Team # 1164: Pigs in Space TEAM PAGE

Grier School
Tyrone, PA, United States

Online Contest:
Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Online Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Kelly Forest
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 13
Gyulee Jung - invitation signed.
Lixin Sun - invitation signed.
Meichang Liu - invitation signed.
Ziyan Shao - invitation signed.
Maiia Makarova - invitation signed.
Rori Kang - invitation signed.
Zai Dawodu - invitation sent
Xi Wang - invitation sent
Xi Wang - invitation signed.
Siyue Han - invitation signed.
Siyue Han - invitation sent
Zai Dawodu - invitation signed.
Zai Dawodu - invitation sent

What we're studying:
We're mostly Juniors studying a wide range of scientific subjects, such as AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP AB and BC Calculus, AP Stats, AP Psychology, AP Computer Science, AP Environmental Science, and 3D Printing (which we used to create the piggies), to explore the interdependence between these subjects, and how science is both applicable and relevant to the modern world.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Take me down like I'm a domino" (Jessie J, 2011)

Why we think we should win:
Our team is an extremely diverse group of young women including international students from a wide range of cultures who are genuinely interested and passionate about exploring the intricacies of our world and using what we've learned from this project to better our community and those around us.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Making a cup of coffee.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

For our theme, a piggy is saving money for her travels. Our machine follows the travels of the piggy around a world, traveling to different landmarks and finally to space. The piggy starts her journey in an amusement park in U.S, riding a rollercoaster and a Ferris Wheel before traveling to Paris. The piggy rides up and down the Eiffel Tower, and then travels to the Great Wall of China. Finally, she tires of life on Earth and decides to go to space. The piggy travels to the moon in a rocket and starts a fund for extraterrestrial colonization, so that other piggies can follow in her footsteps, pioneering a new frontier of space exploration.

Our Step List

1. Jasmine places marble at top of track (Work)
2. Marble rolls down and shoots off track (GPE to KE)
3. Marble hits can (Work)
4. Can falls off stool (GPE to KE)
5. Falling can pulls wheel (Work)
6. Wheel rotates (GPE to Rotational KE)
7. Wheel pulls up toy and toy expands (Work)
8. Expanding toy hits block holding down string (Work)
9. Block falls off string (GPE to KE)
10. String attached to mass on the other side of a double pulley is released (Work)
11. Mass falls (GPE to KE)
12. Mass pulls double pulley (Work)
13. Pulley rotates (GPE to Rotational KE)
14. String on second part of double pulley is pulled. (Work)
15. String pulls ramp up (work)
16. Seesaw tilts forward (KE to GPE)
17. Mass slides off seesaw and falls forward to slide down ramp (GPE to KE)
18. Falling mass pulls pulley in tower (Work)
19. Pulley rotates (GPE to KE)
20. Pulley pulls up board inside tower using a pulley (Work)
21. Rising board hits ends of seesaws inside (Work)
22. Seesaws fall forward (GPE to KE)
23. Ball on uppermost seesaw falls and rolls down seesaw ramp (GPE to KE)
24. Ball hits marble on a track at the bottom of the ramp (Work)
25. Marble rolls down track (GPE to KE)
26. Marble hits dominoes (Work)
27. Dominoes fall (GPE to KE)
28. Dominoes hit golf ball (Work)
29. Golf ball rolls down track (GPE to KE)
30. Golf ball hits ball. (Work)
31. Ball rolls down ramp (GPE to KE)
32. Ball hits cardboard wall (Work)
33. Cardboard wall falls (GPE to KE)
34. String on pig attached to cardboard wall pulls pig down (Work)
35. Pig falls off wall (GPE to KE)
36. String attached to pig pulls up stopper in front of ball (Work)
37. Ball rolls down ramp (GPE to KE)
38. Ball hits golf ball (Work)
39. Golf ball rolls down track (GPE to KE)
40. Golf ball hits domino on string (Work)
41. Domino releases string attached to marble
42. String is released and marble falls (GPE to KE)
43. Marble falls onto trigger on spring loaded cart (Work)
44. Spring triggers and cart moves forward (Elastic PE to KE)
45. Cart hits block and pig jumps over the block due to inertia (KE to Work)
46. Dominoes on and around block are knocked over (Work)
47. Dominoes fall (GPE to KE)
48. Falling dominoes pull down stopper in front of spring loaded car (Work)
49. Stopper falls (GPE to KE)
50. Spring loaded car moves to dominoes (Elastic PE to KE)
51. Car hits domino (Work)
52. Dominoes fall (GPE to KE)
53. Marble is pushed (Work)
54. Marble rolls down track (GPE to KE)
55. Marble falls onto trigger of rocket launcher (Work)
56. Trigger releases rocket launcher (work)
57. Rubber bands and launches rocket (Elastic PE to KE)
58. Rocket hits inflatable ball. (Work)
59. Inflatable ball bounces (Elastic PE to KE)
60. Bounce shakes loose rocket on top of ball (Work)
61. Rocket on string slides down (GPE to KE)
62. Rocket hits marble (Work)
63. Marble rolls down track (GPE to KE)
64. Marble pushes mass at the bottom of track (Work)
65. Mass falls onto seesaw (GPE to KE)
66. Mass pushes seesaw down (Work)
67. Seesaw pushes up second seesaw, creating a ramp (Work)
68. Pig slides down ramp (GPE to KE)
69. Pig pushes domino (Work)
70. Dominoes fall (GPE to KE)
71. Last domino is wrapped in foil. When it falls off the foil sheet, it breaks the circuit (KE to Electromagnetic E)
72. Electromagnet is holding a Canadian magnetic coil over the piggy bank, and it turns off (Electromagnetic E to GPE)
73. Coin drops into piggy bank (GPE to KE)

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Machine Run #1
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