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St. Therese School
Kansas City, Mo, United States

Put Money in a Piggy Bank
Host: Black & Veatch
Saturday, March 02, 2019
Setup Time: 8:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 9:30 AM
Live Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Cathy Mulligan
Team Members: 2
Invitations: 3
Isaac Watson - invitation signed.
Andrew Leighr - invitation signed.
Matthew Leighr - invitation sent

What we're studying:
Engineering Design process. 2D and 3D CAD

This project is a marble maze with an Angry Bird theme. The marbles go into the bird nest (funnel) moving through the maze to release the penny into the King Pig bank.

Our Step List

1. Marbles are released into the funnel.
2. Marble go down the ramp
3. Marbles enter the funnel
4. Marbles go though the tubing
5.. The marbles hit the spoon that is attached to a pulley
6. The weight attached to pulley lowers into the wood plank
7. The wood plank rises
8. The penny is release
9.The penny rolls down the ramp
10. Penny rolls into the bank

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