Team # 1093: Richland Rebels TEAM PAGE

Richland R-1 Schools
Essex, Missouri, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: Engineering Open House
Friday, March 08, 2019
Setup Time: 7:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 8:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Stephanie DePew
Team Members: 7
Invitations: 7
Shelby Mayabb - invitation signed.
Bailee Hux - invitation signed.
Matt Finch - invitation signed.
Chloe Holman - invitation signed.
Tia Rodgers - invitation signed.
Abbigale Wheeler - invitation signed.
Devin Duffie - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
Physical Science

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Don't be scared of failure. Learn from it and try again.

Why we think we should win:
We are a group of misfits who have come together, on our own time, to create this "amazing" project. The items you see in here have been laying around school or our homes. The only items we have had to purchase have been a couple of hinges! The teamwork and amount of laughter, along with tears, have been memorable and an experience we will never forget.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Using a zipper

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our theme this year is "Saving Money". We start with a bunch of superhero's helping the little girl save her money while putting the money in a piggy bank. This adventure starts with a little girl going to sleep and ends with money in superwomen!

Our Step List

1. Turn on Elmo
2. Elmo pulls yo-yo
3. Yo-yo falls on a mouse trap
4. Mousetrap pulls Batman and closes CD player
5. Batman pushes sheep
6. Sheep knocks over a sippy cup
7. Cup spills marbles, marbles fill a white plastic cup
8. Cup pushes down on the lever
9. Lever closes a circuit and turns on a switch
10. Switch turns on motor
11. Motor pulls open door/gate
12. Gate releases car
13. Car pulls alarm clock
14. Alarm clock turns on fan
15. Fan knocks over Antman
16. Antman pulls card
17. Card releases car
18. Car hits toothbrush
19. Toothbrush hits car
20. Car hits toothbrush
21. Toothbrush hits car
22. Car hits toothbrush
23. Toothbrush hits Superman
24. Superman hits bone
25. Bone hits ruler
26. Ruler lifts Hulk hand
27. Hulk hand hits mousetrap
28. Mousetrap pulls card
29. Card releases Thor
30. Thor hits picture frame
31. Picture frame pulls nerf gun
32. Nerf gun hits light switch
33. Light turns on solar panel
34. Solar panel turns on Batman
35. Batman releases gumball
36. Gumball knocks over domino
37. Domino hits mousetrap
38. Mousetrap activates planets
39. Planets release car
40. Car hits hockey stick
41. Hockey stick hits ball
42. Ball turns on conveyor belt
43. Conveyor belt moves army men
44. Army men pulls dowel rod ‘
45. Dowel rod releases cue ball
46. Cue ball hits board, falls into net
47. Net pulls release for trap door
48. Trap door release steel
49. Steel pulls up spiderman
50. Spiderman hits trash can
51. Trash can hits spiderman car top
52. Spiderman car releases truck
53. Truck hits popcorn bucket
54. Popcorn bucket hits stick
55. Stick releases Captain America
56. Captain America pulls baseball
57. Baseball pulls crane
58. Crane releases truck
59. The truck pulls press pass
60. Press pass releases money

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Our Close-ups: Task Completion

Our Machine Explaination and Walkthrough

Our Machine Run Videos

Machine Run #1
Machine Run #2