Miamisburg Middle School
Miamisburg, OH, USA

Online Contest:
Hammer A Nail
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Jeanette McNally
Team Members: 20
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Nothing is so embarrassing as watching someone do something that you said couldn't be done."
~Sam Ewing

Why we think we should win:
We should win because we have devoted many months and countless hours to completing our machine. We are an after school engineering team (eTeam) that is committed to solving problems. We are a cohesive team of student engineers that encourage each other, listen to all ideas and find a way to make them work. Our team is unstoppable and we persevere until we what we begin is finished. Our eTeam's Rube Goldberg Machine is no exception - we worked late into many evenings, on a snow day, and even an entire day of our spring break. We brainstorm as a team, enjoy dinner and lunch as a team, and celebrate as a team. Plus, our machine is surely the most superb display of a Solar Smashup on Sandy Beach anyone has ever witnessed! An observer of this event is fortunate, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Cut a piece of paper in half

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Solar Smashup on Sandy Beach was successful on the 10th run.

Welcome to the eTeam's Rube Goldberg Machine website! Enjoy your visit!

Our Step List

Step 1: The Sun falls out of orbit to destroy an innocent pool noodle.

Step 2: The pool noodle, bent on revenge, sends a ball flying into a bottle, which contains a message.

Step 3: The bottle angers Bob, an over-tanned dude in blue swim trunks. His arm suddenly begins to whip in circles. He ends up slamming a ball, (Possibly from outer space), which bumps into a roll of paper.

Step 4: The roll of paper, unable to stop rolling, drives a nail into a balloon filled with a liquid which may or may not be water.

Step 5: The water seeks safety in a cup bystander. The cup betrays its companion and dumps it onto Tsunami Slide.

Step 6: Tsunami Slide, sensing the presence of water, starts up. This causes a boat to fly down the ride.

Step 7: The boat sails into a school, knocking down all the science textbooks and saving the virtuous young people from the dark art of learning.

Step 8: In the midst of the school fiasco, the textbooks knock down a strange contraption made by Sir Susie Muddlenuggins.

Step 9: This, much to Sir Susie’s dismay, knocks over one of the school’s many dieting trees. The tree sends THE ULTIMATE FLIP KICK OF EPICNESS!!!!!!! into the sky.

Step 10: THE ULTIMATE FLIP KICK OF EPICNESS!!!!!!! moves the restraints of a golf ball. The golf ball, training for a marathon, runs to THE GIANT HAIR DRYER OF DOOM to help dry his buddy, the Ball of Golfiness, who is training for a triathlon.

Step 11: THE GIANT HAIR DRYER OF DOOM works out too much and doesn’t know his own potential. As a result, the Ball of Golfiness is sent spiraling into a tunnel of extreme awesomeness on his bicycle.

Step 12: After exiting the tunnel, the Ball of Golfiness sees the ocean and decides to continue his training. He abandons his bike and swims across the sea.

Step 13: Still training, the Ball of Golfiness sprints down a sewage pipe. Not paying attention, he runs into a giant slumbering beach ball.

Step 14: The beach ball, still not awake, rolls down an intense hill. He accidently bangs into an old pole vaulting stick.

Step 15: The stick of pole vaulting strikes a wheel for miniature cars.

Step 16: The itty-bitty car wheel slides down a small ramp into a trap set for mutant oversized beach mice.

Step 17: The over sized beach mouse trap yanks a bag of sand off of the hot air balloon containing Barbie.

Step 18: Barbie, hopeless to stop a pulley system from quickly raising balloon, is forced into the air.

Step 19: Barbie, careless and idiotic, triggers the GIANT FLYING SHOE OF THE APOCALYPSE.

Step 20: The GIANT FLYING SHOE OF THE APOCALYPSE plummets from the sky onto a surfboard training platform.

Step 21: The platform strikes a switch that turns on a boat battery randomly left in a beach bag by the ocean. The battery causes the hammer, which is attached to an old windshield wiper motor, to nail the last board into the pier, overlooking the ocean.

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