Team # 822: Purdue American Society of Mechanical Engineers TEAM PAGE

Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Purdue Engineering Student Council
Saturday, February 17, 2018
Setup Time: 6:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:00 AM
Live Division III - Ages 18+ (College)
Team Leader: Melanie Kregg
Team Members: 8
Invitations: 10
Jacob Villiger - invitation signed.
Melanie Kregg - invitation signed.
Matt Brumer - invitation signed.
Josh Mullen - invitation signed.
Molly Cooper - invitation signed.
Matt Springer - invitation signed.
Kyle Frost - invitation signed.
Aaron Villiger - invitation signed.
Austin Carney - invitation sent
Jacob Logan - invitation sent

What we're studying:
Mechanical Engineering (with one Civil Engineer in the mix)

Our machine is based on the theme "Spy Mission". Witness a daring spy's attempt to infiltrate a bank, dodge deadly traps, and ultimately escape with a treasured idol. The machine completes its task of pouring a bowl of cereal in 70 steps.

Our Step List

1. Car released to roll down ramp
2. Car knocks catch out of spring
3. Spring pushes marble off of ledge
4. Weight of marble triggers mousetrap
5. Mousetrap pulls Nerf gun trigger
6. Nerf dart on taut string launches
7. Marble rolls through gutter when tension is released
8. Marble activates mousetrap
9. Mousetrap pulls revolving door
10. Revolving door tips bucket
11. Marble rolls out of bucket and through tube
12. Marble knocks down hammer
13. Hammer hits clothespin, releasing blue weight
14. Blue weight hits switch, releasing register spring
15. Money drawer pops out of cash register
16. Penny roll is pushed down ramp
17. Penny roll crashes onto springboard
18. Springboard pulls down queue barriers
19. Queue barriers shift money bag off of clock string
20. Clock weights fall
21. Manilla stopper pulled out from under orange cup
22. Fish gravel falls from orange cup
23. Fish on spring-loaded lever arm is activated by falling gravel
24. Fish lever knocks dowel rod
25. Dowel rod pushes magnetic marble onto track
26. Metal marble shoots from marble chain after magnetic marble collides
27. Rubber band fish jumps from tank once rubber band is released by marble
28. Security gate falls when tension is released
29. Alarm sounds when security gate hits keyboard
30. Orange crate slides down acoustic-vibration platform
31. Marble falls from orange crate into zig-zag chute
32. Flipping bean knocked down ramp by marble
33. Flipping bean hits popsicle gate
34. Popsicle gate hits mousetrap
35. Mousetrap knocks grenade from suspended platform
36. Weight of grenade rotates bicycle wheel
37. Bicycle wheel pulls cardboard stop out of the way
38. Waterwheel rolls down chute
39. Waterwheel knocks cue ball into pipe
40. Cue ball hits lever
41. Lever pulls string, releasing chaotic pendulum
42. Chaotic pendulum knocks golf ball off of platform
43. Golf ball rolls down chute and impacts another lever
44. Lever motion releases pinball spring
45. Pinball spring punches alligator head upwards
46. Alligator knocks baseball down ramp
47. Baseball hits hook release arm
48. Spike platform falls when string released from hook
49. Yellow marble rolls down spike platform
50. Marble knocks down ax
51. Axe lands on switch, energizing Jacob’s ladder
52. Electric arcs within Jacob’s ladder melt string that supports PVC pipe
53. Weight of PVC pipe rotates laser platform
54. Laser platform activates elevator switch
55. Eight ball falls from elevator and hits car
56. Car knocks down “Top Secret” folder
57. “Top Secret” folder tilts marble cage
58. Marble rolls out of cage and triggers rappelling motor
59. Rappelling spy hits golf ball
60. Golf ball lands on see-saw
61. See-saw tips ziplining spy into position
62. Ziplining spy hits suspended clay lever
63. Clay lever hits trip wire
64. Trip wire pulls catch, activating rat trap
65. Rat trap pulls out hydraulic syringe
66. Dowel rod attached to other end of hydraulic syringe retracts, releasing martini shaker
67. Martini shaker rises and hits “BAM” sign catch
68. “BAM” sign knocks idol into bag
69. Idol pulls cereal compartment motor’s switch
70. Cereal pours from opened compartment into bowl

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