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Chatfield High School
Chatfield, MN, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: Neillsville High School
Wednesday, March 06, 2019
Setup Time: 8:15 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Nora Gathje
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 9
Ann Warren - invitation signed.
Jack Tuohy - invitation signed.
Katie Ihrke - invitation signed.
Sabine Boettcher - invitation signed.
Nathan Goldsmith - invitation signed.
Gage Tuohy - invitation signed.
Carson Larrabee - invitation signed.
Rylee Burnett - invitation signed.
Hunter Johnston - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
We are studying FARM-ocology as we prepare for our future careers in science, technology, engineering, math and agriculture. We have used our STEM knowledge to engineer a self-sufficient farm to bring home the bacon and put money in a piggy bank.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:

Why we think we should win:
Our Rube Goldberg inspired farm is a comically involved PUN-filled over-engineered chain reaction machine that links all the elements of farming – the barn, animals, crops, and tractors – to bring home the bacon. The farm is complete with a barn, silo, electricity, corn, sheep, flying pigs and even a cow-stealing UFO. Many common household items have been used in new and creative ways with minimal alterations, such as an empty gallon jug for the piggy bank, pop bottle ears of corn, a cereal bowl turned into a UFO, and a mouse that gets caught up in a hand mixer inside the silo. We have intentionally used humor—the scarecrow is spooked by the crow, a UFO abducts a cow right out of the pasture which drops a cow pie as rises, and even flying pigs! That’s dis-PIG-able! And we have used "critters" just like Rube Goldberg did in his cartoons, like roosters that can lay an egg, frantic sheep, a COW-incidence, and a mouse playing hide and SQUEEK. Finally, we made sure that every step of the machine is clearly visible to the audience. Does that make CENTS?

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Pour a Cup of Coffee
Put Flowers in a Vase

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our Rube Goldberg inspired farm is a PUNNY over-engineered EGG-citing common-CENTS chain reaction machine that shows how the farmer brings home the bacon to put money in a piggy bank. The farm starts with POULTRY in motion and is complete with a barn, silo, cows, flying pigs, corn, lots of tractors and even a SCARDYcrow. But beware of the cow-stealing UFO! Time to BEEF UP our security. Do you feel like you’ve HERD this BULL before? Deja-MOO.

