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Royal STEM Academy
Brookshire, Texas, United States

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Apprentice - Ages 8 - 11 (Elementary School)
Team Leader: Michelle Duarte
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Adriana Parra - invitation signed.
Leslie de la Rosa - invitation signed.
Walter Diaz - invitation signed.
Alejandro Gomez - invitation signed.
Sophie Gomez - invitation signed.
Celina Hernandez - invitation signed.
Josue Arciga - invitation signed.
Isabella Ibarra - invitation signed.
Ester Castro - invitation signed.
Andrea Cisneros - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
In our PLTW class, we have had a lot of fun. We have been studying PLTW which means Project Lead The Way. We have had many different challenges with constraints such as time and limited materials. The first one was "Animal Rescue" where we had to save a tiger that was trapped in the deep moat that surrounded the habitat where it lived. We used different machines, like pullies, levers, and ramps, to save the tiger.
Our second challenge was to create an airplane to see which one flew the farthest. After we created the plane, which was the most fun, we used a slingshot to shoot it at high speed, we measured the distance, and also had fun and played.
At the beginning of the year in our Science class, we learned about Force and Motion and we did several experiments with balls, inclined planes, and a wagon.
With all that being said, all the knowledge we gained this year in our PLTW and Science classes helped us work in our Rube Goldberg machine

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you.-Fred Devito

Why we think we should win:
Zig Ziglar said: "If you don't see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner". Winning is something that makes us happy and it is important to us. Our Rube Goldberg machine should be the winner because we have put all our effort on it, we want our project and school to be recognized, and it will open our minds to new things and experiences.

In this project, we put all our effort, and by effort we mean a lot of it! It took time away from us being without our families and friends. They are very proud of us! We even worked on Saturdays, lunchtime, and recess. In the end, we got to finish the machine after all the tries, changes, readjustments that we made.The ideas were difficult to find and the steps hard to figure out.

Our school, Royal STEM Academy, is amazing! We love our teachers, classmates, and principal. Our teachers and principal are always supporting us and motivating us to be better every day. They challenge us but at the same time make us feel that we are capable of doing anything we set our minds to. For all these reasons we would like our school to be recognized. It is our way to pay them back all the hard work. It will make us so happy to win for our school and to share our project with everybody.

This contest has helped us discover many things about ourselves that we didn't know about of. We are a large group, however, each one of us had a very important role in the making of this project. Some of us were in charge of the engineering part, others took care of the fundraising and the rest helped in decorating the machine, cleaning up, building the machines and making us laugh! We became closer after working many hours together and learning hard work always pays off at the end.

This has been an amazing experience. We enjoyed every minute that we met and work together on our machine. Our favorite part is when the machine worked for the first time, we all jumped, some of us even share some tears and luckily our teacher recorded a video of it and it is one of our videos on the website. The Royal Engineers feel already winners because we learned so many things that nobody can take away from us.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Make a sandwich

Our machine inspiration is "Mornings are tough". Let's admit it , they are!. We wanted our machine to have an easy start because serving your breakfast should be as easy as just dropping a marble into a paper roll and listo!
This machine is a combination of pulleys, levers, incline planes, our toys, our teacher's supplies, and a scary mouse trap. We hope you enjoy watching our videos.

Our Step List

1. Student throws the marble through the paper roll.
2.The paper roll knocks off the cup that is tied by a red string in a a pulley.
3.The cups pulls the string down and moves the lever that releases another marble.
4.The marble hits the Lego figure.
5. The Lego figure goes down through the zip line and pulls down a red string tied to a pulley.
6. When the other end of the red string goes up, it releases a golf ball that was held by a popsicle stick.
7. The golf ball goes down the incline plane and hits the mouse trap.
8.The mouse trap snaps and pulls down a white string that was tied to it.
9. The other end of the white string knocks down the books.
10. The books on the first shelve knock down a tennis ball.
11. The tennis ball hits the other books in the second shelve.
12. The books push down an oatmeal container full of wooden bricks.
13. The oatmeal container pulls down the string.
14. The same string pulls up the bottom part of cereal box.
15. The cereal is pour into the bowl.

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