Team # 283: Super Mario TEAM PAGE

St. Agnes Academy
Houston, Texas, United States

Open An Umbrella
Host: St. Agnes Academy
Friday, March 04, 2016
Setup Time: 7:00 AM
Contest Start Time: 11:30 AM
Live Division II - Ages 14 - 18 (High School)
Team Leader: Lisa Stinson
Team Members: 6
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Newton's Laws of Motion, Newton's Gravitational Law, Momentum, Circular Motion, Conservation of Energy, Work, Force, Power

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Why we think we should win:
Our machine has the maximum number of steps
It works consistently
Our group put much time, effort, imagination, and creativity into our machine

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Put a puzzle piece together
Open a webpage
Dispense handsoap
Obtain the weight of an apple
Raise a flag
Turn on a light

Our Super Mario Rube Goldberg machine is composed of four wooden panels hinged together that unfold to form the L-shaped blue walls of our machine. The base is made of two wooden panels hinged together that unfold to form the green base.
Our machine consists of various toys, blocks, popsicle sticks, string, hooks, golf balls, and other objects our group members could find in our houses. The only items we spent money on were the wooden boards, the umbrella, and some heavy-duty velcro. All other materials were previously owned by members of our group.
Our machine displays Mario's adventure on his journey to save Princess Peach from the evil thundercloud! On his way to open the umbrella to protect Princess Peach, he must pass many obstacles along the way. Mario shows much creativity in his journey, for he uses his imagination to push wheels, use pulleys, ride cars, roll balls, and more. His final step accomplishes his task as he rides the car down the ramp, pushing the button to open the umbrella. Mario succeeds in his task to open the umbrella and saves Princess Peach from the evil thundercloud!

Our Step List

1.) Human releases car onto ramp
2.) Car goes down ramp and hits car
3.) Rod hits ball resting on platform
4.) Tension and momentum created by the first falling ball causes the movement of the second ball resting on another platform
5.) The second ball falls from the platform causing the barrier to fall
6.) The removal of the barrier allows ball to roll down track
7.) Ball rolling down the track hits a second ball which rolls down PVC tube
8.) Second ball hits marble at end of PVC tube
9.) Marble hits first domino, causing first, second, and third dominos to fall
10.) Final domino falls off ledge and pulls wooden block out
11.) The absence of the wooden block allows four metal balls to fall
12.) Four balls roll down funnel and through the PVC pope to hit rod
13.) Rod hits ball off ledge
14.) Ball falls downward creating tension in the string and turns the first wheel
15.) First wheel rotates second wheel
16.) Second wheel rotates third wheel
17.) Third wheel rotates fourth wheel
18.) Fourth wheel knocks over the leaning ladder
19.) The collision causes the release of the marble
20.) Marble 1 collides with marble 2
21.) Marbles collide with car to make car roll
22.) Car rolls into pole and pushes it
23.) Pole pushes ball off the ledge
24.) Ball falls downward and pulls top of wheel, rotating it to the left and downward
25.) Rotation of wheel causes the flap of metal balls to unfold and fall out
26.) Flap of metal balls push wooden platform down
27.) As wooden platform on right side of seesaw is pushed down, the left side of seesaw raises
28.) The left side of seesaw pulls wooden stand out from under the platform
29.) No longer supported by the stand, the swinging platform falls downward
30.) The swinging platform releases tennis ball
31.) As the tennis ball falls, it pulls on the wooden basket attached to the ball by string, causing basket to fall
32.) Basket releases golf ball, causing ball to fall downward
33.) Golf ball's downward motion pulls on the sliding pole, causing the pole to slide forward
34.) As the pole slides, it pushes the white lever, causing lever to tip forward
35.) The lever's displacement causes the orange ball to fall out of cardboard cup
36.) The orange ball's downward motion pulls on the yellow pole, removing the yellow pole from holders
37.) Removal of yellow pole allows fire truck to roll forward off platform, continuing down zip line
38.) The weight of the fire truck tightens zip line rope, pulling the yellow wheel attached to end of zip line
39.) Rotation of yellow wheel releases metal balls through opening in wheel
40.) Balls travel down PVC pipe, onto the wooden ramp, and push the sliding wooden barrier forward
41.) The forward motion of wooden barrier pushes wooden ball off ledge
42.) The wooden ball's downward motion pulls slate of wood forward
43.) Forward motion of the slate causes first pole to fall in hole
44.) Forward motion of the slate causes second pole to fall in hole
45.) Forward motion of the slate causes third pole to fall in hole
46.) Absence of first pole allows the first golf ball to roll forward
47.) Absence of second pole allows the second golf ball to roll forward
48.) Absence of third pole allows the third golf ball to roll forward
49.) Three balls collide with ramp barrier, causing it to tip over to the ground
50.) Tipping ramp pulls wooden cylinder off ledge
51.) Displacement of wooden cylinder drags wooden ball off ledge, causing it to fall
52.) Falling wooden ball pulls gate up
53.) The absence of the gate releases the rolling object
54.) Rolling object travels down ramp and pushes grey lever forward, causing lever to fall downwards
55.) As the lever falls, the string attaching the lever to the wooden stand pulls the stand out from under the platform
56.) Removal of wooden stand causes wooden platform to swing down
57.) Platform's displacement causes wooden ball to fall out
58.) Ball pulls on top of sliding gate, causing the gate to raise
59.) Lifted gate releases golf ball
60.) Golf ball rolls into metal ball, pushing it off the edge
61.) Metal ball falls down PVC pipe into cup, pushing cup downward
62.) Cup's downward motion pulls down string attached to ball-holder, causing holder to tip over
63.) Ball is released from the rotating holder and falls
64.) Ball pulls rod down by the attached string
65.) Rod no longer restricts balls' movements, allowing balls to roll into funnel
66.) Balls fall into hanging container and push it down
67.) Funnel pulls domino off ledge
68.) Pulled domino releases golf ball to roll down ramp
69.) Golf ball pushes toy pole
70.) Toy pole surrounding golf ball is pushed, this releases the golf ball
71.) Golf ball pushes toy pole forward
72.) Toy pole releases swinging object, allowing it to fall
73.) Swinging object knocks stationary ball off ledge
74.) Falling ball (attached to pole by string) pulls pole out of holders
75.) The absence of the pole as a barrier causes red rotating flap to swing forward
76.) Rotation of red flap allows car to roll down ramp
77.) Car hits umbrella button, opening the umbrella!

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