Team # 1022: Lancers TEAM PAGE

Lake Park High School
Roselle, il, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: Hoffman Estates High School
Saturday, February 23, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: James Kryger
Team Members: 14
Invitations: 14
Andrew Eliopoulos - invitation signed.
Alex Huang - invitation signed.
Alex Domagala - invitation signed.
Jordan Fischer - invitation signed.
Aayush Patel - invitation signed.
Pola Blaszczyk - invitation signed.
Sarah Gondek - invitation signed.
Neal Pardiwala - invitation signed.
Natalie Graetz - invitation signed.
Roberto Garcia - invitation signed.
Akash Patel - invitation signed.
David Nygren - invitation signed.
Maddie Vandergriff - invitation signed.
Kayla DeVerya - invitation signed.


Our Step List

Lake Park High School Step List
1. Meteor swings forward and hits dinosaur tail.
2. Dinosaur tail shakes releasing bone from the mouth.
3. Domino swings releasing bone which falls into trees.
4. Falling trees release pterodactyl to fly down into the waterfall.
5. Pterodactyl hits lever releasing barrel of marbles.
6. As marbles fall down the waterfall the ping pong ball releases.
7. Ping pong ball falls off rail and lands on a seesaw.
8. Seesaw raises gate releasing white boulder.
9. Whist Boulder rolls down ramp and spins yellow warning flag.
10. Golf ball rolls down the river across the bridge releasing a weight.
11. Pool ball falls, dislodging the beaded vine.
12. As the beaded vine falls, the river rotates and changes directions.
13. White boulder flows down the river.
14. Boulder hits the pearl, activating a mousetrap.
15. Mousetrap releases pin.
16. Pin releases hinge, allowing the Wooly Mammoth trunk to extend.
17. As the trunk swings down, a log pulls out.
18. When the log pulls out, debris begins to whirl around the tornado
19. Debris hits the golf ball, knocking it off its ledge
20. Golf ball falls off trail hitting seesaw, causing the volcano to erupt
21. Lava pushes out releasing lightning from a cloud
22. Lightning crashes down and the clouds begin to unleash rain
23. Rain falls from the cloud and submerges the stadium
24. Stadium gets filled with rain until the other side of the seesaw rises up
25. Other side rises up releasing tape measure from stables
26. Tape measure coils itself up pulling car across field
27. Tape measure collides with the bridge, releasing marbles
28. Marbles tumble down the bridge and turn on the fan
29. The wind blows a ship into the harbor causing a car to go down the street
30. The car races down a ramp, making speech bubbles appear
31. Last speech bubble turns on switch, activating spinning mirror
32. Laser reflects off rotating mirror
33. Reflected laser hits photogate sensor
34. Photogate sensor activates cannon to shoot balloon
35. The balloon pops, dropping a bridge
36. The falling bridge disrupts a satellite, causing the parts to fall into each other
37. One satellite part is hit down the highway
38. The satellite part falls into a catch, raising the gate
39. A ball rolls down an unfinished road, knocking a construction sign off
40. The sign hits a driving billboard advertisement, causing the cars to roll down
41. The last billboard car crashes into a stop sign, pulling a playing card out.
42. Removing the card allows sand to spill out from a sand reserve.
43. The reserve rises up, causing the keyboard display to tip over.
44. Keys fall off the keyboard and set off mousetrap
45. Mousetrap pulls pin allowing a hammer to fall down
46. The hammer hits a radio, playing a news broadcast to release Jacob’s ladder.
47. Jacob’s ladder causing blocks to flip over, revealing the secret message.
48. The last block hits gate, releasing iPhone.
49. iPhone slides down the ramp and hits switch.
50. The switch turns on a motor, causing a plane to take off
51. The plane flies into a net, tilting a bucket over.
52. The marble rolls out from the bucket and hits dowel rod
53. The dowel rod rotates, pushing a rock off the edge
54. The rock falls down, startling the jousting horses into running towards each other
55. The white horse charges forward and hits a golf ball
56. The golf ball goes down the ramp hitting a pole
57. The pole falls down and a domino falls off the top of it
58. The domino falls off raising the sword from the stone
59. The sword releases the battering ram which swings towards the castle door
60. The battering ram breaks down the castle door
61. The door cracks open, releasing a pin.
62. The pin releases a cannonball to roll down ramps.
63. The cannonball falls onto a dragon triggering wings to open
64. The spreading wings pull out archers pin.
65. The arrow zips down towards the dragon.
66. Flying arrow removes lock on the sarcophagus.
67. The sarcophagus door opens and hits the seesaw.
68. Seesaw tips, causing a ladder to topple over.
69. The ladder falls, releasing barrel from the top of the pyramid.
70. Barrel rolls down the pyramid scaffolding and triggers mousetrap.
71. The mousetrap pulls a string making the new exhibit sign fall
72. Falling sign pulls the curtain open.
73. As the curtain opens, a paint can is knocked off.
74. Falling paint can removes platform supporting coin.
75. Coin slowly slides down back wall landing in the piggy bank.

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