Team # 742: Knights TEAM PAGE

St. Augustine of Canterbury School
Kendall Park, NJ, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Lakeside Middle School
Friday, March 16, 2018
Setup Time: 9:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Tony De Bari
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 10
Lily Brywka - invitation signed.
Ayana Rizvi - invitation signed.
Maegan Hontanosas - invitation signed.
Abel Stephen - invitation signed.
Matthew San Miguel - invitation signed.
Angela Cirelli - invitation signed.
Joshua Reilly - invitation signed.
Istvan Bereczki - invitation signed.
Bence Kovacs - invitation sent
Madison Quinones - invitation signed.

When building our machine, we learned, as a team, the effects of procrastination and the benefits of time management. Our team of 10 understood the concepts that we constantly needed to use. For example, when building the stands for our main prop, we had to use the Pythagorean Theorem. During our machine run, we understood the meaning of the word “Failure” and the quote from Yoda in The Last Jedi; “Failure, the best teacher is.” Our team, through constant trial and error, realized how much effort a Rube Goldberg machine really takes.

Our machine, consisting of a whopping 32 steps, are all made of simple and complex machines. We tried to minimize our space usage, making use of the 10x10 space provided. We built an entire door and a wall just for the skit alone. Our creativity exceeds limits, as we used common materials such as cardboard and plywood to make the prop. We calculated the time spent into our machine, and attained a total of over 103 hours and $126.

Our machine also relates to our skit. The steps do not go in a circle as usual Rube Goldberg machines, do but rather takes sudden twists and turns that most viewers wouldn’t expect. Our machine uses baseballs and baseball bats since some people watch a sport during breakfast. Our entire machine is designed our team and every part is hand built. no items were pre assembled. In the skit, time does not work, but our machine does. Our machine relays in under 30 seconds. Our theme remains solid and consistent throughout our skit and machine.

We thought for a while on what the theme of our skit would be, and after numerous days of debating, we had finally decided to center the skit, and the machine, around time travel. In our skit, we included inside jokes from last year’s competition, and we aim to get laugh(s) out of the audience. Our skit, though comical, does not offend any races in any way, but rather makes the characters, who are from different eras and places in time, work together to achieve a common goal, to pour a bowl of cereal.

Our Step List

1. Human winds up dowel which is connected to the spool
2. Dowel turns the spool
3. Spool turns the string, in turn turning the bicycle pedal
4. Pedal pulls string
5. String pulls clip
6. Clip releases a small steel marble
7. Marble falls into cup
8. Cup turns the lever
9. Lever hits cd
10. Cd turns, hitting a clip
11. Clip releases car
12. Car hits bottom flap
13. Dowel turns
14. Top flap turns, hitting the baseball
15. Baseball hits wooden blocks
16. Wooden blocks fall, one of them has a tail with a string attached
17. String is pulled by the last block
18. String pulls lever
19. Lever releases baseball bat
20. Baseball bat hits baseball
21. Baseball rolls down ramp hitting a lever
22. Lever turns
23. Lever hits linkage
24. Linkage releases golf ball
25. Golf ball rolls, hitting top wooden swivel piece
26. Wood piece swivels, hitting bottom piece
27. Bottom piece hits wooden blocks
28. Wooden block with nail releases ball
29. Ball rolls down ramp, rolls onto next ramp and falls into bucket
30. Bucket moves down pulling string
31. String pulls cereal box
32. Cereal box pours cereal into funnel
33. Funnel empties cereal into bowl

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