Team # 598: Thespianovation TEAM PAGE

Cedar Hill HS
Cedar Hill, Texas, United States

Host: Cedar Hill High School
Friday, February 17, 2017
Setup Time: 12:00 PM
Contest Start Time: 5:00 PM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: aaron kennedy
Team Members: 5
Invitations: 0

Sweeny Todd - Demon Barber of Rube Street

Machine is setup in three levels much like the set of sweeny todd. The top level is the barbershop, the middle is the bakery, the bottom is the dungeon where the dead bodies are turned into delicious meat pies.

Our Step List

1. Pull wedge from chair (release’s body) Must start vacuum just before pull
2. Chair hits domino
3. Domino lands on mouse trap
4. Mouse trap pulls rod
5. Rod release swing arm
6. Swing arm hits pivot arm
7. Pivot arm hits dowel rod
8. Dowel rod hits domino
9. Domino hits vertical pivot
10. Vertical pivot hits domino
11. Domino hits mouse trap
12. Mousetrap releases hammer string
13. String runs through pulley and drops hammer
14. Hammer hits clip
15. Clip releases string
16. String releases paddle
17. Paddle knocks ping pong ball
18. Ping pong ball rolls down tube
19. Ping pong ball knocks over dominos
20. Dominos hits mouse trap
21. Mouse trap pulls release
22. Golf ball rolls down ramp
23. Golf hits back of tube and falls vertically to second level
24. Golf ball hits scissors
25. Scissors cut string
26. Cut string releases hammer
27. Hammer hits horizontal PVC pivot
28. Pivot pulls release
29. Weight drops from pipe
30. Marble sled falls
31. Mable hits rat trap
32. Rat trap hits eye bolt release
33. Spring car release
34. Spring car hits wood
35. Wood falls onto string
36. String pulls wrapped A arm
37. A arm hits mouse trap
38. Mouse trap release spring
39. Spring hits bike peg
40. Bike peg falls to third level hits teeter totter
41. Teeter totter release domino rocket
42. Domino hits horizontal pivot
43. Pivot hits wood planks
44. Wood planks fall on mouse trap
45. Mouse trap pulls release
46. Ball rolls down ramp
47. Ball hits mouse trap
48. Mouse trap releases weight
49. Weight falls on spiral pivot
50. Spiral pivot hits marbles
51. Marbles roll down ramp
52. Marbles fall in to cup
53. Cup drops raising other side
54. Other side knocks dominos down
55. Dominos fall in to carriage
56. Carriage raises marble on to sled
57. Marble rolls down sled pipe to catch
58. Catch offsets ramp
59. Ramp releases ball
60. Ball hits mouse trap
61. Mouse trap pulls stick
62. Stick release tether nut
63. Nut hits domino
64. Domino hits teeter totter
65. Teeter totter pulls domino
66. Domino hits mouse trap
67. Mouse trap releases weighted wood plank
68. Plank hits clip board
69. Board releases string
70. Body falls on mouse trap
71. Mouse trap pulls funnel release
72. Ball falls from funnel to rat trap
73. Rat trap pulls string attached to wood lever
74. Wood lever hits tape
75. Tape applies band aid to pile of dead bodies

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