Team # 773: Pekin High School #1 TEAM PAGE

Pekin High School
Pekin, IL, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign: Engineering Open House 2018
Friday, March 09, 2018
Setup Time: 7:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 8:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Priscilla DeLaere
Team Members: 7
Invitations: 10
Brody Blackwell - invitation sent
Jillian Simonsen - invitation signed.
Grace Nieukirk - invitation sent
Krista Carrington - invitation signed.
Isaac Belvilll - invitation signed.
Ty Ortega - invitation signed.
Marissa Overholt - invitation signed.
Adia Boe - invitation sent
Lexi Epkins - invitation signed.
Steven Hogue - invitation signed.

This machine deals with combining 5 different cereals into one complete cereal. It is the story of how all of us came together to make one machine.

Our Step List

1. Electronic gear is activated
2. Tape is ripped off that is holding a car that has marbles behind it
3. Marbles roll down the slope after the car is removed from ramp
4. Marbles enter a holding station that is held up by springs
5. The holding station goes down and pulls a string with a washer
6. The washer then releases a tether ball around a pipe
7. The ball then hits a kite string mechanism
8. The kite string weighs down and pulls out a popscile stick that releases a baseball
9. Baseball then hits the bottom of a pivot point
10. Top part of pivot point then pulls an alligator clip
11. Behind the alligator clip (set on a textbook) the ball bearing is released
12. Ball bearing travels through a pipe/ramp and lands on a magnetic hinge
13. Hinge falls over (loaded with safety pins)
14. Balloon pops
15. Lowers a weight and the back end of another hinge to come up
16. On hinge is a cup full of rocks that pours into bowl
17. The rocks weigh down one end of the lever and the other end pulls up on a stringe
18. The string brings up a stuffed animal to activate a mousetrap
19. Mousetrap then pulls forward releases the baseball bat
20. Baseball bat then is released which allows the bicyle tire to spin
21. When the tension is released the door is raised
22. Behind the door is a 3 D printed baseball ball that spins around
23. It spins and hits a baseball into a baseball helmet
24. The baseball helmet then travels down a zip line
25. At the end of the zipline a second piece of wood is released
26. A softball then drops onto a pair of scissors
27. Scissors cut the string
28. A second ball is then released and hit a pivot system
29. That pivot system hits a golf ball off the edge
30. The golf ball drops and raises up a pencil
31. Behind the pencil is a ball that drops on a ramp
32. End of ramp there is an upward pivot point that hits a ball from higher level
33. That ball then travels down and hits another pivot point that goes to a higher level
34. The last ball that travels down the ramp then jumps into a tube
35. At the bottom of the tube a golf ball is released
36. That golf ball then activates a car track that lowers and enters a pvc tube
37. At the end of the tube another golf ball is released that is attached to higher toilet paper tube
38. It pulls it forward to hit the cup of milk
39. Cup of milk pours into a large bowl that is then weighted down
40. The bottom of bowl has a string that Lucky Charm guy
41. Lucky the Leprechaun hits popscile sticks
42. Popscile sticks push off the cup
43. Cup then falls down moving the pulley system
44. Water then pours into the funnel
45. Water weighs down the cup that is attached to the pulley
46. Pulley activates the 3D printer gear
47. Marbles get hit by the gear and roll down to a tube
48. Golf ball then pulls block down
49. Block is pulled from under ball
50. Ball hits pivot point of generic mousetrap (untraditionally)
51. Mousetrap shuts hitting the ball
52. Balls gets hit and swings around leg of station
53. Cup pushed off by the ball moves the pulley
54. Activates the box of cereal and pours the cereal

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