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Anderson High School
Anderson, IN, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: Genesis: Pathways to Success
Saturday, March 09, 2019
Setup Time: 8:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: David Perrel
Team Members: 11
Invitations: 11
Owen Zheng - invitation signed.
Landon Alumbaugh - invitation signed.
Dakotah Alumbaugh - invitation signed.
Conner Martin - invitation signed.
Liam Griffith - invitation signed.
Logan Hamilton - invitation signed.
Hope Jones - invitation signed.
Isaac Hanauer - invitation signed.
Garrett Dunaway - invitation signed.
Mackenna Hawes - invitation signed.
Hailey Short - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
Physics and Engineering

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Well... that never happened before

Why we think we should win:
The theme of the machine is a bank building with risky steps on a swinging vault door and exploding brick wall.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
shuffle a deck of cards

With the task of putting money in a bank, our team came up with the theme of a bank robbery. We went for more of an early 20th century feel, to line up more with when Rube Goldberg himself would have been writing his comics. The machine begins with an umbrella being placed in a bucket, which triggers a series of levers and strings to eventually pull the trigger of a dart gun. This dart gun launches a dart, hitting a nametag. This leads to a series of steps that include a swinging pocket watch, a cube rolling down a ramp, and the piece de resistance: the opening of the vault door. Through a series of hydraulics, a ring made out of a pendulum is released. The ring causes a ball to roll down and onto a scale, which turns on a motor. This motor pushes an object off of the table. Eventually, the lever to the red TNT box is pushed down, releasing pressurized air into a balloon. The balloon inflates, pushing over a red brick wall. The wall falling triggers a pulley, which balances itself in order to knock the coins off of their platform and down the ramp into the piggy bank.

Our Step List

1. Umbrella is dropped into bucket
2. Lever is hit inside the bucket
3. Lever goes up on other end
4. Scissors are closed
5. Scissors cut string holding clock hands
6. String releases clock hands
7. Clock hands turn with magnet on end
8. Magnet on string is pulled
9. Coin barrier is flung off from magnet being pulled
10. Coin barrier releases pool ball
11. Pool ball falls into a metal basket, weighing it down
12. Basket pulls string as it lowers slightly
13. String pulls trigger on dart gun
14. Dart from the dart gun hits a sign
15. Sign swivels around
16. Sign knocks down rolls of pennies
17. Pennies fall off counter
18. Weight of pennies pull string
19. String pulls lever
20. Lever releases water from jug
21. Water goes through a tubing and fills container with ping pong balls
22. Ping pong balls lift and push button
23. Button sends electrical energy to set off the bell
24. Bell vibrates tube on top
25. Vibrations of tube moves a pen to edge
26. Pen drops from tube and pulls a string
27. String releases a deadbolt
28. Deadbolt allows pocket watch to swing
29. Pocket watch swings and hits a makeshift lever
30. Lever hits a wooden cube
31. Cube rolls down receipt papers
32. Cube falls off receipts
33. Cube hits a paperclip strand
34. Paperclips release door handle with the weight attached
35. Weight is unraveled and falls
36. Weight is dropped onto mousetrap
37. Mousetrap springs releasing rope holding up money bag
38. Money bag falls swinging open the door
39. As the door opens a string is pulled
40. String causes door clip to open
41. Clip releases a mechanism (stick with pulley attached)
42. Mechanism drops through series of hooks as it falls down the door
43. Mechanism falls into last hook
44. Causes it to knock into hinged platform
45. Car is forced to fall by the hinge
46. Car zips down line and hits hinged wood block
47. Wood block hits clothespin
48. Clothespin releases a string
49. String releases the hammer
50. Hammer hits syringe
51. Syringe pushes water into second syringe
52. Second syringe pulls a string attached to finger
53. Finger is pulled back by string
54. Ring attached to finger is released, creating a pendulum
55. Ring swings down and hits canister
56. Ball rolls out of canister onto set of track of tracks
57. Ball falls onto a scale
58. Scale tips from weight of ball
59. Tipped scale completes an electrical circuit
60. Motor turns on and lowers weight
61. Weight set onto TNT lever
62. TNT lever is pushed down onto an air valve
63. Valve releases pressurized air
64. Air is pushed into balloon
65. Balloon inflates
66. As the balloon inflates it pushes over the brick wall
67. The wall falling causes a string attached to it to be pulled
68. String pulls on deadbolt
69. Deadbolt releases
70. Released deadbolt allows hinged platform to drop
71. Metal can on hinged platform lowers
72. Other metal can rises from the first can lowering
73. Second can hits a hinged platform
74.Coins on hinged platform roll down a ramp
75. Coins fall into the piggy bank

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