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Chatfield High School
Chatfield, Minnesota, United States

Turn Off A Light
Host: STEM Forward - WI Regional Machine Contest
Friday, March 06, 2020
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 9:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Nora Gathje
Team Members: 10
Invitations: 10
Ann Warren - invitation signed.
Hunter Johnston - invitation signed.
Sloan Clemens - invitation signed.
Abbi Gillespie - invitation signed.
Katie Dornack - invitation signed.
Sabina Boettcher - invitation signed.
Katie Ihrke - invitation signed.
Aaron Lowrey - invitation signed.
Jake Mueller - invitation signed.
Benson Ni - invitation signed.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Pour a cup of coffee
Write with a pencil

RUBE-dolph and his EnginDEERs love the holiday season DEERly. It's the most PUN-derful time of the year! Your PRESENTS is requested. We agreed, no gifts. But wait---there’s MYRRH. Come and find out whether Santa becomes a CRISP Kringle and meet the lonely Elf on the Shelf's new girlfriend. Have your ELF a merry little Christmas and hold on for DEER life!

Our Step List

1. RUBE-dolph’s EnginDEERs Night Before Christmas comes alive when the Polar Express engine is turned on and the chemical energy of the battery is converted to mechanical energy that turns the wheel and axles.
2. The train runs into the first wrapped present under the Christmas tree, releasing the potential energy (PE) of a pile of gifts into kinetic energy (KE)as they fall over on a first class lever hinge.
3. The final present lands on a taut string that releases the wedge from under a hinge.
4. The input arm of the slow close hinge, a first class lever, turns the PE of the popsicle stick arm into falling KE.
5. The KE of the arm turns on the chemical energy in the battery that drives the dog’s wagging tail that pulls a wedge out from under the wheel and axle.
6. As the dog searches for his present his PE from the top of the inclined plane is converted into KE as he rolls down on the wheels and axles.
7. At the bottom of the inclined plane, the dog pulls a string on a pulley that causes tiny Santa’s gravitational PE on the window sill to be converted into KE as he falls.
8. Santa is attached to wedge that allows a weight to drop
9. and open the window shade on a pulley system.
10. Outside the window, Santa’s sleigh full of presents glides across the housetops and converts PE to the KE of a swinging pendulum
11. until it collides with a tin house and tips it over on a first class lever hinge.
12. A Christmas ornament falls out of the house by gravity and
13. lands in a cookie tin on the input arm of a first class lever.
14. The output arm of the lever pulls the washer wedge
15. from under the gold ornament at the top of the Christmas tree on the wall and it travels down the inclined plane
16. and its KE hits the input arm of the first class candy cane lever at the end.
17. The candy cane lever transfers its KE to a red ornament that travels down another inclined plane that makes up the tree and these two steps repeat four more times to complete the tree and the last green ornament falls with KE into the metal Santa pail.
18. The added weight to the metal Santa pail pulls a string to twist the screw of the mixer switch, turning it on.
19. The electrical energy in the mixer turns the screw that drives the beater and winds up the string attached to the mouse.
20. As the mouse is pulled across the floor, it crosses a taut tripwire pulley
21. that launches the cat off the windowsill, turning its positional PE into KE on a pendulum and it lands in a mouse trap.
22. The mouse trap lever spring pulls a fishing line attached to the on switch of the K’Nex motor.
23. The K’Nex motor generates KE that rotates a wheel and axle from the chemical energy of the batteries.
24. The wheel and axle winds up a string attached to a first class lever with Santa’s arm on the output side.
25. As Santa’s hand rises to take the Christmas cookie off the plate, the output arm of the lever pulls a wire that stops the K’Nex motor and pulls a wedge out from under the tall gift full of M&Ms candies.
26. The slow hinge lever releases the PE from a multitude of M&M candies to fall out of the present
27. and fill the Christmas bucket below on the input arm of a first class lever.
28. As the output arm rises, the snowball is lifted into the inclined plane.
29. The snowball rolls down the inclined plane and hits the top of the lever light switch on the outlet, turning on the electrical energy to power the fireplace,
30. making the flames jump in response to the mechanical energy created by the turning of a wheel and axle in a fan.
31. The marshmallow loses its PE as it is lured towards the flames by a string
