Team # 363: Lancer TEAM PAGE

Lake Park High School
Roselle, Illinois, United States

Host: Argonne National Laboratory
Friday, February 24, 2017
Setup Time: 8:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: James Kryger
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
The conservation of energy over time, with repeated transfers.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
It's a tie between "Beans are beans." or "Statistically, the machine works."

Why we think we should win:
Our machine is a product of an endless amount of man hours, that we feel could arguably be greater than the amount expended by our competition. More importantly, however, our machine integrates the great memories of days that many of us millenials were not lucky enough to experience, such as trying to conquer the galaxy in a Galaga spaceship or escaping hectic traffic as Frogger, in a machine that expresses that longing desire. In conclusion, our machine is a summation of hard work and endless creativity that we feel warrants a national championship.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Cure the common cold.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

The nerds of today don't know what it's like to actually play video games, finding happiness engaging in guerilla warfare with their friends or overtaking professional sports teams to fulfill their long-shot dreams. With our Rube Goldberg Machine, we take it back to the good ol' days of the arcade era with games such as Donkey Kong, Galaga, Pac-Man, and more in an intricate contraption that goes through the greatness of the past to apply a Band-Aid to the wound that is modern gaming.

Our Step List

1. Insert quarter into coin slot to begin game.
2. Coin collides into lever to rotate partially, and directly rotate second lever.
3. Second lever pushes Donkey Kong’s barrel.
4. Donkey Kong’s barrel now rolls along track, and falls through 5 levels, just like the classic arcade game.
5. The barrel eventually collides with golf ball.
6. Golf ball rolls into suspended cup.
7. Weight of the golf ball in the cup breaks suspension to activate pulley system.
8. The pulley system pulls the brake of toy car out of its way.
9. Toy car rolls down ramp until stopped due to rear extension prohibiting motion into the cup.
10. In Step 9, prior to stopping of toy car, toy car collides with golf ball.
11. Golf ball rolls down Mario's green pipe and lands into cup.
12. As a result of the combined weight of golf ball and cup, seesaw aligns racetrack in opposite direction.
13. Mario Kart cars roll down ramp and trigger mousetrap.
14. Mousetrap pulls brake in back of machine and releases weight.
15. Through a pulley system, weight lifts magnet, as well as the marble attracted to magnet on visible side of machine.
16. Marble pushes into extension.
17. Extension forces weight off ledge.
18. Freefall of weight rotates fan through attached string.
19. Fan generates wind to set ball in motion, which then deflects off ledge, to fall down Galaga pegboard.
20. Ping pong ball hits golf ball.
21. Golf ball rotates lever.
22. Lever pushes Pac-Man tennis ball.
23. Pac-Man “eats up” magnets through magnet inside and runs into hinged block.
24. Hinged block follows domino effect and pushes over another hinged block.
25. Brake attached to falling block by string is pulled out of golf ball’s way.
26. Golf ball now rolls into mousetrap and triggers it.
27. Mousetrap pulls domino attached by string out of way of spring.
28. Spring releases to send pinball into motion.
29. Pinball goes through pinball machine, and rolls along a curving track, to hit a lever.
30. Lever hits car.
31. Car in motion pulls other car through string.
32. Second car through string pulls lever arm.
33. Lever arm hits marble.
34. Marble rolls onto suspended Tetris block.
35. Through combined weight of marble and Tetris block, block descends to complete Tetris formation.
36. As string attached to descending block falls with it, it serves as a pulley, and deattaches magnet from marble.
37. Marble rolls along and falls down 7 vertical levels.
38. Marble collides into weight.
39. Weight falls off structure, and pulls piece attached to it via string.
40. As piece that previously supported floor of structure is now removed, floor drops and releases all Tetris pieces.
41. Rotation of floor pulls domino, that is keeping a golf ball at rest, attached to it via string.
42. Golf ball rolls along dowel rod track, with gradually widening floor, to cause golf ball to fall onto next dowel rod track.
This process repeats for a total of 3 tracks traveled along until golf ball collides into car.
43. Car, now free falling, pulls another domino, that is keeping Duck Hunt duck at rest.
44. Duck travels along zipline to hit target attached to structure which swings into marble.
45. Marble rolls along track to attach to magnet.
46. Magnet, now attached to more magnetically attractive marble, detaches from smaller marble, which sets smaller marble into motion. This process repeats twice more.
47. Marble now rolls down vertically spiraling track to fall upon and trigger mousetrap.
48. Mousetrap now pulls string that releases stopper from funnel.
49. Sand now releases from bucket at a constant rate, similar to an hourglass, causing the gradual decrease of the height of sand in the bucket.
50. Seesaw, with extended end, resting in bucket of sand, decreases to a certain level to lift domino that is keeping marble at rest.
51. Marble races down Rainbow road and collides into extension of joystick.
52. Joystick rotates, which is attached within the arcade machine, to a vertically resting stick, and causes it to move.
53. Extension of stick collides into golf ball.
54. Golf ball rolls along small track and pulls out brake keeping marble at rest via string.
55. Marble collides into extended tape measure.
56. Tape measure detaches from track and rolls up.
57. Tape measure pushes up box and golf ball becomes subject to gravity.
58. Golf balls rolls to push weight off ledge.
59. Free falling weight pulls down portion of track.
60. Beginning of track now becomes subject to gravity, causing marbles in container at beginning of track to roll down rest of track into cup resting on end of a seesaw.
61. Combined weight of marbles and cup causes opposing end of seesaw to rise.
62. Weight resting on end of seesaw is now released.
63. Released weight now swings into toy car with magnets attached to it.
64. Magnets attached to toy cars cause magnetic brakes resting on tracks above them to move out of way of resting toy cars to set them into motion. This process repeats for a total of 4 “magnet cars” set into motion.
65. Upon motion of the last toy car, a brake, keeping marble at rest, attached to it via string is pulled out of place.
66. Marble rolls into lever to activate switch.
67. Simultaneously to step 66, marble sets another ball in motion.
68. Switch, which turns on ticket rolling machine, dispenses tickets.
69. Tickets roll until weight attached to end of tickets descends upon to pressurized switch.
70. Pressurized switch closes circuit to stop ticket dispenser.
71. Simultaneously to steps 68-69, ball set into motion in step 67 hits mousetrap.
72. Mousetrap pulls pin to release hammer, which applies Band-Aid attached to tickets to resting hand.
73. As hammer falls, pin is pulled to release trap door bearing two weights.
74. As one weight descends, it pulls hammer back up to expose Band-Aid.
75.Simultaneously to step 74, second weight removes ticket that Band-Aid rests on from Band-Aid to finish applying Band-Aid to hand.

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