Team # 847: S.T.M. Science Club TEAM PAGE

The High School of St. Thomas More
Champaign, IL, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign: Engineering Open House 2018
Friday, March 09, 2018
Setup Time: 7:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 8:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Ashtyn Ehrlich
Team Members: 4
Invitations: 4
Byann Wang - invitation signed.
Laura Nussel - invitation signed.
Evan Marquart - invitation signed.
Gus Weber - invitation signed.

The soldiers exit from the Trojan horse and enter the walls of Troy. After razing the city, Odysseus and his crew leave to go home back in Greece but on the way there he angers Zeus and his boat is struck by a lighting bolt. The boat goes off course and and lands in the land of the lotus eaters before leaving to travel back to greece. On their way they arrive at the island of the cyclops and kill his sheep. In order to escape the wrath of the cyclops they trick him and take out his eye. They use the bag of winds to attempt to reach greece but Odysseus uses them improperly and they go off course again.They then find Circe who turns most of the crew into pigs before the crew is able to escape. They then descend into the underworld and face the trials within before escaping and having to navigate the waters filled with sirens. They then go on to face Scylla a giant kraken and Charybdis a giant whirlpool. On his journey he kills a golden cow before finally returning to his home in greece. To prove his identity after many years away from his home he must shoot his bow through axe heads. Finally at home and able to rest knowing that his trials are over he is able to relax and eat a well deserved bowl of cereal.

Our Step List

List of steps
1 Car goes down ramp and hits weight
2 Weight falls and pulls pin
3 Arm falls and hits car
4 Car rolls and hits arm
5 arm spins and releases marble
6 marble rolls and hits domino
7 domino falls and pulls another domino
8 domino releases ball
9 ball hits another ball
10 ball lands on lever
11 lever pulls piece stopping the boat
12 the boat rolls forward and hits another domino
13 Domino releases zipline
14 Zipline releases pieces stopping marble
15 marble rolls and hit a lever releasing another marble
16 marble rolls down ramp and hits a domino
17 Domino pulls piece stopping another marble
18 marble rolls down a funnel and tube hitting another domino
19 Domino falls over releasing zipline
20 Zipline hits block holding cereal allowing cereal to fall into a bowl.

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