Team # 706: Pius XI Rube Goldberg TEAM PAGE

Pius XI Catholic High School
MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Wisconsin Rube Goldberg Contest
Friday, March 09, 2018
Setup Time: 7:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Cathy Zurawski
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Noel Barwick - invitation signed.
Cy Brehm - invitation signed.
Marie Brehm - invitation signed.
Matt Mickelson - invitation signed.
Sophie Mueller - invitation signed.
Alex Neil - invitation signed.
Brandon Nguyen - invitation signed.
Noe Shinners - invitation signed.
Owen Turner - invitation signed.
Colleen Webb - invitation signed.

Our "Murder in the Mansion" themed machine pours a bowl of cereal through a series of 75 steps. It begins with the "case file" notebook for an unsolved murder. Many of the steps incorporate "weapons" that might have been used in the murder that is being investigated.

Our Step List

1. Hand opens notebook
2. Notebook releases marble
3. Marble rolls down ramp, hits stick
4. Stick hits marble down ramp
5. Marble tips lever
6. Lever pulls down dominos
7. dominos pulls peg
8. Peg releases knife
9. Knife knocks out rod
10. Rod hits drum on car
11. Car rolls down ramp, hits stick
12. Stick pulls out wood block
13. Block releases book lever
14. Book hits wheel
15. Wheel drops domino
16. Domino hits lever
17. Lever pulls dominos
18. Dominos knock marble down ramps
19. Marble flips lever
20. Lever releases Thomas
21. Thomas chugs along, knocks over weight
22. Weight starts blow dryer
23. Blow dryer spins spoon wheel
24. Wheel winds up knife
25. Knife releases marble
26. Marble falls into basket, lifting platform, drops marble
27. Marble hits teeter totter
28. TT pushes stick
29. Stick knocks marble down ramp
30. Marble drops in basket, hits marble
31. Marble drops in basket, pulls peg
32. Peg releases marble
33. Marble falls in bucket, lifts cup
34. Cup hits picture
35. Picture pulls block
36. Block releases caution tape
37. CT knocks books down
38. Books hit pencil lever
39. Pencil releases marble
40. Marble falls into cup, pulling weight
41. Weight pulls releases hammer
42. Hammer knocks book
43. Book pulls peg
44. Peg releases marble down tube
45. Marble lands in basket, tipping lever
46. Lever pulls peg
47. Peg releases chef cat down zipline
48. Chef cat knocks over spatula domino
49. Domino pulls string, pulls peg
50. Peg releases marble down ramp
51. Marble hits domino
52. Domino falls on lever
53. Lever swings platform, dropping marble
54. Marble falls on lever
55. Lever releases ball
56. Ball knocks domino
57. Domino pulls strainer
58. Stainer releases marbles
59. Marbles weigh down basket, swinging cup
60. Cup releases lever
61. Lever knocks marble
62. Marble knocks hammer
63. Hammer tips lever
64. Lever pulls peg
65. Peg releases marble
66. Marble tips dominos
67. Dominos drop lock
68. Lock pulls peg
69. Peg releases cart
70. Cart pulls string, releasing figure
71. Figure pulls stick
72. Stick releases wrench
73. Wrench pulls peg
74. Peg drops elevator
75. Elevator lifts platform, pouring cereal

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