Team # 650: SCC STEM Club TEAM PAGE

Santiago Canyon College
Orange, CA, United States

Online Contest:
Online Family Division - All Ages
Team Leader: Cynthia Swift
Team Members: 7
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Pat - aerospace engineering
Franco - mechanical engineering
Derek - physics
Rita - mechanical engineering
Angelica - bioengineering
Diana - chemical engineering
Adam - chemistry

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Just make it work."

Why we think we should win:
Our college has been building machines for three years. Every year we try to improve on having a consistent theme, using household items, and embracing the spirit of Rube Goldberg. Winning was not necessarily our goal; we wanted a challenge that we could work on together. We had a lot of fun, and we hope that is reflected in our machine.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Play a musical instrument.

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

"Rube Goldberg Goes to the Museum of Natural History"

The machine starts with an asteroid flying through space and colliding with Earth. This leads to a series of events that knocks over a dinosaur--but don't worry, the dinosaur gets a Band-Aid in the end.

So starts Rube's tour of natrual history. After the dinosaur exhibit, Rube is directed to the industrial revolution exhibit which begins with cars on display, and ends with a ride on a trolley. The trolley takes Rube along the back of the "museum" , picking up a magnet along the way.

Next on the tour is the anatomy exhibit. This is a display showing the digestion track. And that leads into the natural disaster exhibit. If Rube is not careful, he will end up in quicksand. (The designer of this exhibit has a unique trap design that allows easy reset of the sand.)

Next on the tour is a model of Foucault's Pendulum, and this will leave our guest to the gift shop.

At the gift shop Rube will be able to purchase a Band-Aid that can be applied to the injured dinosaur.

Don't forget to check out the souvenirs while you are there.

Our Step List

“Rube Goldberg Goes to the Museum”

Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Step List -- 2017
SCC STEM Club (Santiago Canyon College)

1. An asteroid flies through space.
2. The asteroid collides with the Earth.
3. The Earth falls out of orbit (slides down metal rod).
4. The Earth collides with a lever.
5. The lever knocks over a marble.
6. The marble falls downward and lands in a bucket.
7. The bucket pulls a string supporting the dinosaur (representing extinction)
8. The dinosaur falls on a button that triggers a fist.
9. The fist punches a set of wood dominoes, knocking them over.
10. The dominos fall and cause the gears to rotate
11. The gears cause the toll gate to release a car
12. A car travels down the road
13. The car then collides with a lever that releases a trolley
14. The trolley travels down the length of the museum
15. When the trolley passes the boom, it picks up a magnet
16. Removing the magnet causes the boom to tip upward
17. A ball on the boom rolls down the ramp, into a funnel, and down a tube
18. The ball collides with a board knocking it over.
19. The falling board, pulls on a gate that releases some marbles (representing food) that flow into the mouth
20. The marbles travel through the digestive system and fall into a bucket
21. The bucket falls downward and pulls out a support for the ACME anvil
22. The anvil falls and opens a valve causing the quicksand to fall
23. The falling sand causes the little man to also fall, releasing the support for the Foucault pendulum
24. The Foucault pendulum swings downward
25. The pendulum collides with a set of wood dominoes.
26. The wood dominoes pull a gift shop item off of the shelf
27. The gift shop item lands on a switch
28. Closing the switch turns on a servo
29. The servo swings up and applies a Band-Aid to the injured dinosaur

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