Team # 349: Ravens TEAM PAGE

Benedictine College
Atchison, Kansas, United States

Online Contest:
Open An Umbrella
Online Family Division - All Ages
Team Leader: Samuel Anderson
Team Members: 22
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
What we’re studying: (Dynamics/Engineering)- Relative motion, Fixed-axis rotation,

Potential/Kinetic energy, Newton’s 2nd law (with other forces besides gravity),

Non-constant mass, Projectile motion, Polar/path coordinates, General plane

motion, Impulse and momentum.

Why we think we should win:
Engineering is about applying creative techniques to fundamental concepts in order to achieve a common goal. Great engineering is the ability to convert non-useful items to something useful and convenient. Our machine exemplifies what is to be engineers by having a diverse and creative while accurately implementing the concepts of motion. Our team was divided into 6 groups of 3 or 4, and each group worked on its own section. In each section, a bit of the personality of each of the members can be seen. For example, in Matthew, Dan, and Kyle helped with the section which made use of a lot of toys. Through their section, these individuals' playful, creative personalities show through. Furthermore each group is able to play off each other, and flow seamlessly, one into the next. Our machine is an illustration of our team's group dynamic.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Play the opening Star Wars theme while turning on a (toy) lightsaber.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Thank you for checking out our Rube Goldberg Machine! We built our machine for our Dynamics semester project. Our class of 22 was split into 6 groups that were each assigned a space and given a topic that we were studying in Dynamics to incorporate into their section. It was a great learning experience for all of us, especially in regards to team work and communication between teams. Special thanks to Dr. O'Malley for the fun assignment and encouraging us to enter the competition!

Our Step List

1. Ball 1 rides down ramp (initiated by a human)
2. Ball 1 knocks Ball 2, sending it rolling down another ramp.
3. Ball 1 rolls into Plastic Bottle
4. Ball 2 rolls into Cup On Pulley
5. Pulley wire tips Plastic Bottle, releasing Ball 1
6. Ball 1 rolls down ramp and hits Speaker Switch
7. Speaker starts shaking, tipping over Leaning Tower of Pisa
8. Needles at the end of the Tower pop Balloon 1, releasing Boot
9. Boot kicks Watering Can, tipping it over
10. Watering Can fills Bucket-On-Pulley
11. Bucket fills up, and starts to fall. At the bottom, it hits Fan 1 Switch
12. Fan 1 starts, blowing Boat across canal
13. Boat (with needle on the prow) pops Balloon 2
14. Balloon releases Book 1, which then knocks over Book 2, the first in a line of books set up as dominoes
15. Book ‘n’ topples and hits pivot on block
16. Pivot hits Baseball Bat
17. String tied to Baseball Bat pulls Spiderman upward, releasing Duncan the train
18. Duncan bumps Train 2, which bumps Trains 3 and 4 successively, which topples Rusty the Train
19. Rusty crashes into Block Tower, which releases Ferris Wheel
20. Ferris wheel releases Barrel On Pulley
21. Barrel On Pulley pushes Lever, which turns on Fan 2
22. Fan 2 blows into Rocking Sail, which tips, pulling Matchbox Car down Trapdoor
23. Matchbox Car knocks over Boyfriend Doll, Rodger, who is tied to a lever on the Train Station
24. Train Station releases Dragon Car, which rides down Ramp
25. Dragon Car falls into Bridge Tipper
26. Bridge Tipper tips Bridge
27. Foosball rolls down bridge, knocking Whistle in motion at the end of the bridge
28. Whistle swings into Dominoes, setting them in motion
29. Domino ‘n’ falls through a hole, into Domino Catcher
30. Domino Catcher releases Hammer
31. Hammer hits Ball 3
32. Ball three hits DC Motor switch
33. DC Motor lets down Metal Weight
34. Metal Weight tips Lever
35. Lever raises Cocktail Umbrella (and turns on LEDs)

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