Team # 878: Potential Chaos TEAM PAGE

California State University: Long Beach
Long Beach, CA, United States

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Family Division - All Ages
Team Leader: Emily Sanders
Team Members: 8
Invitations: 9
Paul Delgado - invitation signed.
Caitlin Rubia - invitation signed.
Hope Daley - invitation signed.
Alexi Reed - invitation signed.
Jocelyn Espitia - invitation signed.
Victor Tran - invitation signed.
Zoe Smith - invitation signed.
Daria Antonova - invitation opened.
Daniel Mittelstein - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
Our Team Leader and our eight team members are all part of the Society of Women Engineers at California State University, Long Beach. We come from a variety of majors including mechanical, chemical, and computer engineering.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk - Thomas A. Edison

Why we think we should win:
It is the goal of the Society of Women Engineers to actively promote the involvement of women in engineering. The Rube Goldberg Competition has been the staple project for our society for the last couple of years, allowing members new to engineering, to both get involved in our society and gain experience in this hands-on project. This year many of these new members involved in this project will be continuing as officers this next year. Our machine that we created is more than the sum of its breakfast themed parts. It allows us to demonstrate what engineering is and how cool it can be. This is why we should win.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Trap a monster - Inspired by our favorite Rube Goldberg video

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:


Our Step List

1. Water is poured through a shower nozzle and into a cup below.
2. The cups' water level rises and flows out a straw to a cup below.
3. As the water rises in the cup, the tangerine is pushed up by the buoyant force and down a half tube.
4. The second tangerine knocks the third tangerine down the wire ramp.
5. The third tangerine is hit, roll down a small incline, and knocks down the first domino in a chain.
6. The last domino falls onto a scale, causing the scale to remove a blockade from the front of a car.
7. The car rolls down and knocks a waffle roller.
8. The waffle roller knocks over the first domino of a chain.
9. The last domino falls off the shelf, pulling a piece of metal off of a magnet.
10. The removal of the metal causes the banana to swing downward and hit a "lazy Susan."
11. The "lazy Susan" spins and removes a blockade from the front of a marble.
12. The marble rolls down a ramp and spins a turbine.
13. A cam on the same shaft spins, removing a popsicle stick blockade from a ramp.
14. Marbles the roll down the ramp, through a tube slide, and into a cup.
15. The cup slides down the wire and hits an egg.
16. The egg spins down a track and lands on a long metal strip.
17. The metal strip bumped a second egg, causing it to roll down a track and hit a third egg.
18. The third egg rolls down a track and falls onto a teeter-totter.
19. The teeter-totter lifts up a pear.
20. The pear rolls over and hits Batman.
21. Batman falls, removing a string from under a green ball.
22. The ball rolls down the track and falls onto a tangerine.
23. The tangerine rolls down a ramp, pulling a stick from under a marble.
24. The marble falls down and magnetically attracts and pulls another marble.
25. The second marble pulls a book, which falls over.
26. The book pulls a cup out from under a table, causing the table to fall.
27. A cup falls from the table and pulls the switch to turn on the power strip.
28. The hair dryer then turns on and creates a wind, which pushes a domino.
29. The domino is pushed into the cup tower, knocking it over.
30. The falling cups cause a magnetic weight to fall and pull a string with a thumbtack.
31. The thumbtack is removed from the box of cereal, causing the flap to fall down and cereal box to open.

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