Team # 809: Mead Junior High TEAM PAGE

Mead Junior High
Elk Grove Village, IL, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Hoffman Estates High School
Saturday, February 24, 2018
Setup Time: 12:41 PM
Contest Start Time: 12:41 PM
Live Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Dan Hirshfeld
Team Members: 5
Invitations: 5
Nikhil Joshi - invitation signed.
Aashna Mauskar - invitation signed.
Asmi Mauskar - invitation signed.
Hiteshi Patel - invitation signed.
Krisha Patel - invitation signed.

Hello, we are the Mustang Innovators. We all really enjoy spending time with our families, so what better way to do that than on a holiday! We cherish the characteristics of holidays and because they are so significant to us as a team, we dedicated our machine to highlighting the distinguishing spirit of each holiday and what they represent. The holidays we chose to incorporate include: Valentine’s Day, Last Day of School, Fourth of July, Rube Goldberg’s Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In order to epitomize our concept, our machine consists of 28 steps which are comprised of various household items, such as foam pipe insulation, wood, dominoes, popsicle sticks, and all sorts of ball-bearings. We utilized these materials to build simple machines, which serve as the foundation of our machine. Examples of such creations include mechanisms as simple as pulleys, levers, and inclined planes or as complex as electromagnets. We successfully shared the events of a year in a matter of minutes. We hope you can celebrate our project’s festivities alongside us and are able to receive your tasty bowl of cereal by the end of the year!

Our Step List

1) Manually dropped ball-bearing will hit ball-bearing with gate attached
2) Gate will drop and stationary marble will be released to go down the ramp
3) Marble will hit a series of dominoes upon rolling down
4) Last domino will fall into the higher end of a pulley and the pulley will adjust accordingly
5) The other cup of the pulley will go up and will tip lever down as it does so
6) Stationary ball-bearing on lever will roll down into a “water slide”
7) After the water slide, it will roll into a pinball machine- like contraption
8) It will roll down a bumpy straw slide and be funneled into a ramp.
9) It will hit another ball-bearing, already in the ramp, to set off a collision effect
10) The now rolling ball bearing will strike a pivoting wooden stick, releasing a golf ball in a pendulum motion
11) The golf ball strikes a series of cars held in place by magnets.
12) The last car will strike a marble, which will then roll down a ramp.
13) After rolling down, it will hit one leg of a flimsy tripod, and knock it over to allow the pulley to drop and raise the other side.
14) The other side will knock into a lever, in turn lifting it.
15) A marble will be released and it will roll into a cup.
16) The cup will be balanced on a rocker switch and will turn the electromagnetic field off.
17) Magnetic ball (with gate attached) will then be released and it will roll down a ramp.
18) Gate will go down and the once stationary marble will begin its motion.
19) The marble will roll down the initial Halloween ramp.
20) It will fall into a funnel and follow another ramp.
21) Marble will knock into a series of cylinders (aka candies), which serve as dominoes
22) The last cylinder will knock into a car which, upon rolling, will hit a domino.
23) The dominoes will be arranged in a staircase manner, and thus, increasing height.
24) The last domino will set off a marble, which will enter the Mayflower and follow its course.
25) Upon exiting the Mayflower, it will enter tubing which is positioned at an incline
26) Soon after, it will change to a different tubing (aka lighting) which surrounds a mini- Christmas tree
27) Once it rolls out, the marble will continue to roll into a foam tubing and hit another marble which is secured with a small popsicle stick at the end of that tubing.
28) The marble will set off a series of dominoes.
29) The last domino will knock a wooden stick
30) The wooden stick will cause a once held lever to tip over and the cereal that was on it, to tip over and fall into a bowl.

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