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Sierra College
El Dorado Hills, CA, United States

Online Contest:
Online Family Division - All Ages
Team Leader: Jackson Lamb
Team Members: 2
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What we're studying:

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Nothing makes an engineer more productive than the "Last minute".

Why we think we should win:
On top of our immense time dedication designing, building, and preparing this Rube Goldberg machine over that past few months, we have taken time to excite our community about engineering and the Rube Goldberg competition.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Clapping hands

We are Sierra College engineering club! We are at an ice cream truck, with our wonderful ice cream patron about to enjoy his ice cream, then a bully walks up and knocks his ice cream off his cone. This starts a crazy domino effect, resulting in a band-aid fixing the problem when it is applied to a new ball of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and the ice cream falling onto a new cone.

Our Step List

1. Ball of ice cream is knocked off the cone
2. Ball hits the car
3. Car falls down the ramp, hitting a pencil
4. The pencil hits another car
5. The new car runs into a milk gallon, knocking it down
6. The milk gallon falling, pulls a baseball up
7. The baseball knocks off a weight
8. The weight falling releases a nail, shooting a spring
9. The spring hits and knocks over a cylinder
10. The cylinder falling over allows a car to fall down a ramp
11. The car falling pulls a Lazy Susan
12. The Lazy Susan bumps a weight
13. The weight slides down a fishing line, hitting a lever that is attached to a bike lock
14. The bike lock unlocks, and lands on a toilet paper dispenser
15. The dispenser releases, allowing a rubber band to release, shooting a catapult
16. The catapult hits cups
17. The cups bump into a car on a ramp
18. The car falls down, bumping another car
19. This are then drives forward, running into 2 Cowboys and Indians toys that are attached to a horizontal pulley
20. The Cowboys and Indians poke a ball
21. The ball falls down a tube, running into a milk gallon
22. The milk gallon moving, making a water bottle that’s on top of it to fall
23. The water bottle falling pulls on a piece are cardboard
24. The cardboard moving releases an extension rod
25. The extension rod falling, pushing a piece of wood
26. The piece of wood pushes a car down a tube
27. The car hits a box
28. The shock wave in the box causes a hammer to fall off of it
29. The hammer falling, pulls a Bing-Go wheel
30. The Bing-Go wheel spins with a fly-swatter attached to it and a band-aide attached to the fly-swatter
31. The fly-swatter hits a new ball of ice cream and attached the band-aide. The ball then falls down a tube onto a new cone.

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