Team # 1202: Ripley County Engineering Team # 2 TEAM PAGE

Jac-Cen-Del Jr. Sr. HS
Osgood, IN, United States

Turn Off A Light
Host: Genesis: Pathways to Success
Saturday, February 29, 2020
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Alyssa Moorman
Team Members: 12
Invitations: 12
Seth Pohle - invitation signed.
Gage Unrath - invitation signed.
Regan Carroll - invitation signed.
Sonnet Blunt - invitation signed.
Payton Amberger - invitation signed.
Gary Lewis - invitation signed.
Cam Grable - invitation signed.
Cloey Simon - invitation signed.
Kayla Simon - invitation signed.
Landon Ledford - invitation signed.
Alex Fuqua - invitation signed.
Ben Merhley - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
Students at the Ripley County Engineering Academy are studying various types of Engineering applying them through hands-on projects, such as Rube Goldberg. Rube Goldberg helps teach us about problem-solving, finances, construction, and other important engineering skills.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Stay Curious"

Why we think we should win:
We think we should win because we have worked hard on our machine to make it the best that it can be. Rube is more than a project for us. It is a never ending passion. Through this passion, we have worked endless hours to not only better the machine we are working on, but also better ourselves.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Hitting a buzzer

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Oh no! The evil scientist is back to his old tricks. Throughout his haunted house he has made his worst invention ever. Follow through our machine to figure out how the scientist's invention achieves its goal to kill the light!

Our Step List

1. Person Bumps into switch on side of machine
2. Switch sends signal to Microcontroller
3. Microcontroller sends signal to VEX motor
4. VEX motor pulls pin
5. Pin releases Skeleton on a third class lever
6. Skeleton hits rebar pole
7. Rebar pole releases crow down zipline
8. Crow hits switch on electrical pole
9. Switch sends signal to Microcontroller
10. Microcontroller flips relays to start house motor
11. Motor turns house
12. House hits switch on floor
13. Switch sends signal to microcontroller
14. Microcontroller stops house motor and sends signal via bluetooth to another microcontroller that is inside the house
15. Microcontroller inside the house flips relay that resets latching relay connecting 9 volts to relay controlling light and water pump
16. Water pump pumps water from reservoir to bucket
17. Added weight to bucket causes the string attached to bucket to pull up weight and pin
18. Pin releases washer with a string tied to it
19. String releases hammer
20. Hammer drops pushing door open and hits a limit switch
21. Limit switch sends signal to microcontroller
22. Microcontroller sends signal to servo
23. Servo releases ball
24. Ball hit plexiglass
25. Plexiglass knocks weight over
26. Weight hits mousetrap, triggering it
27. Mousetrap pulls string
28. String pulls weight off of a platform
29. Weight falls, pulling string on pulley
30. String on the other side of pulley lifts up scarecrow
31. Scarecrow hits bucket full of poison candy
32. Poison candy bucket tips releasing poison candy (weights)
33. Poison candy falls in another bucket
34. Added weight to bucket causes it to fall releasing tension on string
35. String releases wedge
36. Wedge releases wheel and axle down inclined plane
37. Wheel and axle hits limit switch
38. Limit switch sends signal to Microcontroller
39. Microcontroller flips relays starting motor to turn house
40. Motor turns house
41. House hits limit switch
42. Limit switch sends a signal to the Microcontroller
43. Microcontroller both stops the house and sends a signal via Bluetooth to microcontroller inside the house
44. Microcontroller inside the house sends signal to servo
45. Servo moves platform
46. Platform releases slinky around PVC
47. Slinky hits bone
48. Bone swings into limit switch
49. Limit Switch sends signal to Microcontroller
50. Microcontroller inside the house sends a signal to the microcontroller outside the house
51. Microcontroller outside the house flips relays to send a signal to the motor that spins the house
52. The motor spins the house
53. House hits switch which sends a signal to the microcontroller
54. Microcontroller sends a signal to the motor to stop the house and sends signal to VEX motor
55. Motor pulls string
56. String pulls over a tombstone
57. Tombstone falls on pneumatic system
58. Piston on the other side of hydraulic raises platform
59. Platform on hinge causes PVC with ball to fall into the house
60. PVC falling releases ball
61. Ball rolls down PVC into funnel to hit a switch
62. Switch sends signal to microcontroller
63. Microcontroller starts motor
64. Motor unscrews the vise holding the string holding up the axe
65. Vise releases string
66. String releases axe
67. Axe hits bump switch
68. Switch sends nine volts to nine volt latching relay, setting it, which in turn sets the 9 volt relay controlling AC voltage
69. Nine Volt relay controlling AC voltage disconnects power to light bulb which is connected to the normally closed terminals of the relay
70. Light bulb turns off!

Our Close-ups: Photos

A maximum of 3 close-ups (scanned diagrams, photos). Images must be JPG or PNG, and less than 5 MB.

Our Close-ups: Task Completion

Our Machine Verbal Presentation. This is your team’s chance to shine and be creative! We want to hear the story your machine tells, and understand how the steps represent the theme and key elements of your narrative. The Machine Introduction should not be a step-by-step explanation of how the steps work. This is where your personality, humor, and team spirit engages the audience and gets them excited to see your machine.

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