32. but it lands on a mousetrap lever instead.
33. The PE stored in the stretched mousetrap spring pulls a wedge out from under a shelf in the chimney.
34. The shelf on a hinge lever falls downward, releasing the PE in Santa’s boots.
35. The KE of Santa’s boots drop them towards the fire, stretching their spring that releases PE, pulling the input arm on a mousetrap lever, and the PE in the mousetrap spring pulls a string attached to
36. the input arm of the vertical lever on the mantle which knocks the lump of coal into the Christmas stocking.
37. The added weight of the coal in the Christmas stocking lowers it on a fixed pulley pulling a string attached to a wedge holding up the ho ho ho sign over the mantle.
38. The ho ho ho sign swings down on a wheel and axle,
39. pulling the input arm of the lever in the back of the nutcracker.
40. The nutcracker lever releases the nut
41. As the nut falls from the mantle it pulls a wedge from under the present on the shelf.
42. The shelf tips on a first class lever, releasing the PE in a stretched rubber band wound around the chandelier.
43. The pull from the rubber band causes the chandelier to spin around a screw.
44. When the chandelier finishes unscrewing, it pulls a string on the lever made out of K’Nex at the top of the stairs.
45. The output arm of the lever flips the slinky spring which descends the stairs
46. and hits a golf ball off the bottom step which then drops through the wrapping paper tube inclined plane.
47. The golf ball activates the electronic switch in the wide-eyed snowman’s base, using chemical energy in the batteries build up and then melt.
48. The growing snowman pulls a string on a pulley attached to a K’Nex wedge that is pulled out from under the small shelf next to the clock.
49. When the shelf swings down on the first class lever hinge, the gold ornament is released at its highest path along the pendulum.
50. Half way through the period of the pendulum the gold ornament knocks into the lever on Santa Barbie’s leg.
51. When Barbie twists, she pulls a wedge out from a spring loaded slider with the Elf on the Shelf and he quickly lunges into her arms for a Christmas hug.
52. When the Elf on the Shelf reaches his girlfriend Barbie, he releases a wedge holding up the roll of white and red wrapping paper on the back of the sofa.
53. The PE of the wrapping paper roll turns to KE as it unrolls and hits a dark green lever on the sofa, which pushes a wedge out from under the Christmas wreath.
54. The Christmas wreath rolls down the inclined plane towards the hammer.
55. The hammer on a first class lever slow close hinge pulls a tripwire the releases a wedge from in front of the rolling pin on the table.
56. Rolling pin rolls down inclined plane of the cookie cookbook.
57. The rolling pin is attached to the hot cocoa filled Keurig carousel wheel and axle.
58. When the Keurig carousel spins, the spatula knocks over Santa’s glass of milk on a first class lever hinge.
59. The spilled milk (white golf ball) falls out of the cup and travels down the candy cane gutter inclined plane
60. The milk (white golf ball) activates the electronic switch on the trolley, whose chemical energy in the batteries is converted into KE to drive it forward on the wheels and axles, hitting a tripwire and pulling a wedge out from in front of the three wisemen.
61. Three wisemen roll down the inclined plane bars following the star.
62. At the end of their journey, the three wise men push the input arm of a first class lever attached to the star which is converted to KE as it tips forward,
63. triggering a tripwire on a pulley which removes a wedge out from under the catapult.
64. The stretched spring in the catapult tosses a ball of used wrapping paper into a Christmas tin trash bin.
65. In the bottom of the trash bin, the used wrapping paper ball lands on the input arm of a mouse trap lever,
66. The PE in the mousetrap spring pulls a pin wedge from the candy cane hammer.
67. The KE of the candy cane hammer hits the input arm of the history book lever.
68. The added weight of the hammer on the history book depresses the button lever switch underneath, which opens the electric circuit and turns off the light of Rudolph’s red glowing nose.
He went down in history!

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Our Close-ups: Task Completion

Our Machine Verbal Presentation. This is your team’s chance to shine and be creative! We want to hear the story your machine tells, and understand how the steps represent the theme and key elements of your narrative. The Machine Introduction should not be a step-by-step explanation of how the steps work. This is where your personality, humor, and team spirit engages the audience and gets them excited to see your machine.

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