Team # 818: Rho Gamma Phi TEAM PAGE

Chatfield High School
Chatfield, MN, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: Lake Holcombe School
Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Setup Time: 7:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Nora Gathje
Team Members: 9
Invitations: 9
Bennett Gathje - invitation signed.
Nathan Meeker - invitation signed.
Carson Larrabee - invitation signed.
Jack Tuohy - invitation signed.
Mikaela Kohlmeyer - invitation signed.
Travis Blohm - invitation signed.
Nolan Salerno - invitation signed.
Jake Mandt - invitation signed.
Gage Tuohy - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
We are preparing for next years’ adventures in college – pulling all-nighters studying Geometry and Physics. We have used our STEM knowledge to engineer a dorm room to make breakfast for a lazy college student.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"In hot glue we trust!"

Why we think we should win:
Four of our team members have been together since we started our STEM club as freshmen. Together we have engineered an Amusement Park Rube machine that "Erased a Chalk Board," as the On Track With Rube Team. As the Beach Bums we "Opened An Umbrella," and as the Kitchen Krew we "Applied a Band-Aid" to an injured rat. Now we are seniors and are sad to see our Rube days coming to a close, but we are looking forward to our college adventures, which inspired this year's theme to be a dorm room that "Pours a Bowl of Cereal." We have used visitors from past machines. Steven the Dog was with us on the beach, in the kitchen, and has come with us to college. Our kitchen rat is now a pizza thief. This year's machine is the "puniest" one yet!

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Turn on Netflix.

Our Rube Goldberg inspired dorm room is a comically involved over-engineered chain reaction machine that pours a bowl of cereal and milk for a sleepy college student. The dorm is complete with electricity, lofted bed, futon, pizza, Ramen noodle dominoes, lots of red solo cups, and of course, some dirty laundry.

