Team # 729: Rockford #2 TEAM PAGE

Rockford Senior High
Rockford, IA, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: St. Ansgar High School
Friday, March 02, 2018
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 12:00 PM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Tara Ellingson
Team Members: 8
Invitations: 8
Sheridan LaCoste - invitation signed.
Andrew Longcor - invitation signed.
Kari Jeffrey - invitation signed.
Katie Hirv - invitation signed.
Megan Staudt - invitation signed.
Wesley Johnson - invitation signed.
Colbie Schmitt - invitation signed.
Shelby Wiegmann - invitation signed.

Our team consists of a group of eight seniors from Rockford Senior High: Shelby Wiegmann, Megan Staudt, Kari Jeffrey, Katie Hirv, Andrew Longcor, Sheridan LaCoste, Wesley Johnson, and Colbie Schmitt. Our team name is The Phenomenal Farmers and the theme of our machine is a dairy farm. We wanted our machine to be clever and fun to watch. We used various items from our classroom and our homes. It was very amusing to turn household object into contraptions to run our machine. We painted our machine to look like a farm landscape with hills, rivers, and pastures. Many items in our machine followed the theme of our farm. For example, we used toy tractors, cow figurines, fences and a barn to portray a farm-like setting to the audience. Our sixth step involves a marble dropping into a cup, causing a pulley to raise a fence that releases a ball. The ball then rolls through our “pasture” of cows and eventually hits a toy UTV, which then triggers the next step. Our machine makes it easier to feed our cows their corn flakes. Since the farmer is getting older and the weather is getting colder, he needs a machine to make his job more efficient so he can keep his cows happy.

Our Step List

1. Pull out a pencil to release the tractor,
2. Tractor runs into wood block,
3. Wood block swings and hits the boot,
4. The boot swings and hits the black tube
5. The black tube flips a releases a marble,
6. The marble rolls down the ramp and hits a ball,
7. The ball is knocked into a cup on a pulley,
8 .The pulley causes a gate to rise up,
9. The gate releases a baseball,
10. The baseball rolls through the pasture, hitting a utv,
11. The utv rolls down a ramp, pulling a string connected to a board,
12. The board gets pulled off of a marble track, releasing a marble.
13. The marble runs down the track, dropping onto a rat trap.
14. The rat trap snaps, pulling a string.
15. The string twists a tube
16. The tube pulls a pence out between nail
17. The fence releases a pink ball,
18. The ball goes down a ramp, and hits a “book”,
19. The “books” fall over each other pulling a string,
20. The string pulls a block out from a tube.
21. The block releases a gold ball that rolls down the tube,
22. The ball knocks a piece of wood out from under a seesaw.
23. The seesaw shifts, releasing a pill bottle, attached to a pulley,
24. The pulley uses a stuffed dog as a counterweight and drops it on a seesaw on top of the barn.
25. The seesaw releases a gray marble that runs through the barn and rolls out the other side.
26. The gray marble hits a golf ball.
27. The golf ball runs down the track, hitting a second golfball,
28. That golf ball hits a domino.
29. That domino falls over, hitting a gray marble.
30. The gray marble runs on a track and hits a domino.
31. That domino falls over, causing others to fall.
32. The final domino bump into a tractor.
33. The tractor is connected to a string that causes a popsicle stick to be pulled from the top of a book.
34. The popsicle stick releases a gray marble.
35. The marble runs down the book and hits a golf ball,
36. The golf ball drops in a cup inside of our “silo” that is hooked to a crane,
37. The crane (pulley) causes a fence to raise.
38. The fence releases a golf ball.
39. The ball falls into a cup connected to a pulley,
40. The pulley pulls the gator off of a shelf on the wall.
41. The gator acts as a counterweight, lifting up the cup and golf ball.
42. The cup with a ball in it hits a dowel with a tractor on the end of it.
43. The tractor is connected to a string. (steps split here)
44. The tractor hits a run of dominos.
45. The final domino pulls a string connected to a block on track.
46. The block releases a marble
47. The marble runs down the track, hitting a block.
48. The block has a string connecting it and a milk (water) bottle
49. The milk bottle (water) tips over and pours milk into a clear tube,
50. The tube allows the milk to flow into the trough.
51. The string connected to the tractor (step 43), pulls a popsicle stick.
52. The popsicle stick releases a small green wagon.
53. The wagon runs down a ramp, and hits the top of a corn flakes box,
54. The corn flakes box tips over, causing cereal to spill onto the ramp.
55. The ramp guides the cereal into the trough.

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