Team # 158: Santiago Canyon College STEM Club TEAM PAGE

Santiago Canyon College
Orange, California, United States

Open An Umbrella
Host: STEAM Machines - Santa Monica Pier & Heal the Bay
Saturday, March 12, 2016
Setup Time: 9:30 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:00 AM
Live Division III - Ages 18+ (College)
Team Leader: Cynthia Swift
Team Members: 12
Invitations: 0

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Unlock and open a door.

Our machine's theme is Lights! Camera! Action! Equal and Opposite Reaction! (according to Newton's Third Law of Motion) featuring famous scenes from popular films like The Matrix, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Alien, and others. Science is a blockbuster hit!

Our Step List

1. User pushes button on key fob generating radio signal.
2. Radio signal is received by the door lock and circuit is completed.
3. Door lock opens releasing wood lever attached to glass bottle.
4. Wood lever falls and opens sprinkler valve on glass bottle.
5. Water flows out of the glass bottle into the green plastic bottle.
6. When the water flows into the green bottle, the pressure inside the green bottle increases causing the piston to move.
7. The piston pushes the small ball resting on the Plinko game.
8. Yellow ball travels down pins of Plinko game (The outcome of the game is to determine if the red pill or the blue pill is taken.)
9. The ball collides with either the red pill or the blue pill (the red or blue vertical piece of wood)
10. The red or blue piece of wood falls over.
11. The red or blue piece of wood collides with a red or blue billiard ball.
12. The billiard ball rolls down the ramp and collides with the hands of a clock. (The hands are connected to a yo-yo automatic fishing reel.)
13. The spring loaded fishing reel pulls the DeLorean car.
14. When the DeLorean moves forward a grappling hook catches on an overhead wire. (This makes an electrical connection in the circuit.) The DeLorean continues to move forward and collide with a wall. When the DeLorean makes contact with the metal wall, it completes the circuit.
15. Once the DeLorean makes contact with the wall, a motor lifts a wood barrier.
16. Once the wood barrier is removed, a piece of copper pipe rolls down a ramp.
17. When the piece of copper pipe gets to the bottom of the ramp, it closes an electric circuit.
18. When the copper pipe completes the circuit, a snow speeder (aka T-47 airspeeder) moves forward.
19. When the snowspeeder moves forward it pulls on the legs of an AT-AT (aka Imperial Walker).
20. When the legs of the AT-AT fall, a string pulls down on a magnet holding a Zeppelin blimp.
21. Once the Zeppelin blimp is released, it moves toward the plane
22. The Zeppelin blimp collides with the plane. (This represents Indiana Jones taking off in a German biplane.)
23. The plane rides the zip line towards the mountain.
24. The plane collides with the boulder causing the boulder to move.
25. The boulder is attached to GI Joe sitting on a skateboard via a pulley/string system. When the boulder falls down, this causes GI Joe to move forward.
26. The skateboard moves forward and collides with a set of wooden dominoes.
27. The last dominoes pulls a horizontal lever forward.
28. The horizontal lever rotates a vertical lever.
29. The vertical lever removes a weight support connected to the elevator at Castle Black.
30. Once the elevator is triggered, a weight falls and the elevator at Castle Black rises.
31. Once the elevator gets to the top of the ice wall, a medium sized metal ball falls out of the elevator and rolls along a track.
32. The medium size ball has a collision with a smaller metal ball and
33. The smaller ball rolls down Barad-dûr, the “Dark Tower” from The Lord of the Rings.
34. Once the ball gets to the end of the hose, the ball collides with a set of wooden dominoes.
35. When the last wood domino falls, a string pulls down the top wooden hammer from the hammer cascade.
36. The first hammer swings down.
37. The hammer collides with the next hammer, and this cascade of hammers falling repeats until the last hammer collides with miniature boxing glove attached to wood piston.
38. The miniature boxing glove collides with wood ramp, changing the angle of the ramp.
39. A ball rolls down ramp.
40. When the ball gets to the bottom of the ramp, the weight of the ball compresses the telegraph switch.
41. When the telegraph switch closes, an electric current is generated.
42. When the switch is closed, a motor causes the gears to rotate. (These gears were generated on a 3D printer.)
43. Each gear causes the adjacent gear to rotate.
44. The last rotating gear causes a wood hammer to spin around.
45. The wood hammer collides with a button on the umbrella.
46. The umbrella opens!

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