Team # 1110: Mall of Rube TEAM PAGE

Champaign, IL, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Thursday, January 01, 1970
Setup Time: 12:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 12:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Denise Bell
Team Members: 6
Invitations: 6
Kaitlyn Bell - invitation signed.
Max Lewis - invitation signed.
Caleb Brown - invitation signed.
Kailyn Stuber - invitation signed.
Erin Morrison - invitation signed.
Maia Kaczynski - invitation signed.

The new mall was all set to open until...Max happened. Max, an over zealous, slightly clumsy teen, tripped, fell and caused a chain of events that undid much of the progress. The opening day may have to be postponed.

Our Step List

Mall of Rube Steps
1. Marble is pushed through the tube and drops into a container
2. Container drops pulling a lever
3. lever sends golf ball rolling
4. Golf ball hits mouse trap
5. Mouse trap is set off and pulls car up a ramp
6. Car knocks over a weight
7. Weight pulls on the see-saw
8. See-Saw sends a marble rolling on ramp into lever
9. lever pulls a string
10. String sets off mouse trap
11. Mouse trap releases another marble
12. Marble hits dowel pulling nail releasing arm
13. arm hits clock
14. Clock rolls down the "escalator" and hits the hammer
15. Hammer sends marble down the Build-a -Pig workshop thru the golf course.
16. Marble hits manikin dominos
17. manikin dominos knocks down golf ball
18. golf ball hits car
19. car knock over house of cards
20. the house of cards collapse setting off the "flying" knife
21. The flying knife stabs the balloon
22. the Balloon pops and releases the wrecking ball
23. The wrecking ball hits trash can
24. The trash can yanks the construction cone and releases the Newton's cradle
25. The Newton's cradle hits lever
26. lever knocks a car down the road
27. The car hits golf ball
28. golf ball rolls into hole hitting a marker
29. the marker sets off downwards car chain reaction
30. the last car hits lever
31. lever pushes off medicine bottle
32. medicine bottle pulls up elevator
33. elevator hits tube
34. tube sends down a big marble
35. marble hits car setting off an upward car chain reaction
36. the last car hits a sliding lock
37. the sliding lock hits marble into tube
38. the marble hits a larger marble
39. larger marble lands into cup
40. cup pulls on trap door
41. door pushes marble into cup
42. cup pulls up one card
43. card sets off a card domino effect
44. last card pushes over a lever
45. lever pushed a hook down a zipline
46. hook sets off mousetrap
47. mouse trap pulls lever
48. lever releases sign
49. sign releases retractable tag
50. retractable tag sets off downwards spoons
51. last spoon pushes lever
52. lever releases car
53. car sets off hot wheels car launcher
54. car launcher launches marble
55. marble hits truck
56. truck hits lever
57. lever releases carpet roll knocking off weight
58. weight pulls string yanking wall of collapsing building causing it to collapse
59. roof drops from under golf ball
60. golf ball falls into elevator pulley system
61. elevator lands on seesaw
62. seesaw knocks golf ball
63. golf ball hits lever releasing coin
64. coin falls into piggy bank

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