Team # 402: Ripley County Engineering Academy TEAM PAGE

Jac-Cen-Del Jr. Sr. High School
Osgood, Indiana, United States

Host: Genesis, Kids Discovery Factory, & Jac-Cen-Del School Corporation
Saturday, March 04, 2017
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Paul Thole
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 0

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Learn how to learn!

The Ripley County Engineering Academy is extremely grateful to the Gilmore Golda Reynolds Grant , Ripley County Community Foundation/Genesis, and Eco Network High School Champion Program. Without their help it would be very difficult to compete in this contest. Currently, we have finished the steps and are perfecting their operation. The team has worked hard to make the steps all work. Our theme is based on a medical theme. We have finished painting the different parts . The team has the machine improved and ready for the National Contest.

Our Step List

RGMC 2017
Operation Sam
“Apply a Band-Aid”
Machine Step List
Ripley County Engineering Academy Team 402

1. We close the ambulance doors, hitting a switch
2. When the switch closes, it activates a program that:
a. Turns on the lights
b. Runs the siren 4 times
c. Turns off the lights
d. Starts 2 Erector motors
3. Each Erector motor pulls an axle out of a hole, dropping a weight
4. When the weights fall, they pull the curtains open
5. The curtain hits a lever, which knocks a golf ball down a ramp
6. The golf ball hits a wrench, which begins spiraling down a slinky to the Wrenched Ankle
7. The wrench knocks a weight over
8. The weight falls and pulls a bobby pin out of a hole
9. When the bobby pin is removed, it releases the Charlie Horse
10. The horse rolls down a ramp to the Water on the Knee and knocks a bucket over
11. The bucket falls over, pulling a pin out
12. When the pin is pulled, a weight rolls down a ramp, which is tied to a string on one end
13. When the weight hits the end of the ramp, it pulls down on the string
14. The string pulls up on the trigger on a toaster, setting the toaster off
15. A piece of toast pops up out of the Breadbasket
16. Toast hits switch starting motor, motor pulls toast towards it
17. Toast hits another switch, causing the toast to be pulled down
18. Toast hit string when pulled down, causing a pin to be pulled
19. When the pin is pulled, a weight falls
20. The weight sets off a mousetrap
21. The mousetrap launches the Butterflies in Stomach up a rod and pulls up a string
22. The string releases a golf ball, which rolls down a ramp underneath the table
23. The golf ball lands in a cup, which falls
24. The falling cup pulls a string to pull a weight off of the edge of the table
25. The weight swings on a string, which allows the butterfly net to fall
26. The butterfly net “catches” the butterfly and knocks an axle down
27. When the axle falls, it allows a wheel to roll
28. The wheel rolls down a ramp and hits a string
29. The string pulls out a support that is holding the reflex hammer up
30. The reflex hammer swings down, striking the broken Funny Bone
31. The two pieces of the broken funny bone slide together, allowing it to fall
32. The funny bone hits a switch that starts a program for the Writer’s Cramp
33. The program turns a motor, which uses the compass to draw a circle
34. As the compass turns, it winds up a string which pulls out a support on the wall
35. When the support is pulled out, a tennis ball rolls down a series of ramps
36. The tennis ball hits the handle of the bicycle pump, which allows it to fall
37. The handle of the bicycle pump lands on a switch, which activates a relay
38. The relay turns on an air compressor
39. The air compressor fills a syringe with air, pushing the handle of the syringe up
40. The syringe lifts one end of a wooden saw, causing a roll of tape to roll down the saw
41. The tape knocks a golf ball through a pipe
42. The ball lands in a bucket and the bucket drops
43. When the bucket falls it lands on a switch
44. The motor starts, causing the tweezers to go down
45. The tweezers lands on the face, causing motor to stop
46. When the motor stops the bell rings and the nose lights up
47. Erector Set motor turns on, which turns the ice cream scoop
48. The a dip of ice cream falls out of the scoop into a cone for the Brain Freeze
49. The cone’s weight tips a teeter-totter, which pulls on a string
50. The string pulls an axle out of place to release a golf ball and the Adam’s Apple
51. The golf ball and the Adam’s Apple roll down a series of ramps and land in a bucket
52. The bucket drops and lands on a platform, pushes a ball down into the PVC pipe
53. The ball rolls through the PVC and lands on a switch
54. The motor starts, pulling a string
55. The string pulls an axle out, releasing the Cardiovascular Repair Device (CVRD)
56. The CVRD rolls down a ramp and applies a Band-Aid to the Broken Heart

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