fills, it weighs the input side of a first class lever and raises the output side.
58. Raising the output side of the lever pulls a string, releasing a peg from under the hinge in front of the dog.
59. When the hinge falls open, the PE in the rubber bands attached to the dog is released and turned into KE.
60. The dog’s KE rolls it towards the dish of water on four wheels and axels.
61. On the way to its water dish the dog pushes the input side of a large metal first class lever.
62. The metal lever changes the direction of the force so the output side transfers its KE and tips over a cereal box.
63. The KE of the falling first cereal box hits the second cereal box that has PE. The second cereal box’s PE turns into KE as it hits the last cereal box.
64. As the last cereal box falls, it pushes down on a string attached to the end of a wooden spoon.
65. The wooden spoon is pulled out from in front of the oven door.
66. When the spoon moves it releases the PE in the bungee cords attached to the oven door. The bungee cords pull the oven door towards the ground with KE which exposes the birthday cake.
67. The weight of the oven door depresses the input side of a first class spaghetti spoon lever.
68. The output side of the spaghetti spoon lever changes the direction of force which releases a potato (white marble) from a can of potatoes.
69. The PE of the white marble is converted into KE as it rolls down the yellow inclined plane and pushes the hand shaped fly swatter downwards as it rolls.
70. The hand shaped fly swatter applies the band aid to the injured rat as the PE in the spring holding the hand shaped fly swatter moves it back to its starting position so the band aid can be seen.

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