Team # 907: Shakopee East Jr High RGM Team TEAM PAGE

Shakopee East Jr High
SHAKOPEE, Minnesota, United States

Online Contest:
Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: John M Oman
Team Members: 5
Invitations: 8
Cora Meier - invitation sent
Logan Tomei - invitation signed.
Cayden Schaefer - invitation signed.
Hayden Bock - invitation signed.
Riley Rosenow - invitation signed.
Blake Hokanson - invitation sent
Ethan Olson - invitation sent
Brady Schroeder - invitation signed.

What we're studying:
Technology Education

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
Work Smarter and Harder

Why we think we should win:
Our team overcame a lot of adversity this season. It seemed that every week there was something that prevented us from having our meeting sessions (snow storms, coach's kid was sick, etc). Despite these hurdles, they kept their eye on the goal.

Our machine celebrates different areas of a kid's life using 60 steps.
Area 1 = Playing Cards section.
Area 2 = Minecraft.
Area 3 = Carnival Fun
Area 4 = Lincoln Log Cabin
Area 5 = Rock Concert
Area 6= Family Entertainment
Area 7 = The Child's Bedroom where he/she pours a bowl of Cheerios which are illuminated by Christmas lights.

Our Step List

Group 1
1 Ball rolls down ramp
2 Ball hits wii/domino/card
3 Domino falls over
4 Domino hits clothespin
5 Clothespin releases flag
6 Flag hits gear wheel
7 Gear wheel rolls down ramp
8 Wheel hits mousetrap
9 Mousetrap pulls string

Group 2
10 String releases ball
11 Ball rolls down ramp
12 Ball hits nerf gun trigger
13 Nerf gun shoots domino
14 Dominos hit marble

Group 3
15 Marble triggers mousetrap
16 Mousetrap pulls string
17 String releases ball
18 Ball goes down plinko board and knocks down cups
19 Cups pull string
20 String releases ball
21 Ball releases car

Group 4
22 Car hits mousetrap
23 Car rolls up track
24 Mousetrap pulls string
25 String releases ball
26 Ball rolls down track
27 Ball hits mousetrap

Group 5
28 Mousetrap pulls string
29 String releases car
30 Car rolls down ramp
31 Car hits tape measure
32 Tape measure releases plane on string
33 Plane spins around on string
34 Plane hits waited cylinder
35 Cylinder hits lever
36 Lever hits car
37 Car rolls down ramp
38 Car hits ball

Group 6
39 Ball hits lever
40 Releases gear wheel
41 Gear wheel rolls down ramp
42 Gear wheel hits mousetrap
43 Mousetraps pulls string
44 String releases ball
45 Ball rolls down ramp
46 Ball hits lever
47 Lever releases a ball
48 Ball rolls down ramp
49 Ball hits cup
50 Cup falls off table and pulls string

Group 7
51 String releases tire
52 Marble rolls down ramp and hits a tire
53 Tire hits another tire
54 Tire knocks down tower
55 Tire knocks down tower
56 Tower hits a ball
57 Ball rolls down ramp
58 Ball hits ball on a string and hits power strip causing the Christmas lights to turn on.
59 Ball on string pulls block
60 Block pours Cheerios into a bowl

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Machine Run #1
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