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California State University, Long Beach
Long Beach, CA, United States

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Family Division - All Ages
Team Leader: LaLa Luu
Team Members: 26
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What we're studying:
Potential Chaos's team members consist of all types of Engineering students that attend California State University, Long Beach. Over the past month, our team has built this machine while juggling classes, midterms, and homework.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Whatever you are, be a good one.
- Abraham Lincoln

Why we think we should win:
We believe Potential Chaos should win because between school and all of our busy schedules, we were able to successfully make our Rube Goldberg machine within three weeks! We used to fiddle around with objects and build random contraptions as children, so as students pursuing a major in Engineering, it's been fun to be able to do that!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
For next year's challenge, perhaps we could turn on a light! We were able to incorporate a switch in our machine this year, and there were plenty of ways to hit the switch.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Go to the beach with Potential Chaos! Our Rube Goldberg machine takes you on a trip to the sandy beaches of our very own Long Beach, CA. Our machine's story starts off with us going on a road trip to the beach and swinging by our campus, California State University, Long Beach -- we had to put the Walter Pyramid on our machine! Our day in the sun takes a turn for the worst when it starts to rain but, luckily, we have our trusty umbrella to save the day.

The machine was built by the members of Society of Women Engineers at CSULB. We hope you enjoyed our project and thank you for watching!

Our Step List

(Story: our machine starts off with a bright sunny California day, so the team decides to jump in the car for a road trip to the beach)
1. The toy car cruises down the ramp and hits the chimes at the end of the ramp
2. The car falls into the cup, which causes the cup to go down and the toy airplane on the other side of the pulley system to move upwards
3. The airplane knocks the platform over which causes the ping pong ball to roll off and onto the ramps
4. The ping pong ball hits the line of dominos
5. The domino at the end of the platform falls and slides down the next platform, knocking over a cup of marbles
6. The marbles roll through the green San Pedro bridge and down the slide, which then ram into the windmill
7. As multiple marbles run into the windmill, the windmill starts to spin slightly, which then knocks the golf ball off the platform
8. The golf ball rolls into a cup, which causes the platform to act as a see-saw
9. Meanwhile, the pulley system with a flower pot on one side falls onto the purple ribbon
10. The purple ribbon tightens on the end (which is initially loose), causing the paint bottle to tip over
11. As the bottle tips over, it knocks over a domino of game and DVD cases
12. As the very last dVD tips over, it taps a pole
13. The pole vibrates, causing the ball that is balanced on top of the pole to fall off
14. The ball is wrapped around the pole like a tether ball and when it reaches a certain height and radius, due to the length of the string, it knocks over dominos
15. The dominos hit golf balls
16. The golf balls roll into a container, which displaces the initial water level, and spews water from a straw
17. The water that comes from the straw goes into a cup, which lowers as more water is filled and a platform on the other end of the pulley moves up
18. The platform releases a lot of marbles down a ramp and into a bucket, which moves down as more marbles fall into it
At this point on our machine, the team passed by the walter pyramid which is a iconic symbol of our University
19. As the bucket goes down, a power ranger toy goes up and hits the lever at the very top at one end of a stick
20. On the other end of the stick, it hits the light switch
21. Once the light switch is off, the string, which holds up a rainy backdrop, falls
(Story: the weather changes from sunny skies to rainy skies)
22. As the backdrop falls, a roll of tape is pulled down alongside with it, and a bottle of glue that is placed inside of it, falls from the ledge
23. As the glue falls, it rips off the velcro holding the umbrella together and the umbrella opens
(Story: our handy umbrella saved the day!)

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