Team # 1236: MadCoMakers TEAM PAGE

Anderson High School
Anderson, IN, United States

Turn Off A Light
Host: Genesis: Pathways to Success
Saturday, February 29, 2020
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: David Perrel
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 9
Landon Alumbaugh - invitation signed.
Logan Hamilton - invitation signed.
Liam Griffith - invitation signed.
Tristen Brooks - invitation signed.
Chrissy Ziuchkovski - invitation signed.
Alex Kestner - invitation signed.
Isaac Hanauer - invitation signed.
Sebastian Beeman - invitation signed.
Jason Bale - invitation signed.

Our machine is set in that magical time of year in late December. After Ralphie's father wins another "major award" for his crossword puzzle skills, the young boy uses his Christmas gifts to help his mother shoot the Leg Lamp out with his Red Rider dart gun.

Our Step List

1. String is pulled releasing Slinky on top of stairs
2. Slinky walks down stairs and slides down ramp into bucket releasing counter weight
3. Bucket travels upward as counter weight drops down
4. Bucket strikes wheel causing it to rotate
5. Wheel arm strikes small weight and flips wall light switch
6. Light switch allows electrical energy to flow into hair dryer
7. Hair dryer blows air into tube pushing ball along
8. Ball travels, up, down, and around to strike panel switch
9. Switch release electric energy to wall mounted motor
10. Motor drives Archimedes’ Screw to pull metal BB’s upward
11. BB’s fall out of Archimedes’s Screw and into plastic cup causing it to drop
12. Cup string pulls upward on wall lever to release billiard ball tethered to pole
13. Tether pool ball swings around and around into a can of beans
14. Bean Can rolls onto end of lever pulling a string attached to chip clip
15. Chip clip open to release cord holding small hatchet
16. Hatchet falls as a wedge to cut string holding fishing weight
17. Fishing weight falls onto panel switch releasing electric energy to hand mixer
18. Hand mixer powers on to spin spool
19. Spinning spool pulls cord to spin Christmas tree used as a wheel-and-axle
20. Christmas tree pulls stuffed snowman from shelf
21. Snowman swings down and hits table leg below snowglobe
22. Table leg pulls string attached to small lever holding very strong magnet
23. The magnet falls onto electric limit switch to release energy from batteries
24. Toy train powers on and travels along tracks and crashes into button switch
25. Button switch closes to causes electric power to flowing Billy the Bass
26. Billy the Bass begins to sing pulling fishing line attached to block
27. Block slides to release steel ball bearings along track and into metal can
28. Metal can moves downward pulling cord attached to bolt latch
29. Bolt latch releases weights to fall pulling rope attached to pulley system on crate
30. Lid opens to press panel switch to release electric energy to power screwdriver
31. Screwdriver spins sprocket and chain to pull scissor lift to raise Red Rider dart gun
32. Scissor lift pulls cord to tip over vinegar bottle mixing it with baking soda
33. The chemical reaction produces carbon dioxide gas to inflate balloon
34. Balloon pushes over container of BB’s causing it to fall
35. Falling BB’s pull cord to trigger dart gun releasing spring energy to fire dart
36. Dart flies into Leg Lamp power switch to TURN OFF the LIGHT

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