The Brainy Bunch TEAM PAGE

McCook Junior High School
McCook, NE, USA

Online Contest:
Zip A Zipper
Online Division I - Ages 11 - 14 (Middle School)
Team Leader: Andrea Malleck
Team Members: 3
Invitations: 0

What we're studying:
Physical Science

Our Team Leader's favorite quote:
"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."
- Benjamin Franklin

Why we think we should win:
We believe we should win because we worked very hard on this and had a wonderful idea.

Suggestion for next year's challenge:
Tie a bow tie

Favorite Rube Goldberg video:


Our Step List

Step 1: Drop the golf ball down onto the first chicken feeder.
Step 2: Golf ball rolls down the first chicken feeder.
Step 3: Golf ball rolls down the second chicken feeder.
Step 4: Golf ball rolls down the third and final chicken feeder.
Step 5: Golf ball drops down the tube made by the tops of the chicken feeders, in to the bucket.
Step 6: Golf ball drops into the bucket, and sets off the mouse trap.
Step 7: The mouse trap pulls the Mentos string, releasing the marbles.
Step 8: The 15 marbles turn the windmill and go into the funnel.
Step 9: The marbles go down the funnel, and into the bucket.
Step 10: The bucket begins to fall down, triggering the pulley, and pulling up the zipper!

Our Close-ups: Photos

Our Close-ups: Favorite Step

Our Close-ups: Task Completion

Our Machine Explaination and Walkthrough

Our Machine Run Videos

Machine Run #1
Machine Run #2