Team # 947: PSPE Rube Goldberg Team TEAM PAGE

Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Division III Direct to Finals
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 12:00 PM
Live Division III - Ages 18+ (College)
Team Leader: Matt Petrovich
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 10
Amala Uli - invitation signed.
Anika Kansky - invitation signed.
Miles DeWaele - invitation signed.
Emily Roehling - invitation signed.
Nikhil Carneiro - invitation signed.
Sean Egloff - invitation signed.
Rhodes Lacy - invitation sent
Nathan Rooke - invitation signed.
AJ Trent - invitation signed.
Matt Petrovich - invitation signed.

Our machine follows little Rubie through her morning.

Our Step List

It’s Milk-A-Clock Somewhere
1. Mug placed on coaster
2. Coaster turns on whirlpool
3. Whirlpool sucks in ice cube
What’s a Bar without a Bard?
4. Ice cube releases bard stick
5. Bard stick releases jar
6. Jar pulls card trick light switch
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
7. Card trick pushes up pool ball
8. Pool ball falls in cup
9. Cup releases Gane (deer head)
10. Gane pushes ball
I’m The Map (x9)
11. Ball knocks down knife
12. Knife releases map
13. Map releases instigator weight
Waiting for the Punch Line
14. Weight throws a punch
15. Boxing glove tips over stool
16. Stool escapes through the door
17. Door releases broom
Over the Rain-Bowl
18. Broom releases bowl
19. Bowl lands on lever
20. Lever releases ball
And Away We Go!
21. Ball causes full bi-sectional machine rotation
22. Machine rotation releases sand
23. Sand weighs down ball lever
24. Lever releases windmill ball
Battle of Land and Sea
25. Windmill ball triggers siege weights
26. Weights advance catapult
27. Catapulted fires on Pete the Pirate
28. Pete returns fire
We Joust Want Some Cereal
29. Cannon ball knocks down castle tower
30. Castle tower knocks down draw bridge
31. Drawbridge lowering gives cause for celebration
32. Jousting releases gear pendulum
33. Gear scares wild golf ball
34. Wild golf ball teleports to release other wild golf ball (x2)
35. Last wild golf ball triggers wand
36. Wand slaps mouse trap
37. Mouse trap releases weight
The Spoon and the Stone
38. Weight releases twin weight
39. Twin weight releases hammer
40. Hammer pulls spoon from stone
41. Spoon lever hits clothespin
Faulty Weather Balloon
42. Clothespin launches arrow
43. Arrow causes weather malfunction
We’ve Got Mountains to Climb
44. Clear skies prompt mountain climber
45. Mountain climber triggers rock slide
46. Rock slide causes waterfall
47. Waterfall spins water wheel
48. Water wheel releases balls
X Marks the Spot
49. Balls hit lever to release ball
50. Ball releases amulet
51. Amulet pulls up rope bridge
52. Rope bridge releases ball
53. Ball activates rotational propulsion system
54. Machine rotation connects sconce motors
Aren’t Cookies a Food Group?
55. Sconce motor pulls pin
56. Pin releases pyramid door
57. Door pulls open cookie jar
58. Cookie jar releases pipe-shaped metallic cookie
59.Metallic cookie balances the breakfast
Another Day, Another Treasure
60. Balanced breakfast releases axe
61. Axe releases whip that reveals a treasure chest
62. Whip knocks over water bottle
Pop! Goes the Toaster
63. Water bottle causes brave little toaster to bravely fire darts
64. Darts knock over can tower
65. Can pulls picnic ball off platform
A Tight Squeeze
66. Picnic ball pulls closed spiked wall booby trap
67. Small ball escapes trap wall through pipe and stumbles into an unfortunately placed mouse trap
68. Mouse trap release weight
Flippin’ Out About Breakfast
69. Weight causes pancake to flip
70. Pan releases bottle marbles
Secrets Don’t Make Friends
71. Marbles trigger secret message
72. Secret message drops rolling pin
73. Rolling pin lands in measuring cup
Cereal You Later
74. Measuring cup release cereal
75. Cereal pours into bowl

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