Our Step List

1. The Physics Pharm comes alive when a string behind the machine is pulled around a fixed pulley and opens the hay mow door on the barn,
2. releasing the potential energy (PE) of a spring loaded chicken on a slider.
3. As the chicken peeks out of the barn, its kinetic energy (KE) pulls a washer out from under a round bale of hay at the top of an inclined plane.
4. The bale rolls to the bottom of the inclined plane and its momentum knocks the end of the barn shelf and it falls to a rung below which allows the bale’s KE to be converted to PE at the top of a second inclined plane.
5. The round bale travels down the second inclined plane as its PE is converted into KE and it becomes a falling object.
6. When the round bale falls into the turning wheel and axle, its weight carries it into the waiting wagon below.
7. As the wheel and axle spin clockwise, the KE pulls a line attached to the peg holding up the shelf on the hill with the crate of supplies so that it swings downward on an axle.
8. When the shelf is released, the PE of the crate of supplies falling from the sky, turns into KE using a fixed pulley.
9. The KE of the falling crate pulls the tractor and wagon with the round bale of hay forward until it runs into the effort side of a vertical first class lever.
10. When the effort side of the vertical lever moves, it removes a wedge holding the sheep on the hill.
11. The sheep slides down the hill on a spring loaded slider, which activates a first class lever attached to the round bale at the top of the hill.
12. The noisy round bale of hay tumbles downward as the UFO pulls an unsuspecting mooing cow out of the pasture and up into the UFO using a fixed pulley.
13. On the way up to the waiting UFO, the cow’s KE moves the effort arm of a first class lever, causing the cow’s poop to drop.
14. The falling poop transfers its energy directly to an apple in an inclined plane.
15. As the apple falls off of the apple tree it plinkos its way to the lever below.
16. The added weight of the apple tilts the lever, turning it into an inclined plane.
17. The tilted lever causes a marble to fall out a hole on the bottom of the lever, which travels by KE across an inclined plane, landing in a red solo cup on the effort side of a first class lever.
18. The red solo cup on the first class lever pivots on its fulcrum and the output arm lifts the back of the green tractor perched at the top of a rocky inclined plane.
19. The green tractor’s PE it converted to KE as it traverses down the rocky inclined plane.
20. At the bottom of the inclined plane the green tractor moves a tight trip wire which pulls a pin out of the catapult.
21. The PE of the stretched spring in the catapult launches the pig forward.
22. The pig lands on a spring loaded rat trap under the pen of mud
23. The effort arm of the rat trap lever removes the sleeping sheep off of the input arm of a first class lever with the farmer’s hand.
24. When the sheep is pulled off of the unbalanced farmer’s hand lever, it taps the furry critter in the pen.
25. When the switch on the furry critter is activated, chemical energy from 2 AA batteries is converted into mechanical energy as it looks for a way through the fence.
26. When the mechanical energy of the critter finally helps it escape its pen, it trips a wire attached to the wooden stake wedge holding up the farmer.
27. The farmer spins down the elevated ramp with KE.
28. at the bottom of the ram, the farmer’s KE removes a post wedge underneath the slow close hinge on the silo unloader.
29. When the silo unloader is opened, the PE of the corn in the silo makes it fall into the grain wagon.
30. As the weight of the grain wagon increases, it depresses the effort arm of the first class lever.
31. When the effort arm of the lever pivots on its fulcrum, it pulls a string attached to the power switch lever of a kitchen mixer inside the bottom of the silo.
32. The electric energy of the mixer turns a wheel and axle beater with a string that winds up a mouse.
33. As the mouse makes its way around the farm, it pulls a string attached to the last wicket which pulls on the effort side of a first class lever.
34. The output arm of the lever hits the first of three round hay bales which all roll uphill by converting gravitational potential energy in a weight set on edge into kinetic energy to overcome gravity.
35. The third hay bale pulls a string attached to a wooden block that falls over and releases a spring loaded mouse trap by the cupola on the top of the barn.
36. When the mouse trap lever arm moves it pulls a wedge out from in front of the crop dusting airplane.
37. The potential energy in the crop dusting plane at the top on in inclined plane slider is released and its PE is converted to PE.
38. When it reaches the bottom of the inclined plane, the crop duster knocks over a weight, which releases the crow from the roof of the barn and it flies towards the scarecrow.
39. As the crow’s PE is converted to KE on a wire inclined plane, it scares the scarecrow and pulls another line connected to a wedge taut.
40. The scarecrow’s arm swings down on a wheel and axle with KE and the attached hay bale’s weight knocks over the first stalk of corn.
41. Three consecutive stalks of corn on hinges, or first class levers, fall over and land on the effort side of a first class lever with a rooster perched on top of a platform.
42. The vertical effort arm of the first class lever is lifted and the rooster pops up to release an egg from his nest.
43. The PE turns into KE as the egg tumbles end over end down an inclined plane on the side of the barn.
44. At the end of the chute the egg free falls into a cup on the effort side of a first class lever which pivots on its fulcrum.
45. The output arm of the lever is raised releasing the lid off the frying pan, revealing the fried eggs.
46. The KE of the moving pan lid acts on the input side of a light switch first class lever inside the barn.
47. The switch turns on the electrical energy to run the wheel and axle of the fan which generates mechanical energy.
48. Mechanical energy from the fan generates waves through the air that blow the blades of the windmill with KE.
49. The KE of the turning windmill blades around a wheel and axle unwinds a weight suspended in the windmill tower onto a mousetrap.
50. The PE in the spring of the cocked mousetrap releases KE
51. as it pulls a string that knocks over the tomato plant in the garden.
52. The tomato plant falls onto the effort side of the cucumber first class lever, raising the output side.
53. The cucumber lever knocks a tomato down a ramp
54. which hits a pumpkin plant and causes it to fall over on a hinged lever.
55. The pumpkin plant falls onto the effort side of the carrot first class lever, raising the output side.
56. The carrot lever knocks a cabbage down a ramp
57. which turns a corner and knocks over an eggplant on a hinged lever.
58. The eggplant falls onto the effort side of the celery first class lever, raising the output side.
59. The carrot lever knocks a pumpkin down a ramp
60. which hits a red pepper plant and causes it to fall over on a hinged lever.
61. The red pepper plant transfers its kinetic energy to the bunny rabbit on a curved inclined plane.
62. At the bottom of the ramp the bunny’s kinetic energy knocks over a broccoli plant on a hinged lever.
63. The broccoli plant falls on to the trigger side of a mousetrap lever, causing the PE in the spring of the cocked mousetrap to
64. pull a wedge out from in front of the red tractor at the top of the hill.
65. As the red tractor travels down the hill and its PE turns into KE, a pulley system opens the main barn doors.
66. When the barn doors open, the bull rides down an inclined plane into to left side of the barn.
67. The bull removes a wedge from in front of a farm truck on an inclined plane, turning the truck’s PE in KE.
68. At the bottom of the ramp, the farm truck rotates a wheel that flips the switch on the musical tractor.
69. The musical tractor switch activates chemical energy in the three AA batteries and the tractor with the piggy bank on the trailer moves forward out of the barn with lights flashing, music playing, and bubbles blowing.
70. After the tractor passes under the platform, it’s KE hits the effort side of a vertical first class lever, pulling a string with the output arm.
71. The string pulls out a wedge holding up the skid loader bucket.
72. The weight of the skid loader bucket lever tips forward using pistons due to gravitational PE,
73. spilling the money
74. into the piggy bank!

And that is how the farmer saves his money!

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