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Santa Monica High School
Santa Monica, California, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: STEAM Machines Innovation Fair
Sunday, March 04, 2018
Setup Time: 9:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Emily Goldman
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Kimi Holsapple - invitation signed.
Sarah Ogata - invitation signed.
Thomas Xu - invitation signed.
Rebecca Xu - invitation signed.
Evan Makhani - invitation signed.
Kyle Tenner - invitation signed.
Isaac Fishman - invitation signed.
Solal Marvel - invitation signed.
Ryan Tenerowicz - invitation signed.
Nir Ribak - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
We are studying multiple aspects of what makes our machine work. In order for us to make the machine we had to learn the basics of physics, mathematics(trig), and construction.

Our rube goldberg machine features, among many things, a flying plane, flipping pots, and a lofty banner. Quirky and eccentric, the path our machine follows to complete its task is ambitious: ramps criss cross every which way to create a dynamic and intriguing flow that catches the eye and commands attention. Each step is utterly unexpected and unique.
Upon hearing the end goal of pouring a bowl of cereal, our team instantly felt that a retro kitchen theme would be necessary to communicate our machine’s story. Keeping in line with the Rube Goldberg spirit we reused most of our materials from old play sets, forgotten woodshop projects, and whatever caught our eye in our parents sheds and garages.

Our Step List

1. Bowl is placed, allowing marble to roll down 

2. The can pendulum swings

3. Fidget spinner rotates

4. Marble rolls down track

5. The measuring tape is pulled upwards

6. The car/rock is dropped 

7. Dragging the plane and banner across on the string

8. Elevated marble is released

9. Marble rolls down elevated ramp

10. Marble rolls down elevated track

11. The vertical see saw is hit

12. The marble hit and slides down ramp

13. Elevated marble goes down another ramp

14. Elevated marble slides on ramp

15. Marble falls into can and is lowered

16. “Breakfast is served” poster is hoisted up by pulley

17. Marble rolls down ramp

18. Marble rolls down circular track

19. Marble goes through loop 

20. Marbles falls down onto ramp and rolls

21. Marble goes down ramp

22. Marble falls into bottle cap 

23. Mousetrap is set off

24. Stick pushes marble

25. train rolls down train tracks  

26. Fence is hit

27. Marbles are released on ramp #1 rolling down xylophone

28. On ramp #2, the marble rolls down and hits the bell

29. Can pendulum slams the upper ramp

30. Marble is pushed down ramp

31. Marble falls into soda can

32. Latch flips

33. Marble falls onto ramp
34. then the marble will hit a lever
35. marble hits a mouse trap
36. pulls the popsicle stick so rock falls
37. triggers the wire connected to the marble ferris wheel which continues the flow of electricity
38. marbles move down funnel
39. then goes down several ramps
40. marble hits can pendulum
41. which then triggers the next marble
42. that marble moves down ramp to hit lever
43. that marble moves down ramp to hits next lever
44. lever hits next marble
45. that marble moves down ramp to hits next lever
46. that marble moves down ramp
47. then marble moves another ramp in different direction
48. marble falls through spiral funnel
49. then marble moves down ramp in different direction
50. then marble hits backside of flip ramp
51. tips over the flip ramp to move marble down another ramp
52. that marble hits the propped up stick
53. trap door falls releasing themoarble
54. that marble rolls down ramp
55. marble falls into propped up see saw chamber
56. see saw tips over triggering tollgate
57. marble releases down ramp
58. to go into u shaped ramp
59. hits the lever
60. lever propels ball into u shaped ramp
61. ball falls onto lever
62. lever hits the other lever with weight
63. weight falls down hits ball
64. ball rolls down l shaped ramp
65. marble changes direction on l shape ramp
66. marble triggers rubber band
67. body is released down zip line
68. body hit waiting marble
69. marble rolls down ramp
70. marble hits mouse trap
71. mouse tramp releases and pulls two sticks with it
72. milk cartoon is free to move to pouring position releasing milk
73. cereal box is free to move to pouring position releasing cereal
74. cereal an milk move down funnel
75. funnel releases solution to bowl

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