Our Step List

1. The dorm room comes alive when a pin behind the machine is pulled from under the remote, converting the potential energy (PE) of a mouse into kinetic energy (KE).
When the mouse falls into the cup its KE is transferred to the effort side of the first class lever that lifts the output arm connected to the alarm clock switch, turning the switch on. This turns chemical energy in the clock battery into electrical energy to make the alarm run.
2. The potential energy (PE) of the remote is converted into kinetic energy (KE) as it swings down due to gravity and pushes a peg,
3. into the golf ball. Gravitational potential energy (PE) in a golf ball is converted to kinetic energy (KE) as it rolls down the inclined plane and falls to a second ramp below.
4. At the end of the ramp the golf ball’s KE is transferred to the effort end of the mouse trap’s first class lever.
5. When the mouse trap is triggered, the PE that is contained in the spring is converted to KE of the trap’s arm.
6. The KE from the spring in the trap is used to pull the peg holding up the student’s arm. The arm’s PE is converted to KE when it falls down.
7. Kinetic energy of the hand turns off the alarm clock by depressing the effort end of the first class lever ruler.
8. The output side of the lever rises and releases the potential energy (PE) of a toy truck at the top of a Mac and Cheese ramp.
9. The rolling truck’s KE brings it underneath the picture frame where the electromagnetic energy contained in the magnet on the truck attracts the magnet under the picture frame.
10. The magnet is pulled off the frame causing the picture frame to tilt.
11. The tilted frame releases the PE of a marble and it rolls with KE. The marble’s KE carries it across the frame and it drops with more PE to KE conversions down a set of ramps on the wall.
12. Gravitational potential energy causes the marble to fall onto the input end of a rat trap first class lever.
13. PE contained in the rat trap spring turns into KE as the output arm of the trap snaps shut.
14. The KE of the rat trap pushes a flip flop down.
15. The flip flop was holding back the potential energy in a spring loaded drawer slider,
16. which is released and the lowest dresser drawer pops open with kinetic energy.
17. The KE of the drawer topples a hand weight set on end with potential energy.
18. The weight’s PE turns into KE as it falls over and lands on a string.
19. The string tightens and pulls down the guitar, converting the guitar’s PE to KE.
20. The guitar’s KE trips a tight string
21. that pulls on the effort side of a first class lever.
22. The load side of the lever move downward, changing the direction of the force upward and moving a motor switch to the on position.
23. The electrical energy of the motor moves a chain of cups through a series of wheels and axles.
24. The cups carry a marble across the tracks and it falls, converting its PE into KE.
25. The marble goes through a tube inclined plane and its KE acts on the input side of a light switch lever under the lofted bed.
26. The switch turns on the electrical energy so the lights come on and the fan generates mechanical energy in the spinning blades.
27. Mechanical energy from the fan generates waves through the air that blow a small yellow beach ball across the carpet with kinetic energy.
28. The ball bounces through some red solo cups and its KE acts on the effort side of a sideways first class lever.
29. The output side of the lever knocks a small weight off a tiny platform.
30. And as the weight’s PE is converted to KE as it falls and it pulls a peg on a string.
31. The peg releases a mouse whose PE is converted to KE as it goes down an inclined plane at the foot of the bed.
32. The mouse’s KE lands it on a mouse trap trigger
33. and it releases the PE in its springs.
34. The mouse trap’s KE pulls a pin out from a spring loaded drawer slider attached to the foot.
35. The PE of the foot slider is converted to KE as it is released and the foot kicks.
36. The foot’s KE knocks the red solo cup off the bed and the cup’s PE changes to KE as it falls.
37. The cup’s KE pulls a peg holding a can of beans in place on a wall shelf.
38. The can of bean’s PE changes to KE as it rolls down the shelf and acts on the end of it.
39. The KE from the can, makes the shelf move causing it to fall to a new peg.
40. The new angle of the shelf makes the can roll back
41. and the can’s KE is transferred to a block of wood.
42. The block of wood hits a 5 Hour Energy bottle
43. and the 5 Hour Energy bottle’s PE is converted to KE as it falls and pulls on a string.
44. The string pulls a peg
45. that is holding a trap door in place under a heavy textbook.
46. The Geometry textbook’s PE is converted to KE as it falls.
47. The book’s KE transferred pulling a string
48. attached to the laptop, causing it to open.
49. The open laptop releases the PE of a pong ball, gaining KE as it rolls down the halfpipe ramp and falls off the end. The ball’s KE causes it to bounce back and forth in the angled racket ramp.
50. The ball’s KE is transferred to an Extra gum box causing it to change its PE into KE as it tips over.
51. The Extra gum box’s KE is transferred to tight fishing line.
52. The fishing line pulls a peg holding the first Ramen Noodle domino. The first Ramen Noodle package’s PE is converted to KE as it is transferred to four other Ramen Noodle packages.
53. The last Ramen Noodle package falls on a book.
54. The book’s PE changes to KE as it lands on the load side of a first class lever.
55. The output side of the lever rises changing the direction of the force and releasing a spring loaded drawer slider (PE) attached to the rat with the pizza in his mouth.
56. The kinetic energy in the rat pulls a string
57. attached to a pipe on the futon.
58. The pipe on the futon releases the PE in a rolled up towel which changes to KE as it unrolls.
59. The towel lands on the load side of a first class lever, changing the direction of the force.
60. The upward movement of the output arm of the lever raises the stuffed dog
61. which pulls a peg that is holding down the catapult.
62. The PE in the catapult’s springs changes to KE when it is released.
63. The catapult’s KE is transferred to the basketball, launching it through the basketball hoop and into the dirty laundry basket.
64. The KE from the basketball is transferred to a net in the laundry basket pulling a pin.
65. The pin releases the PE
66. in the springs of the ping pong ball launcher, converting it to KE.
67. The KE of the ping pong ball carries it across the room, landing in one of the red solo cups on the pong playing board.
68. The ping pong ball’s KE shifts the playing board on a first class lever.
69. Then the slider under the pong playing board slides forward with KE
70. and hits the upright third class ruler lever.
71. The ruler taps a tennis ball perched at the top of the State University poster tube.
72. The tennis ball’s PE turns into KE as it rolls down the inclined plane and rolls across the floor where it knocks over a cell phone under the desk.
73. The cell phone’s kinetic energy pulls a string attached to a rod under the cereal box and milk, releasing the PE and allowing both the cereal box and the milk the swing downward.
74. The PE in the Lucky Charms cereal box changes to KE as it moves.
75. The Lucky Charms cereal box tilts down and pours Lucky Charms cereal into the bowl.
The milk carton leans down and pours the milk into the funnel, down the tube and adds it to the Lucky Charms in the red bowl.


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