Team # 390: Purdue American Society of Mechanical Engineers TEAM PAGE

Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN, United States

Host: Purdue University
Saturday, February 18, 2017
Setup Time: 7:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:00 AM
Live Division III - Ages 18+ (College)
Team Leader: Melanie Kregg
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 0

Our machine is based on the theme "Dinner Date Disaster." It applies a Band-Aid in 57 steps.

Our Step List

1. User hits frying pan
2. Frying pan hits flour box
3. Flour box pulls down microwave door prop
4. Rubber band pulls microwave door closed
5. Microwave door hits cardboard flame
6. Cardboard flame hits white marble
7. White marble hits mousetrap, releasing cheese slicer
8. Cheese slicer falls, releasing marble from spoon
9. Marble knocks out support, releasing weighted lever
10. Weighted lever pulls up candle
11. Magnet on bottom of candle lets go of weighted magnet
12. Weighted magnet triggers mousetrap
13. Kettle falls down when string slips off of mousetrap
14. Water from kettle wets paper
15. Salt shelf falls when wet paper breaks
16. Salt containers roll down broken shelf
17. Salt containers displace lever that supports wooden spoon
18. Wooden spoon falls
19. Plain ping-pong ball launched
20. Plain ping-pong ball hits rubber-banded ping-pong ball
21. Rubber-banded ping-pong ball pushes see-saw
22. Cans roll off of flyswatter after see-saw moves out of the way
23. Flyswatter hits wedge
24. Wedge pushes cans apart
25. Rear can rolls off of dowel rod, allowing cutting board to fall
26. Cutting board hits spatula
27. Spatula pushes oven door
28. Baseballs released from open oven
29. Baseballs hit waffle iron
30. Waffle iron pulls down cereal door
31. Cereal pours out of box into bowl
32. Cereal bowl see-saw tips over vegetable dicer
33. Vegetable dicer pulls up toaster lever
34. Toast turns on blender motor
35. Blender pulls curtain
36. Popsicle stick caught in curtain falls
37. Gold bracket falls open, releasing marbles
38. Marbles roll down funnel to turn on speaker
39. Vibrations from sound cause teapot lid to slide down onto mousetrap trigger
40. Mousetrap arm releases salt shaker
41. Salt shaker hits marble ramp
42. Magnetic marble rolls down ramp
43. Magnetic marble propels steel marble
44. Steel marble hits catch
45. Spring pushes out block once catch is released
46. Magnet on spring-loaded block pulls open pizza box lid
47. Pizza box lid hits ladle-in-cup
48. Wine glass support is released and falls out of the way
49. First wine glass collides with second wine glass
50. Second wine glass knocks down ketchup bottle
51. Ketchup bottle pulls up on string
52. Painting falls into chandelier string
53. Chandelier knocks over vase
54. Vase pulls on hidden popsicle stick
55. Table runner hook slips off of hidden popsicle stick
56. Table runner knocks into lower lever
57. Lower lever tips silver marble
58. Silver marble knocks train stopper
59. Train rolls down ramp
60. Train pulls spatula
61. Spatula pushes corkscrew arm
62. Corkscrew arm turns spreader
63. Spreader pushes rolling pin
64. Rolling pin applies Band-Aid

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