Team # 516: MR Bruisers TEAM PAGE

Maple River High School
Mapleton, MN, United States

Host: Minnesota State, Mankato & MNCEME
Friday, March 03, 2017
Setup Time: 8:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Gwen Isaacson
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 0

Two parents are pressuring their child to choose a sport. The child can't decide what sport she wants to do, so she falls asleep and dreams of her options.

Our Step List

1. Person releases softball onto softball bats
2. Softball rolls down bat ramp to hit mouse trap
3. Mouse trap pulls string to release water bottle
4. Water bottle tips teeter totter
5. Golf ball rolls down teeter totter into the windmill
6. Golf ball hits mouse trap inside windmill
7. Mouse trap pulls string releasing a toothpick
8. Toothpick pulls out of tubing to release a marble
9. Gravitational forces pull the marble down to hit a power strip
10. Power strip powers on the fan which turns on the windmill
11. Windmill vanes to hit the hockey puck
12. Hockey puck rolls down ramp to hit a basketball
13. Basketball goes through basketball hoop into football helmet
14. Football helmet tips knocking over book
15. Book knocks over football
16. Football knocks over ping pong paddle
17. Ping pong paddle knocks over paddle-ball
18. Paddle-ball hits mouse trap
19. Mouse trap pulls domino
20. Dominoes fall to hit the hockey puck
21. Hockey puck falls down the plinko board to hit a mouse trap
22. Mouse trap pulls string to pull ball off ledge
23. Ball pulls string which closes scissors
24. Scissors cut fishing line releasing cleat
25. Cleat kicks soccer ball
26. Soccer ball hits head
27. Head falls backwards into pillow to apply the bandaid

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