Team # 272: Ruth's Rubes TEAM PAGE

Ruth Keeler Memorial Library
North Salem, NY, United States

Open An Umbrella
Host: Lower Hudson Valley Engineering Expo
Sunday, April 03, 2016
Setup Time: 9:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:00 AM
Live Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Eileen Diehl
Team Members: 14
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Physics: We studied gravity and how that could be used for our cause. A lot of our project was going down, so we needed to find a way to go up.
Simple Machines: We thought how we could use simple machines in our project. We used many different ones, like screws, levers, pulleys and inclined planes.

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Don't use tape. =:)

Why we think we should win:
Because our machine DRUMPFS all! (pun intended because our theme is 2016 Presidential Election)

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Peel A Banana

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Are you ready for this year’s Election Day? There are five candidates that are currently running to be the nominees for the two major parties, Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, and Kasich. Ruth’s Rubes is getting into the election fast by making our machine’s theme “The 2016 Presidential Election”! With tons of everyday items used in creative ways, our machine will TRUMP all in the competition, having a mix of elements from ball runs to chain drops. We may have started late but be observant, the real winner is standing on the machine.......

Our Step List

Step List:


1.Tennis ball needs push to start. Runs along ramps.
2. Tennis ball hits paint stirrer
3. Paint stirrer hits other paint stirrer.
4. Paint stirrer hits ball down ramp.
5. Ball falls into cup, moving hinge with string. String was attached to cup, but the weight on the cup pulls on the string. This pulls the hinge (because the string is attached to the hinge too)


6. The hinge moves, causing the wiffle ball on a string to swing.
7.Wiffle ball hits a balanced golf ball to fall onto a PVC pipe ramp.
8. Golf ball hits mousetrap (mousetrap is on a paint stirrer. When set, the trap part is on top with the paint stirrer extending the bottom).


9. Mousetrap activates, pulling a string upward (String was connected to bottom of paint stirrer). This string is connected to some washers. These washers are pulled up with the string.
10. A marble sat behind the washers. The lifting of the washers caused the marble to go down a PVC pipe. That leads to a series of PVC pipe tracks.


11.First marble hits a paint stirrer 1.
12. The paint stirrer 1 hits marble 2 . The marble 2 rolls down a track.
13. Marble 2 hits a paint stirrer 2.
14. paint stirrer 2 also hits marble 3 down a track.
15. Marble 3 (don't worry it won't hit a paint stirrer) hits a cup full of pennies off the track


16. The cup was on a string on one side of a pulley. A wiffle ball is on the other side. Since the heavier cup falls, the wiffle ball goes up.
17. The wiffle ball will hit some dominoes that go up an upward ramp.
18. Those dominoes hit a marble of the ramp and into a tube. That tube leads to a downward ramp and then onto a second downward ramp. That ramp traps the ball between two downward (and opposite) paint stirrer but with a gap in between. That leads the ball into the tube.
19. The ball hits a teeter totter with a golf ball on the other end. This knocks the ball onto a ramp. The golf ball runs down and onto a short PVC pipe.


20. The golf ball 1 hits a paint stirrer.
21. That paint stirrer hits golf ball 2 that rolls down a track.
22. Golf ball 2 hits a paint stirrer.
23 That paint stirrer, gratefully, hits a marble (1) that runs into a whirlpool (not a real one, a plastic one). The ball drops out and onto a PVC ramp.


24. Marble 1 hits marble 2 resting in a washer.
25. That marble goes down a PVC pipe and hits, yet another, marble (3) set in a washer.
26. That marble hits a paint stirrer.
27. That paint stirrer hits a marble that rolls down a wooden ramp.


28. That marble hits a smaller marble. That marble goes through a marble run and spits out near the ground.
29. The small marble hits some dominoes that go up a short staircase.
30 The dominoes knock of a cylinder full of pennies.
31. The cylinder pulls a string that removes a peg stopping a wheel.


32. The wheel releases string that is holding up a tube with a marble in it, causing the large PVC Pipe to fall.
33. The pipe stops (because of an unbalance of string lengths). This unbalances the tube, causing a marble inside to roll out the other side not stopped by the hinge. The marble then goes through a series of short ramps.
34.The marble hits a cup full of pennies.
35. That cup was attached to a string.


36. That string pulls a chain drop that unrolls a poster.
37. The clothespin holding the poster up until the chain dropped starts the next chain.
38.That knock down the 2nd poster.
39. The clothespin knocks down the next chain.
40. The next chain knocks down the 3rd poster.
41. The clothespin knocks down the next chain.
42. The next chain pulls down the 4th poster.
43. The clothespin on that poster pulls down the chain.
44. That chain pulls down the 5th poster.
45. That poster knocks down some weights.
46. Those weights pull on the velcro of the umbrella strap. Once the strap is off, the umbrella will open.

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