Team # 821: PSPE Rube Goldberg Team TEAM PAGE

Matt Petrovich
West Lafayette, Indiana, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Purdue Engineering Student Council
Saturday, February 17, 2018
Setup Time: 6:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:00 AM
Live Division III - Ages 18+ (College)
Team Leader: Matt Petrovich
Team Members: 0
Invitations: 0

Our machine tells the story of a child searching through a house for a lost box of cereal!

Our Step List

1. Milk mug triggers a switch which starts the blender.
2. The water in blender pulls down ball lever.
3. Ball lever releases jar.
4. Jar rolls down ramp and hits a switch
5. Switch turns on card trick.
6. Card trick lifts ball up to a ramp via ratchet system, which rolls down into a cup.
7. Ball in cup releases deer head.
8. Deer head drops on ramp which releases another ball.
9. Ball pulls pin to release dagger.
10. Dagger hits mousetrap, which pulls pin out of boxing glove.
11. Boxing glove punches over bar stool.
12. Bar stool falls into door.
13. Door pulls ledge out from under broom.
14. Broom releases bowl.
15. Bowl lands on lever and ball rolls down track.
16. Ball lands on limit switch which rotates the machine.
17. Rotating machine pulls pin and releases sand into cup.
18. Cup full of sand pulls lever.
19. Lever releases ball, which rolls into a cup.
20. Ball releases the catapult, which launches a projectile.
21. Projectile hits switch, which turns on a coil gun.
22. Coil gun launches projectile into the castle plate.
23. Plate falls and drops drawbridge.
24. Drawbridge falling knocks off weight.
25. Weight falling pulls the jousters.
26. Jouster releases dragon down a wire.
27. Dragon hits lever and releases ball portal.
28. Ball falls and releases another ball.
29. Ball falls into cup which pulls the wizard (Bredlog’s) arm.
30. Arm trips mouse trap and releases weight.
31. Weight triggers tree monster, Stanley.
32. Stanley pulls pin from a resting mallet.
33. Mallet pulls pin from lever and launches spoon (parallel).
34. Lever pulls pin, which allows beam to fall onto a switch.
35. Switch starts drill which pulls mountain climber up mountain.
36. Climber hits a switch at mountain peak.
37. Switch starts the waterfall.
38. Waterfall turns a waterwheel.
39. Waterwheel turning pulls pin.
40. Pin releases amulet to fall and raise rope bridge.
41. Bridge raising causes ball to roll onto switch.
42. Switch turns machine.
43. Turning meshes metal gear teeth to complete an actuator circuit.
44. Actuator triggers drawer slide.
45. Drawer slide pushes ball into cup.
46. Weight of falling cup pulls Jack out of his box.
47. Jack pulls a pin which releases cookie.
48. Cookie falls onto lever inside the shrink ray and pulls string.
49. String releases axe.
50. Axe cuts string.
51. String releases whip.
52. Whip releases arm.
53. Arm hits tree.
54. Falling tree pulls pin out of toaster.
55. Toaster launches darts.
56. Darts hit plate, triggering a mousetrap.
57. Mousetrap releases trap wall.
58. Trap wall pulls string.
59. String moves food pyramid.
60. Food pyramid knocks ball.
61. Ball rolls into balanced breakfast.
62. Balanced breakfast tilts ramp which releases ball.
63. Ball rolls into pale.
64. Pale opens treasure chest.
65. Treasure chest opening releases weight.
66. Weight pulls pin.
67. Pin releases second weight.
68. Weight drops and pulls cereal out of hiding and tips straw down.
69. Cereal pushes lever, which pours cereal.
70. Straw releases water.
71. Water tilts ramp.
72. Ball rolls down ramp onto switch to rotate the machine.
73. Rotating machine hits a switch to power piston.
74. Piston tips milk mug on stool.
75. Milk flows into bowl.

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