Team # 966: Pius XI Rube Team TEAM PAGE

Pius XI Catholic High School
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: STEM Forward
Friday, March 01, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 9:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Cathy Zurawski
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 9
Marie Brehm - invitation signed.
Noel Barwick - invitation signed.
Caleb Harris - invitation signed.
Max Luksich - invitation signed.
Caden McCormick - invitation signed.
Sophia Mueller - invitation signed.
Noe Shinners - invitation signed.
Fernando Torres - invitation signed.
Colleen Webb - invitation signed.

Our carnival/boardwalk themed machine incorporates several carnival attractions, including a Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Tea Cup Ride, Skee-Ball, and Strong Man game, as it completes 75 steps in order to deposit a coin into the Shark Piggy Bank.

Our Step List

1. Team member pushes ticket roll.
2. Tickets roll out of ticket booth.
3. The ticket roll knocks a lock down.
4. The lock pulls on a string, pulling a weight down.
5. The pull from the weight tips the pitcher downwards.
6. As lemonade pours out of the pitcher, the water wheels turns.
7. As the water wheel turns, the string winds up.
8. The string creates tension, pushing down two books.
9. As the second book falls, a weight pulls on a string.
10. The string pulls a pair of scissors shut.
11. The scissors cuts a piece of fishing line.
12. When the fishing line is cut, the hammer is released.
13. The hammer knocks a lever, turning on a motor.
14. As the motor is turned on, the ferris wheel begins to spin.
15. As the ferris wheel spins, it pushes a block down.
16. The block pushes another weight down, yanking a string and turning on a hair dryer that pushes a boat forward.
17. The string pulls on a Three Musketeers candy bar, which pushes up a Butterfingers candy bar.
18. The Butterfinger bar pulls down a carton, releasing a ball.
19. The ball falls onto a lever.
20. The lever pushes a “spin-a-prize” wheel, allowing it to turn.
21. A ball rolls out of the wheel down a ramp.
22. The ball bumps into two boxes of cracker jacks.
23. As the second box of cracker jacks falls, a string is pulled.
24. As the string is pulled back, the boat in the “boat swing” is released, swinging back and forth.
25. The boat falls into a sign, knocking it down.
26. As the sign falls, a string creates tension, pulling a trigger on a toy gun.
27. A ball shoots out of the toy gun.
28. The ball pushes on a plank that is attached to a long pole.
29. The pole pushes a rollercoaster car, racing down a winding track
30. As the rollercoaster car skids to a stop, it turns on a motor.
31. The “tea cup” ride begins to rotate, pulling a string with it.
32. The string pulls on a small gate, releasing a ball bearing.
33. The ball bearing rolls down a race-car track, falling into a plinko machine.
34. The ball bearing falls through the plinko machine, rolling into another ball bearing.
35. As the second ball falls, a peg is pulled out, releasing a basketball.
36. The basketball falls though a hoop and lands on top of a lever.
37. As the lever is tipped, a peg is pushed upward.
38. The peg knocks a toy car down a ramp.
39. The toy car rockets forward, popping a balloon and knocking down a series of lollipops.
40. As the final lollipop falls, a string is pulled.
41. The tension of the string sends a second rollercoaster car flying down the track.
42. As the rollercoaster car flies through a loop, a row of playing cards is knocked down.
43. The final card falls down, pulling out a peg that releases a ball.
44. The ball glides down the track, falling into a bucket.
45. The weight of the ball yanks out a gate.
46. From behind the gate, a Coca-Cola can slides out, falling onto a lever below.
47. As the lever tips backward, a nut flies up to hit the “strongman” game while also landing on a tense piece of paracord.
48. When the lever hits the paracord, it removes a pole.
49. When the pole is removed, it causes a book to tip forward.
50. As the book falls, it removes a gate for a white pipe, releasing a skee-ball.
51. The skee-ball than rolls downward and into the 10 points game slot, knocking a small lever.
52. As the lever turns, it knocks down a series of dominoes.
53. The final domino then pulls a string tight.
54. The tension in the string releases a hammer from its upright position.
55. The hammer falls onto a Twix bar.
56. The Twix bar knocks ball down.
57. The ball knocks down cans in a “can toss” game.
58. The cans knock down ice cream cones.
59. The final ice cream cone pulls a string.
60. The string releases the axle, and two ball bearings fall out.
61. The ball bearings roll down track.
62. The two ball bearings knock down toy frogs
63. The final toy frog pulls down a string on a pulley.
64. A candy box is pulled upward.
65. As the candy box tips upward, a popcorn container falls forward.
66. “Popcorn” falls out of the container into a green funnel.
67. “Popcorn” fall out of funnel into a bucket.
68. The weight of the bucket causes the lever to tip.
69. When the lever tips, it releases another plank.
70. When the plank is released, a ball flies out of a small cup.
71. The ball bearing flies through the “Knockdown” game.
72. The ball bearing pushes down a balloon popping game.
73. As balloon game falls down, it pulls a string to reveal a scroll.
74. As the scroll unravels, it pulls a magnet upwards.
75. The magnet releases a coin, which is sent rolling down an office folder and into a piggy bank.

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