Team # 919: Kix & Giggles TEAM PAGE

Paradise Valley Community College
Phoenix, AZ, United States

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Family Division - All Ages
Team Leader: Spencer Koch
Team Members: 3
Invitations: 6
Erika Rivera Lopez - invitation signed.
Spencer Koch - invitation signed.
Lissa Pino - invitation signed.
Spencer Koch - invitation sent
Lissa Pino - invitation sent
Cheyanna Anderson - invitation sent

A colorful exploration of design that has an unforeseen outcome, a bowl of cereal!

Our Step List

1. Marble is dropped through tube.
2. Marble hits bridge.
3. Bridge tips.
4. Large marble rolls off bridge.
5. Large Marble hits dominoes.
6. Dominoes hit ping-pong ball trigger mechanism.
7. Ping-pong ball hits Magnatile/block dominoes.
8. Block hits golf ball.
9. Golf ball rolls down bridge, knocks egg plush off.
10. Egg plush pulls up pulley.
11. Pulley releases golf ball.
12. Golf ball hits dominoes.
13. Dominoes trigger ping-pong ball trigger mechanism.
14. Ping-pong ball hits Magnatile/VCR dominoes.
15. VCR domino falls, pulling down roller coaster. (and causing milk to pour.
16. Roller coaster hits marble see-saw.
17. See-saw hits golf ball.
18. Golf ball falls into cup.
19. Cup pulls the cereal box up.
20. Cereal pours into bowl.

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