Team # 743: Spooner High School TEAM PAGE

Spooner Area School District
Spooner, WI, United States

Pour A Bowl of Cereal
Host: University of Wisconsin- Stout
Friday, March 02, 2018
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 10:00 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Walter Hungerbuhler
Team Members: 5
Invitations: 8
Andrew Tellefson - invitation signed.
Cody Halverson - invitation signed.
John Hoellen - invitation signed.
Alessandro Tartaglino - invitation signed.
Monica Plesums - invitation signed.
Danika McCumber - invitation opened.
Luisa Teixeira - invitation sent
Josh Berkesch - invitation sent

Our theme is a college dorm room. Items consisting of things a typical student would bring with them to college.

Our Step List

Spooner High School Rube Goldberg Steps 2018
1. Student pulls string releasing weight
2. Weight pulls pin releasing train
3. Train hits first book
4. Books hits tennis ball
5. Tennis ball knocks weight over shelf
6. Weight topples book
7. Book pulls out card box
8. Card box open grips to release marble
9. Marble hits mouse trap
10. Mouse trap releases weight
11. Weight opens laptop
12. Laptop pulls paper to release unsolved Rubics cube into pipe
13. First Rubics cube releases second solved Rubics cube in pipe.
14. Rubics cube hits meter stick lever to release skateboard
15. Skateboard hits tennis racket
16. Tennis racket hits wire cutters that releases first spring
17. First spring pulls out plexiglass to release second spring.
18. Second spring knocks over weighted lever.
19. Lever opens garbage can
20. Garbage can opens DVD player.
21. DVD player knocks over a lever arm
22. Lever arm pulls pin allowing wheel to rotate.
23. Rotating wheel releases cereal box.
24. Cereal box hits drum stick to release the cereal.

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