Team # 1099: Milwaukee Lutheran High School TEAM PAGE

Milwaukee Lutheran High School
Milwaukee, WI, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: STEM Forward
Friday, March 01, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 9:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Shawn B Heckert
Team Members: 6
Invitations: 11
Jamirus Collins - invitation sent
Somtoo Onwuasoanya - invitation sent
Morgan Mayborne - invitation signed.
James Bouy - invitation sent
markevion Hogans - invitation sent
Dylan Lucas - invitation signed.
Joie Bouy - invitation sent
Kurt Pahule - invitation signed.
Luke Czaplewski - invitation signed.
Jacob Price - invitation signed.
Matthew Sowinski - invitation signed.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
This is why we can't have nice things.

Why we think we should win:
Who doesn't love Christmas? Even people who don't celebrate enjoy the sales in the stores.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Pull a tissue from a box

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

This year's machine is inspired by Christmas. Our machine travels from Santa's workshop in the North Pole to our home, complete with stockings on the mantle, Christmas dinner in the oven, the dinner table falling over, and a Christmas tree losing its ornaments. Through it all, Santa comes up short in his desperate search for a midnight snack.

Our Step List

1. The latches on Santa’s Top Secret Briefcase are pressed, opening the suitcase and revealing Santa’s Naughty and Nice list (feel free to look for some Easter Eggs on that list)
2. The suitcase falls onto a lever on an axle, causing the lever to spin.
3. The lever strikes and removes a roadblock on the hill.
4. The roadblock falls off the hill allowing the toboggan sled to go down the hill.
5. The sled hits a switchback at the bottom of the hill causing it to spin the opposite direction the sled is traveling.
6. The switchback hits a present starting a domino pattern of other presents.
7. The final present falls on a binder clip, causing it to open.
8. The opening binder clip releases a string it was previously holding.
9. The hammer swings into a Newton’s Cradle of other hammers.
10. The final hammer hits a billiard ball down a series of ramps.
11. The billiard ball hits a clothespin mounted to a block, causing the clothespin to open.
12. The opening clothespin releases a string that was previously secured. This allows a red bucket at the top of our mountain ramps to tip.
13. The red bucket dumps out white golf balls which avalanche their way down the mountain ramps.
14. The golf ball avalanche falls onto a platform, pushing it downward.
15. The platform pulls on a pin to pull it from the axle hole of the wheel.
16. The wheel rolls down a ramp and knocks into a hinged block of wood, causing it to tip over.
17. The hinged block of wood releases a rope attached to a gate beneath part of a plastic bottle, allowing the gate to open.
18. With the gate open, weights and icicles fall perilously near our Christmas bear and onto a platform, pushing it downward.
19. The platform pulls a string attached to a paint can opener. This pulls the paint can opener down.
20. The paint can opener releases the strings of a red bag of Santa’s gifts for those on the nice list (for some reason Santa’s bag has a Rube Goldberg logo on it…he must be a big fan.
21. Santa’s bag of gifts falls onto a springed platform, pushing a push rod down through a hole. (The bag of gifts may or may not crust the Grinch. If you’ve seen the movie, you know he had it coming…)
22. The push rod pushes down on a taut cable/chain.
23. The taut cable pulls out a door stop wedge from the front door of the house.
24. With the doorstop wedge removed, the spring is able to yank the front door of the house portion of the machine open.
25. The opening door pulls the elf off his shelf.
26. The elf swings and strikes a lever, causing the lever to spin.
27. The lever tips over the table with milk and cookies that were left out for Santa
28. The table falls onto a block of wood, opening a clothespin.
29. The clothespin releases a toy firetruck.
30. The toy fire truck rolls down the ramp and pulls a cable attached to an ornament.
31. With the ornament removed, a gate opens.
32. When the gate is opened, Santa is able to zipline over to the kitchen (no doubt to make up for the spilled milk and cookies)
33. At the end of the zipline, Santa strikes a block attached to a rod and another block.
34. The other block pushes a jar of beef broth cubes down a ramp.
35. The jar of beef broth cubes strikes a chicken leg, forcing it down the ramp.
36. The chicken leg pushes a golf ball, causing it to roll into the parmesan cheese jar and into the oven.
37. The golf ball falls onto a baking pan, pushing the pan downward.
38. The downward moving pan pushes the other end of a pots and pans see saw up.
39. The pot on the other end of the see saw lifts a dowel rod upward.
40. The dowel rod lifts the flap the end of a spaghetti box in the cupboards. (this startles the mouse-box car just trying to get a midnight snack)
41. The lid pushes the mouse car is pushed by the box flap to roll through the box.
42. The mouse car hits a pasta box, knocking it over into other boxes of food in the cupboard. (apparently, the whole “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse” line was flat out wrong)
43. The final food box causes a can of food to roll out of the cupboards.
44. The can falls onto a clothespin, opening it (Seriously, who keeps leaving these clothespins around the house?)
45. The clothespin releases a string attached to the dining table
46. The dining table falls over onto a taut string (apparently Santa is never going to find a midnight snack)
47. The taught string pulls the first word board
48. The word boards flip over in a loud cascade revealing a joyous, Christmas message.
49. The final word block knocks off the tin of Christmas cookies (seriously, Santa can’t catch a break…)
50. The Christmas cookie tin hits a Festivus pole, causing it to spin
51. The Festivus poles yanks on a string attached to a holding block
52. With the holding block removed, the Christmas ornaments are free to fall down the Christmas tree Plinko board
53. The ornaments trigger a mousetrap beneath the Christmas tree (a mousetrap that would have probably been better off placed in the cupboards, but that’s none of my business…)
54. The closing mousetrap pulls on a wire
55. With the wire removed, a coin is able to roll down a ramp and into the festive piggy bank (because isn’t money often one of the most thoughtful gifts of all?)

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