Team # 619: Stone Hill Sting Rays TEAM PAGE

Stone Hill
Ashburn , VA, United States

Online Contest:
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Sarah DeWees
Team Members: 6
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"To infinity and beyond!"--Buzz Lightyear

Why we think we should win:
Because we worked really hard on it.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Let students be able to edit the site and not have to use the team leader's login!

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:

Our machine uses school supplies to attach the band-aid to the lego guy on the hospital bed. It uses inclined planes, pullys, and dominoes to apply the band-aid.

Our Step List

1. We pull the newton's cradle back to start the machine
2. The balls hit each other
3. The last ball hits the rubber band ball
4. The rubber band ball falls down the ramp and hits the glue bottle
5. The glue bottle starts a domino effect
6. The last glue bottle hits the set of masses
7. The masses fall onto the switch
8. The switch turns on the fan with attached colored pencils
9. The color pencils spin and knock into the 2nd rubber ball
10. The rubber ball falls down the ramp
11. The rubber ball hits the lever
12. The lever lifts the weighted end of the pulley
13. The pulley lowers the band-aid onto the patient.

Our Close-ups: Photos

Our Close-ups: Favorite Step

Our Close-ups: Task Completion

Our Machine Explaination and Walkthrough

Our Machine Run Videos

Machine Run #1
Machine Run #2