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The Alternative School for Math and Science
Corning, NY, United States

Online Contest:
Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Michael Palm
Team Members: 14
Invitations: 14
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Hazel Gustina - invitation signed.
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Ashley Wolfe - invitation signed.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Flip a pancake

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

A little girl throws a coin into a wishing well and makes three wishes as our machine starts. The coin continues to fall as demonstrated by the robot slowly releasing the tape, triggering the start of the wishes by releasing the wish bucket.
The first wish is about money. The girl is wishing for money because she, like all little kids, wants to be a millionaire. The wish bucket hits the money ball and sends it down the Plinko machine. Eventually, the ball hits the golden bricks and the bricks fall into the gem ball.
The second wish is about food. To little kids, dessert and food are some of the most important things in the world and of course, it would be one of their wishes to have as much of it as possible. This part of the wish is started with a lime rolling down a ramp into the Gordon Ramsey lever. The lever releases a breadstick which is used to activate the Wegmans grocery truck.
The third and final wish is about animals. All kids love and want pets. This part starts with a hamster working its way to its wheel. The wheel causes the duck apartment train to launch a trebuchet. This leads to the spinning hamster who knocks over the shark picture releasing the coin back into the pipes.
As the coin comes back up through pipes it falls through with water from the well. This releases an ice cube that rolls into a wheel. The wheel is a valve that opens the pipes and sends the water and coin back to the kids’ house coming out through the sink in the kitchen.
Finally, the coin rolls out of the sink and bounces off of several cookbooks eventually traveling through the Guy Fieri tunnel where it falls into the piggy bank and is put away for a rainy day.

Our Step List

1. A kid throws a coin into a wishing well
2. coin drops releasing the ball
3. ball lowers bucket
4. falling bucket raises the other bucket
5. bucket hits ball
6. the ball hits a button on the robot
7. robot unwinds string, lowering coin
8. coin lowers lever
9. lever hits ball
10. ball knocks over the board
11. board pulls string
12. string comes off the wish bucket
13. Wish bucket hits the money ball into the pipe
14. the money ball falls down plinko tiles, hitting a rubber ball
15. rubber ball hits gold bricks
16. bricks hit soccer (gem) ball
17. soccer (gem) ball hits mousetrap
18. mousetrap pulls leash
19. leash falls off the table pulling the hinge
20. hinge releases (lime) ball
21. the lime ball falls onto Gordon Ramsay lever
22. Gordon Ramsay lever knocks can over
23. can drops breadstick
24. breadstick pulls trigger starting Wegmans truck
25. Wegmans truck knocks down the board
26. board hits hamster car
27. hamster car hits duck tank
28. duck tank activates Ferris wheel
29. Ferris wheel spins, pulling a pin from a pipe
30. pipe hits trigger, activating the train
31. the train pulls pin releasing trebuchet
32. trebuchet knocks mousetrap off of the cow
33. mousetrap pulls ramp up
34. the marble rolls down a track, hitting the golf ball
35. golf ball pulls off pin releasing spinning hamster
36. hamster hits fish picture
37. the fish picture falls, pulling out pin on a mug
38. mug pours beads (water) into pipes
39. pipes pull egg carton
40. egg carton releases tower dominos
41. dominos pull out the dowel
42. dowl tips the ice cube cup releasing (ice cube) ball
43. ball hits drumstick
44. drumstick releases bike wheel
45. bike wheel knocks over brick
46. brick pulls string, releasing the hammer
47. hammer hits the button on the power strip
48. Powerstrip turns on the egg beater
49. egg beater spins and pulls the sponge
50. Sponge releases ball
51. ball hits stick
52. stick pulls a cracker and releases a marble
53. marble rolls and hits knife
54. knife releases another marble
55. marble rolls and knocks off the cracker
56. cracker releases golf ball
57. golf ball rolls and hits the large cracker
58. large cracker falls and pulls tongs
59. tongs release SpongeBob golf ball
60. SpongeBob golf ball rolls and hits board
61. the impact causes the stick to fall releasing the spoon
62. spoon hits clothespin which releases the coin
63. the coin falls into the piggy bank

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