Team # 635: Rockford TEAM PAGE

Rockford Senior High
Rockford, Iowa, United States

Host: St. Ansgar High School
Monday, February 20, 2017
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 12:00 PM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Tara Ellingson
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
We are studying physics and the different forces that are applied to everyday objects. Also we are learning how energy transfers to and from objects.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
You are living. You occupy space. You have a mass... You MATTER!

Why we think we should win:
We think we should win the Rube Goldberg contest because we have been working on this machine ever since the beginning of January. Everyday we've worked through the whole physics class period up to the bell. Some of the team came in during their study hall periods too. Our machine has been tested countless times to ensure we have a winning project. The team has involved many different transfers of energy, so our machine is unique. We have also created tons of homemade objects to add our own touch and also make the machine effective.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Split the team into two groups so that the class period is more productive. Have one group work on the machine while the other group does the paperwork, then switch everyday. Also, when you are brainstorming, test the idea to see if it works or not. Be open to new ideas. Get at least one or two steps done per day.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

As the theme for this year's RUBE contest, our team decided to have a machine based off of the game "Operation." As a group, we were inspired to make the machine amusing. We have various 'home-made' pieces in the machine that we have incorporated from our classroom. On the "Operation" box, the main color of the game is yellow. Thus, we invite the eye to our brightly colored machine. We have used several articles of medical equipment to bring a more lifelike appearance of the game, for example, we have made a heart monitor for the patient (skeleton). Our fourth step, Plinko, is set up to look like a ventilator. There is also a tube that has red colored water going through to act as a blood bag. To gain a hospital perspective, we used a curtain for the opening step. There is even a bed made out of medical textbooks and a sheet for the patient to rest upon. We also used childhood memories to help create steps. This includes steps like matchbox cars, marble tracks, and domino runs. Our love of childhood memories like the game "Operation" and even our love for the show "Grey's Anatomy" was the cause for our inspiration of design. We love the turnout of our comical "O.R.: RUBE."

Our Step List

1. Pull curtain
2. Stopper falls off shelf.
3. Ball sitting behind the stopper rolls into a tube and lands in a bucket.
4. The ball weighs the bucket down, which brings a pill bottle. (Bucket and pill bottle are attached by a string)
5. The pill bottle knocks a ping pong ball off of an eye hook into our homemade Plinko board.
6. The ping pong ball hits a series of two dominos.
7. The second domino hits a popsicle stick.
8. The popsicle stick its another domino.
9. The domino hits a spool of thread.
10. The spool of thread hits a medicine cup.
11. A series of three medicine cups roll into each other. The last cup hits a match box.
12. The second match box hits a ping pong ball.
13. The ping pong ball hits two dominos.
14. The second domino hits the box of playing cards
15. The box of playing cards hits the clothespin.
16. The last clothespin swings underneath the table and gets a ball rolling.
17. The ball rolls down the ruler and into a tube.
18. The tube scoots back and hits a domino.
19. The domino rolls the tape.
20. The tape hits a metal ball.
21. The metal ball hits a flattened domino.
22. The flattened domino hits a ball.
23. The ball rolls down the book and hits the dissection kits.
24. The dissection kits start the wheel rolling.
25. The wheel hits some big dominos.
26. The last big domino hits the swing.
27. The swing knocks down a DVD.
28. The DVD pushed a cart down a binder.
29. The cart is attached to a string. The string moving starts a marble.
30. The marble goes down the popsicle stick track and hits a spool of thread.
31. The spool of thread knocks over a domino.
32. The domino falls and starts a marble in the marble track.
33. At the end of the marble track, the marble drops and hits one end of the see saw.
34. The other end of the see saw then comes up and starts a run of 4 dominos.
35. The last domino falls and pulls a popsicle stick off of the standing books.
36. When the popsicle stick is pulled, it releases a ping pong ball.
37. The ping pong ball knocks away another popsicles stick.
38. That popsicle stick releases the second ping pong ball.
39. Ping pong ball hits the last popsicle stick.
40. The last popsicle stick releases the last ping pong ball.
41. The last ping pong ball falls off the book onto the see saw.
42. Then see saw then hits the roll of pre-wrap which rolls into a set of dominos.
43. The domino line falls and the last domino pulls a string which pulls down a domino off the shelf.
44. When the domino falls it turns a page in the medical dictionary.
45. The action of the page flip hits the silver nitrate bottle causing it to roll.
46. The rolling silver nitrate bottle then knocks over a group of dominos tied to a string.
47. When the dominos fall they pull on a popsicle stick.
48. When the popsicle stick is removed a baseball rolls
49. The baseball knocks over a book.
50. The book knocks over a water bottle.
51. The water travels through a funnel and into an IV bag.
52. The IV bag goes down as a glass medicine bottle goes up.
53. The medicine bottle hits a golf ball.
54. The golf ball rolls down through the paper cups and hits some yellow blocks.
55. The yellow blocks fall over and hit a black ball.
56. The black ball travels down the track and hits a toy dog.
57. The toy dog falls into the bucket.
58. The bucket lifts up the otoscope.
59. The otoscope releases the miniature ambulance.
60. The ambulance hits a roll of athletic tape.
61. The athletic tape hits the large pink ball.
62. The pink ball knocks over the hand.
63. The hand applies the bandaid to the skeleton.

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